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Firstly this is a great read The reader is taken on a tour of an unknown yet familiar world as

author ays out the facts costs of the gender data gap You can t get accurate answers if you don t have uality data or if you don t ask the right uestions in the first place This isn t presented as a conspiracy against women but as the result of just not seeing slightly than half the population in the data The results can range from the inconvenient not being able to access tall shelves or straps on the Underground to the fatal women and men react differently to drugs but mostly only male data is recorded The to drugs but mostly only male data is recorded The common reaction to these problems where they are recognised is to try and fix women to be For Discrimination like men suggesting voice coaching for women to use voice recognition software that responds to male voices This is a valuable and useful book Please buy one for the engineer in yourife This was an incredibly enlightening book It was also shocking I had no idea of the extent that bias occurs in the collection of data the research using the data and the application of that data to solving problems and designing Innovation In The Real in the real It s as though as the title of the book suggests women are completely invisible I will never Academic Writing, Real World Topics look at research data or the world in the same way again This is a must read for women and men We need to speak out about this Fight with women who are forced toive in a world designed for men and where women must constantly be made to feel out of place Get this book Read it And resist object speak up After reading this book the world is a different place for me and I hope I never forget the Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book lessons I haveearned in reading it Well researched facts arguments I would have never thought of What s going on in this world If people read this book we have better discussions and we can all work on change Thanks for this book and the impact it has Sehr Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic lesenswertes Buch dass die Unterrepr sentation der Frau sowie Sexismus im Alltag mit gut recherchierten uellen in verschiedenen L ndern aufdeckt Erstaunlich in wie vielen Lebensbereichen die The Default Male vorherrscht Um so wichtiger dieses Buch stark zu machen Absolut empfehlenswert This book is amazing at opening the door on invisible bias unfortunately I am not a fan of the writing styleThe author makes fantastic points backs it up with great facts but then in an attempt to cement her point she will suddenly and needlessly jump to unrelated examples of sexism eg she makes fantastic eye opening points on why women s toilets should be bigger than men s but then jumps from discussing women s needs and toilet reuirements in the West to toilet issues faced by women in India this just belittles her first pointShe also uses the term White Men aot I really cannot stand generalisations but stuck with it The author seems blame all the issues faced by women on men but reading this book makes you think a African Literature 9 lot of these issues are a product of their time and are now a systematic societal issue which is as much women s fault as men s for example 76% of teachers are women and women by far make up the majority of childcare so why how are children still being raised with a male gender bias We have everything we need to change it so why hasn t it been changed the reason is because the women themselves and men don t know issues exist both genders need educating on these issuesEveryone should THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER HELL YES This is one of those books that has the potential to change things a monumental piece of research Caitlin MoranImagine a world where Your phone is too big for your hand Your doctor prescribes a drug that is wrong for your body In a car accident you are %ikely to be injuredIf any of that sounds familiar chances are you re a womanFrom government policy and medical research to Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for MenWing tracking of a menstrual cycle for many examples in this book the reason for these omissions is that people didn t even think of them as a potential need Cars are crash tested rigorously before making it to market but the dummies used are 17m tall This is the size of the average man not the size of the average person and it Alien Conquest leads to shocking statisticsike the fact that women despite being Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide lessikely to crash if they are involved in a crash are 47% Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery likely to be seriously injured Criado Perez points out myriad ways that this unthinking acceptance of male as default and as applicable to all unfairly impacts on women andeads to their being unconsidered in further developmentThe book has one overarching message which calls clearly from every page Do something about this Don t accept data as applicable to all Sex disaggregate data and investigate how men and women are differently impacted In an era which relies on big data than ever the gender data gap needs to be acknowledged counteracted and filled And it needs to be done with a specific focus on counteracting the detriment which the gender data gap had caused Otherwise we end up with situations where a policy designed to create family friendly situations actually end up disadvantaging those it intended to helpCriado Perez is not myopic in her discussions either she skillfully acknowledges the intersections of race gender identity disability and other minority identities can have to create a cumulatively detrimental effect Invisible Women is a primer on how not to design a feminist manifesto a fantastic example of hard research with incredible readability and a thoroughly engaging experience It has filled me with rage and frustration my friends and family have borne the brunt of several rants already and I l be passing it on and recommending it to pretty much everyone I know ein tolles Buch und absolut empfehlenswert Ich als Feministin kriege oft zu h ren wof r Ich Mich Denn Noch Im 21 Jahrhundert mich denn noch im 21 Jahrhundert ist doch schon alles fair augenrollen Lest dieses Buch und dann wisst ihr wof r sich Frauen heutzutage noch einsetzen und wof r wir uns auch einsetzen M SSEN Dieses Buch iefert in einem angenehmen Schreib Lesestil Fakten und Analysen und schwarz auf wei Ergebnisse aus unterschiedlichen Lebensbereichen ob Produktdesign Transportplanung Bildung Politik oder oder Ist ein Muss f r jedermann und sollte Pflichtlekt re im Sozialunterricht auf der ganzen Welt werden Der Preis ist nicht hoch und die L nge ist auch mehr als machbar Ausreden gibt es also nicht auf gehts Womens Political Activism in Palestine lesen Ioved this book It does not occur to most people that most products occur to most people that most products designed and built for men and women have to just adapt as well as they can Each chapter is gripping and well written A must read Plenty of well researched stories to bring forth the conscious and non conscious biases that afflict 50% of the world population women And in the end the solution is rather simple Women participation across spheres is the only sustainable solution to bridging the gender gap I guess the same holds true for any other sections of people where there is bias and gap Wonderful reading Interesting and "VERY RELEVANT TOPIC THE BOOK HAS DEFINITELY LED TO "relevant topic The book has definitely Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, led to one heated discussion with various people My only complaint would be that the argument seems very one sided at times But then again this book delivers exactly what it says in the title. On us allDiscover the shocking gender bias that affects our everydayives A book that changes the way you see the world Sunday Times Revelatory frightening hopeful Jeanette Winterson Winner of the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize Winner of the Readers Choice Books Are My Bag Award Winner of the FT McKinsey Business Book of the Year Book of the Year Award The Times Current Affairs Book of the Ye.


Ead this book as it provides great insight into bias we cannot see but ive with but I think blaming one gender for the issues faced by another will create division and stall progression Really eye opening read about the conseuences of taking for granted that white male is the norm influences the ives of everyone who isn t Tons of information and examples Absolutely essential reading This book captures a moment in time where in some regions of the world we should ostensibly have eual rights but the reality falls far short I could not recommend this book and in fact I ve purchased 10 copies and counting Buy it for yourself and for everyone you know Important book enlightening and builds a strong case for changeHighlights things we subconsciously know but might not be aware of yet First things first the designer of this book was clearly on a roll The font is clear and delightful The italics in particular are so beautiful I had to take a picture of them and send it to my friend so he could appreciate them too The cover design is subtle and fantastic When you take the dustjacket off the overlaid blue male figures disappear eaving the invisible women behind which ties in wonderfully with the blue male figures disappear eaving the invisible women behind which ties in wonderfully with the s overarching message The texture of the dustjacket and hardcover is delightful with a velvety smooth overlay that is really pleasing to the touchThe book is heavily referenced throughout with a velvety smooth overlay that is really pleasing to the touchThe book is heavily referenced throughout with These are collected directly after the acknowledgements a full 69 pages of references The impact of this collected body of commentary serves to underline the density of information and dedication of the research which went into this book While I m not a fan of endnotes personally the stylistic choice to collect them all together gives undeniable weight to the book and makes it difficult to dismiss its conclusionsBut that s enough about the physical construction of this book for which Chatto and Windus deserves great praise What about the content itself Well I read this book with a combination of mounting horror frustration and rage Criado Perez takes the reader by the hand and gently eads them along a journey of discrimination against women which is endemic in all areas of An Endless Lie life Split into six thematic sections Daily Life The Workplace Design Going to the Doctor Public Life and When it Goes Wrong this book catalogues a pantheon of circumstances where what is female is considered as abnormal asess than standard as Other Collected together the ignorance of design to the differing needs of 50% of the population is both fascinating and incredibly infuriatingCriado Perez doesn t use this book as a stick with which to beat the patriarchy however Rather she delicately unpicks the circumstances which ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) lead to aack of consideration of the needs of those other than what is considered to be the default Her examples are wide ranging touching on every area of My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 life and consistently return the same conclusion women just haven t been thought about It s not that their needs have been considered and dismissed It s that the fact that they might have different needs hasn t even occurred to the people creating these structures Generally There are some notable exceptions One uote from Tim Schalk really burned my cookies But it s not actually the norm From Sheryl Sandberg s explanation at Google that heavily pregnant women can t walkong distances to Apple Health s omission of allo. Echnology workplaces and the media Invisible Women reveals how in a world built for and by men we are systematically ignoring half of the population often with disastrous conseuences Caroline Criado Perez brings together for the first time an impressive range of case studies stories and new research from across the world that illustrate the hidden ways in which women are forgotten and the profound impact this has.

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