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Frozen Planet (PDF)

Big Freeze and long dark winter this pic series will follow the dramatic landscapes and The Emotional Life Stories Of emotional life stories of animals that live thereFollowing the stories Of The Polar Bear the polar bear wolf in the North Pole and the adelie penguin and killer whale in the South Pole we see how they survive these xtremes how they feed mate and rear their young Using the latest hi tech cameras the series will reveal animal behaviour as we ve never .
Frozen Planet is the xciting successor to the ground breaking Planet Earth and Blue Planet series and has been created by the same award winning Team Most Of Us Most of us never travel to these great wildernesses and The Power Of A Choice even for those luckynough to have gone this portrait of our polar regions will surprise and astoundTake a journey to the last truly great wilderness regions From the Great Melt in Spring to the hour summer the beginning of the.

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Een before the long tender mating ritual of the polar bears the vast penguin colonies the Arctic s most impressive hunter the wolf as well as impressive hunter the wolf as well as ducks gentle seals and socialable ravensBut the real star of this series is the ice and Frozen Planet will tell its story from its formation to its movement and its beauty And of course what the future holds for itthis is the last future holds for itThis is the last to xplore our Frozen Planet before it changes forever. Frozen Planet

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