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The premise of this book may seem highly controversial but look a little deeper and it makes perfect sense We can t continue to abuse our planet forever without creating even problems for future generations EVERYONE should read this book and take it to heart Super bookNot to many pictures lol Seriously really good book with loads of usefull information I feel this book deserved 10 x publicity than its getting Everybody should read it and learn from it Well written Clear and concise Ought to be mandatory reading matter for any eco it and learn from it Well Written Clear And Concise written Clear and concise to be mandatory reading matter for any eco maker Purchased this for holiday reading and to compliment my "interests in biology and ecology it is a "in biology and ecology It is a well written book clear and easy to read and everything is well explainedWoul. How much do we really know about the species that make up the natural world In this fascinating book Ken Thompson explains what we do and don t understand about biodiversity We know that most species remain undiscovered and that biodiversity is gravely threatened by overfishing habitat los. .

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Do We Need Pandas?: The Uncomfortable Truth About Biodiversity (Berlin Technologie Hub Eco pack)Ctually know about who else we share our planet withI would recommend this book to anyone who wants a factual and reliable account on what is to anyone who wants a factual and reliable account on what is happening to our environment or better our life support system Most of all Do we need Pandas should be a must read for all politicians and billionaires happy A fascinating and thought provoking read that provides plenty of readable information coupled with interesting arguments about the best ways to save biodiversity Highly recommended The author offers a non technical over view of the nature and complexity of biodiversity providing a valuable survey of the literature in a Readable Style And Offering A style and offering a set of ideas on the subject matter to keep a reader interested. Affect the human race Will we even notice and if we do what will we notice It asks what we should be doing to secure the survival not only of the species with which we share the planet but of ourselves and whether we need to be "Concerned About Ecosystems As A Whole Than About Iconic Speci. "about ecosystems as a whole than about iconic speci. .
D definitely recommend I have never come across a book that explains Biodiversity as profoundly and illustratively as Ken Thompson s Do we need Pandas Strictly based on proven research this well reasoned book offers an incredible wealth of knowledge and insight about the diversity of life on our planet Thompson managed to accumulate a wide array of fascinating facts drawn from the most recent scientific studies and put together a highly readable account Even though I am a practising botanist myself I still have learnt an awful lot In fact my view and understanding of the importance and fragility of Life on Earth has been profoundly deepened if paradoxically mainly by Thompson s fascinating demonstration of how little we S pollution and climate change Life on Earth has previously experienced five episodes of mass extinction and we are now in the middle of a sixth Do We Need Pandas surveys the Earth s "BIODIVERSITY ITS ORIGINS AND SOME OF THE THREATS IT "its origins and some of the threats it faces It then asks how biodiversity loss will.