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Guide de l'employeur culturel kOverty and poor people including snide remarks to beggars about having no dignity or the way he refers to Truman Capote as a mincing little f g Aside Bryson s views on poverty are both thoughtless heartless and fact less Indeed there are times this feels like a high schoolid s unfortunate Twitter feed the Der Heimliche Fürstensohn kind you eventually erase hoping no one saw it rather than the work of a middle age man who shouldnow betterI have not looked into the matter but I wonder if Bryson realized that childhood and nostalgia would work better and sell books than this toxic stew I wonder if he did the calculations and changed his style accordingly If he did only he can say if the change was than skin deep To be fair though I shouldn t have to be fair Bryson isn t the final third of The Lost Continent is palatable This covers the time heading west rather than east and he lightens up a bit acknowledges some of his own shortcomings and also manages a glimmer ofwell it s not happiness per se but it s a step above his usual griping The final page is beautifully written and if the book had used that tone rather than being the exact opposite of that tone this might have been a great book rather than one of the worst I ve ever encountered It also would ve helped if there had been of Bryson s dad a figure who appears far too infreuently and seems a much better traveling companion Bryson s dad was excited to go places excited to meet people excited to be on the road The final thing I have to say I promise is that travel is an incredible privilege Aside from being extremely fun it is also among the finest ways that exist in our universe to make connections and create empathy across the lines national cultural racial economic religious that separate us It is an absolute shame that Bryson took this gift this gift of opportunity of time of ability to make his journey a parade of nastiness In all his miles he never found any common ground he found only chasms In all his miles he never shared an awesome sight he felt only bitterness that sights had to be shared In all his miles he never once seemed truly happy As a result The Lost Continent is awfully sad on top of everything else I come from Des Moines Somebody had to Thus begins Bill Bryson his travelogue setting the tone for what is going to follow he is a smart aleck and he is going to be at his sarcastic best in taking down small town America through which he is going to travelDes Moines in Iowa is a typical small town in America where nothing ever happens and nobody ever leaves because that is the only life they have Science and Democracy known and they are happy with it But not so young Bill he watched one TV show on Europe when he was ten and was consumed with a desire to become European After a steady diet of National Geographics during his adolescence Bryson left for England and settled there However during his middle age he was filled with a sense of nostalgia for small town America and the journeys he had across them with his family as a childBryson s father was an inveterate traveller who compulsively took his family on vacations every year These would have been extremely enjoyab I do like my arm chair travelling with a hint of cynicism and much like Australians who are expert at taking the Mickey out of ourselves it was refreshing to see an American being able to take the pissHe may not be politically correct but who hasn t had a variation of the same thoughts going through their head about other tourists when travelling through touristy hot spots I can t express how much I enjoyed hearing about boring god awful places as much as I did during the reading of this book When people regale me with their travel stories I usually glaze over but I was strangely riveted and the dismal a place he visited the fun I seemed to have I m officially a Bill Bryson fan I really don tnow why it took me so long to read him but now I just want On to the next adventure The Lost Continental A Look at Bill Bryson Bill Bryson s travel books are mostly like this one a constant whining about everything His other books I love It s not that I don t get the humor in this book I just think that it isn t funny not in the least I should also say that I have lived a full one uarter of my life outside of the United States and I don t care if someone makes fun of anything and everything American I ve done a bit of bashing myself A dyspeptic man in his middle thirties whose constant bad mood seems like someone in their mid seventies drives around the US and complains about absolutely everything he sees smells hears and eats If this sounds like your idea of a good time read Bill Bryson s The Lost Continent Travels in Small Town America Abacus 1990He constantly mocks small towns in America by referring *to them by such names as Dog Water Dunceville Urinal Spigot and Hooterville *them by such names as Dog Water Dunceville Urinal Spigot and Hooterville this is in the first five pages Don t worry about the intrepid insulter running out of clever names for hick towns Bryson has a million of them and he uses every single oneThe only things about which Bryon has a favorable view are natural wonders and the homes of rich people He marvels at the obscenely posh residences of ultra wealthy early 20th century industrialists on Mackinac Island which were built before income taxes and most labor laws He would probably be thrilled with pre revolutionary France or Czarist Russia One of his very few favorable reviews of American cities was of the ski town of Stowe Vermont which caters almost exclusively to the richWhen he is traveling through the southwest he complains about the Mexican music on the radio He seems content to resort to bigotry than to come to some sort of understanding about the culture he is visiting In my opinion it s always interesting to praise something that you my opinion it s always interesting to praise something that you than to mock something that you don t I d have taken the time to translate a few of the songs and tell readers what they are about In fact I ve done this and Mexican ranchera music is all about stories of love heartbreak and often violence which describe the cowboy culture of Mexico s northern territories Bryson implies that the people who listen to this music are just too stupid to realize that it s only one tune played over and overHe gripes about a weatherman on TV who seems rather gleeful at the prospect of a coming snow storm yet Bryson seems to relish in the idea of not liking anything that he experiences in his journey His entire trip is like a storm he passes through Just once I wanted him to roll into some town that he liked and get into an interesting conversation with one of its residentsHere are examples of the cheeriness with which Bryson opens a few of his chapters I drove on and on across South Dakota God what a flat and empty state What is the difference between Nevada and a toilet You can flush a toilet One reviewer called Bryson witty I was headed for Nebraska Now there s a sentence you don t want to have to say too often if you can possibly help it In 1958 my grandmother got cancer of the colon and came to our house to die This last event must have brought untold joy to the young writerTell us Bill His narrative is tiresome than any Kansas wheat field he may have passed on his road trip through hell Most Americans seem to be either fat or stupid or both in the eyes of Bryson I can only assume that Bryson himself is some sort of genius body builder although in his photo on the book jacket he s a fat schlub Just one time I wanted him to talk to a local resident over a beer or a cup of coffee I wanted him to describe his partner in conversation as other than fat or stupid Not even one time do we hear about a place from somebody who lives There We Could Just As Easily Have Read The Guidebooks We could just as easily have read the guidebooks Bryson did and he could have stayed home and saved himself thousands of miles of miseryWhenever someone starts to tell me about somewhere they ve traveled I ask them to describe their favorite thing about the trip be it a special spot food the people or whatever If they start to complain about the place I either change the subject or walk away if I can Travel is supposed to broaden the mind not make it narrower In which a bilious Bryson returning to the US after living in England borrows his mom s car with her permission and sets out to find the perfect American small townBryson Strength Training for Basketball (Strength Training for Sport) kind of loses focus of his main task along the way but that doesn t prev Well ain t it somethin for dat rascally Mr Bryson wit all o dat funny Northern talk to make his way down here to Dixie and spend some time wid us We sure do ppreciate you takin us into your rich and wellnowed book Mr Bryson And yer gosh darn right God save all those poor folk who done shopped at K Mart They should ve spent their nickels at Crate Barrel had they nowed what to do wid demselves This was the book that made me fall in love with Bill Bryson s writing many years ago It helps a little bit that we both grew up in Iowa but this man is so funny I cannot imagine any reader not having a great time with his books Enjoy a fun road trip across America in this rollicking tale. T to itself because blighted by greed pollution mobile homes and television; lost to him because he had become a stranger in his own landThe Lost Continent is a classic of travel literature hilariously stomach achingly funny yet tinged with heartache and the book that first staked Bill Bryson's claim as the most beloved writer of his generati. ,

It s funny how so many Americans begin their reviews of The Lost Continent with statements such as I loved Bryson s other books but this one is terrible all because he treats America the same way as he treats everywhere and everyone elseSo while many Americans think it s acceptable hilarious even for Bryson to make disparaging but witty comments about non Americans and the places they call home it is an utter outrage for him to be anything other than completely worshipful with regard to America and AmericansThe unavoidable undeniable fact of the matter is that Bill Bryson s The Lost Continent is not only one of his finest works but one of the best books ever written by anyone in recent times about the USA and AmericansIt is as funny as anything you ll ever read as well as being touching poignant and fascinating It is the first book I ve read sinc I come from Des Moines Somebody had to When you come from Des Moines you either accept the fact without uestion and settle down with a local girl named Bobbi and get a job at the Firestone factory and live there forever and ever or you spend your adolescence moaning at length about what a dump it is and how you can t wait to get out and then you settle down with a local girl named Bobbi and get a job at the Firestone factory and live there forever and everSo begins Bill Bryson s book about returning to his childhood home after living in England for a decade The above isn t that much different from what many people would write about the place where they grew up and from which they left at the first opportunityBut there s He goes on to write that hardly anyone ever leaves This is because Des Moines is the most powerful hypnotic nown to man Okay I can see how a young man especially one who has traded Iowa for England might have the same reaction to the place he leftBut he s not throughWhen I was growing up I used to think that the best thing about coming from Des Moines was that it meant you didn t come from anywhere else in Iowa By Iowa standards Des Moines is a mecca of cosmopolitanism During the annual state high school basketball tournament when the hayseeds from out in the state would flood into the city for a week we used to accost them downtown and snidely offer to show them how to ride an escalator or negotiate a revolving doorAnd you (Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Programme for Women) By Julia R. Heiman (Author) Paperback on (Dec , 2008) know what I was beginning to believe that the condescending little smart aleck probably did just that smart aleck being a euphemism for another euphemism There s Iowa women are almost sensationally overweight I bet they loved reading this book in Iowa especially the womenHoweverAbove all Iowans are friendly You go into a strange diner in the South and everything goes uiet and you realize all the other customers are looking at you as if they are sizing up the risk involved in murdering you for your wallet and leaving your body in a shallow grave somewhere out in the swampsI bet they loved reading this book in the SouthAll of this is the beginning of Bryson s first travel book which was published in 1989 when he was thirty six years old and still just as susceptible to boredom as he was as a child whining in the backseat of the car when the family took road trip vacations to places that he didn t like And the reason he didn t like them was because he lacked the imagination that would have allowed him to see beyond the monotonous scenery of certain areas that could have made him appreciate the area s history and uniuenessInow the above to be true because the same tendencies were apparent in the thirty six year old man who wrote a bookHe spent a fall and a spring traveling in two huge loops one in the east and one in the west almost 14000 miles touching barely in many cases thirty eight states and found most of those miles and those states to be boring His idea of humor was to make fun at the expense of the people he encountered rarely ever engaging them in conversationHere is the lengthiest conversation with a local that he recorded in the book I was headed for Cairo Illinois which is pronounced Kay ro I don t now why At Cairo I stopped for gas and in fact did ask the old guy who doddered out to fill my tank why they pronounced Cairo as they did Because that s its name he explained as if I were ind of stupid But the one in Egypt is pronounced Ki Ro So I ve heard agreed the man And most people when they see the name think Ki ro don t they Not in Kay ro they don t he said a little hotly There didn t seem to be much to be gained by pursuing the point so I let it rest there and I still don t John Ormond, Emyr Humphreys, John Tripp (Penguin Modern Poets, know why the people call it Kay ro Nor do Inow why any citizen of a free country would choose to live in such a dump however you pronounce *itThe shame is that if Ian Frazier the author of Great Plains had wondered about the *shame is that
If Ian Frazier The Author 
Ian Frazier the author Great Plains had wondered about the and why people lived in such a town he would have found out and he would have let the reader now And so would have Rinker Buck who traveled the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon from St Joseph Missouri all the way to Oregon and wrote about it in The Oregon Trail A New American JourneyMuch of Buck s journey was along the Platte River in Nebraska a state that Bryson barely nicked in the southeast corner of the state proclaiming that Nebraska must be the most unexciting of all the states It isn t but even if it was he didn t now enough about the state to make that judgment This was my second reading of Bryson s book I remembered that when I read it in the early 90s that there was some humor that made me chuckle but there was also much that was so obnoxious that it made me cringe a little of that went a long way My reread doesn t change that assessmentWhat it did do was cause me to read Great Plains for the third time and The Oregon Trail for the first time They sit side by side on my favorites shelf I recommend them bothAs for Bryson he mellowed somewhat in the many books that followed I have no way of nowing but perhaps he received some blowback about the harshness of the humor that he resorted to at other peoples expense I have read nearly everything that he later wrote down through the years and the humor is still prevalent but it has lost some of the bitter edge that characterized this book And that s a good thing This is the worst book ever Bryson is a fat cynical white guy traveling around the country proclaiming in ever Bryson is a fat cynical white guy traveling around the country proclaiming in subtitle Travels in Small Town America But like most fat white guys Bryson is scared of small town America He hates every small town he comes to whether they re on Indian reservations small farming communities in Nebraska southern towns full of African Americans where the author is too scared to even stop the car or small mining communities in West Virginia also where the author is too scared to stop How can you write a book about small town America w I come from Des Moines Somebody had to When you come from Des Moines you either accept the fact without uestion and settle down with a local girl named Bobbi and get a job at the Firestone factory and live there forever and ever or you spend your adolescence moaning at length about what a dump it is and how you can t wait to get out and then you settle down with a local girl named Bobbi and get a job at the Firestone factory and live there forever and ever Bill Bryson The Lost Continent Give me chance to explain I now that Bill Bryson is a hugely successful internationally bestselling author I Black Women in White America A Documentary History know his books are on the shelves of millions Heck even I own one the entertaining easily digestible One SummerBut The Lost Continent is not good It is in fact an absolute bummer I would not recommend it at any time but especially not in these particular days of division discord and fear Part of my reaction I see now was shock Shock that this super popular writer could have produced something like this I stumbled across The Lost Continent uite by accident It was on my wife s personal bookshelf which is to say it was in a cardboard box under our bed and I found it while looking for a shoeThe premise a thirty eight state tour of America purportedly focusing on small towns seemed charming and sweet a marvelous opportunity to hit the backroads and find beauty in simplicity Sure there d probably be some light ribbing at the expense of rural folk yet I was certain we d ultimately end at a place of warmth and conciliation Well turns out my assumptions were wrong This book is garbage I hated it with every fiber of my being From the first page to the last This is awful It is spiteful mean heartless uninspired offensive insulting unfunny uninterested and dreary At its best it is punching down At its worst it is close to hateful The Lost Continent is a book to take your mood whatever it is and drive it down like a nail pounded into soft mud by a sledgehammer In other words not the best thing to be reading in 2020 while America falls apart In all honesty this might have played a part in my reaction As noted above Bryson has an incredibly lofty reputation This was also his first book so he was probably still working on his voice But these pages many of them filled with my furio. 'I come from Des Moines Somebody had to'And as soon as Bill Bryson was old enough he left Des Moines couldn't hold him but it did lure him back After ten years in England he returned to the land of his youth and drove almost 14000 miles in search of a mythical small town called Amalgam theind of trim and sunny place where the films of his

Review The Lost Continent Travels in Small Town America

The Lost Continent Travels in Small Town AmericaUs annotations feel like the work of an anti intellectual Leggiamo l'ora. Gioco e imparo. Ediz. a colori knuckle dragging mouth breatherThe execution of The Lost Continent is cold repetitive and soul wearying Bryson goes to a place spends five minutes there declares it boring and leaves in a cloud of gutter level playground insults He uses that descriptor boring so many times I stopped counting Over and over again It is the absolute height of obnoxiousness My three year old says it s boring a lot Bryson was thirty six when he wrote this I would never slap myids Bryson on the other handnever mind The only joke that works in The Lost Continent is a meta one To wit Bryson despite all his sneering at the non people he meets comes off as the dumbest asshole in the realm He adds nothing to any conversation He does not make a single acute observation He is a lackluster faux adventurer who finds only one thing in each new place a reason to despise it Mostly his reasons contradict themselves The waitresses are either too friendly or not friendly enough The hotels are either too small or too large The small towns are either too dumpy or too perfect In the midst of this mess of ill considered thoughts Bryson somehow avoids putting two ideas together even by accident There is not a single insight about America worth repeating I love road trips Like really really love them When I first got married my wife and I blazed a path thousands of miles long through Missouri Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana Texas New Mexico Arizona Kansas and Oklahoma sniffing out historic sites and accumulating rest stop maps and collecting gas station sunglasses and having the best time of our lives Every day we just woke up and drove finding someplace new Sometimes when our four ids are simultaneously complaining about everything in a Bryson like manner we think back to those days when every road was an opportunity You almost can t go wrong with a road trip With Bryson as your seatmate though I d prefer Third Class tickets on the Titanic His gimmick is aging frat boy a tired m lange of casual misogyny occasional f bombs and an inability for self reflection the constant fat shaming of women for instance is odd since based on his cover photo he s not exactly Brad Pitt from Thelma and Louise One has to uestion how with the road before him a map beside him and all the time that he needed Bryon went into this project with the mindset of a person on a death marchI had fair warning within the first few pages Things start off badly and get worse Bryson begins by claiming his birthright as a Midwesterner Specifically he is from Des Moines Iowa This opening gambit is a transparent pose For some reason people believe that claiming membership of a group gives them an open season license to fire at will Here Bryson thinks he can be as outrageous as he wants since he s ostensibly just another small towner no different from the people he s slagging But that s not true Bryson was born in Iowa but he s lived the majority of his life in London and he wastes no time establishing his superiority and Anglophilia You see that in the way he talks about Des Moines a description that is just at odds with reality Yes Des Moines is in Iowa No despite Bryson s allegations it is not comprised solely of overweight women at the Merle Hay Mall Rather it is the state capital of Iowa with a cool capitol building a college town Drake University founded in 1881 and host to a uniue internationally nown event the Drake Relays It is a modern city But to hear Bryson describe it everyone is still going potty in an outhouse while looking upwards in abject horror whenever a flying machine passes overhead Bryson is clearly a brainy guy Yet oddly The Lost Continent presents very little by way of factoids or trivia in contrast to One Summer which was constructed entirely of factoids Here though Bryson is absolutely un curious and unuestioning Take the Merle Hay Mall It s not just a gathering place for the overweight It s named for Merle Hay reputed to be the first American soldier Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part killed in World War I Why do Inow that Because I used to drive through Des Moines on a bimonthly basis I saw the name thought it was interesting and I went home and looked it up In all the thousands of miles that Bryson traveled I don t think he once wrote something down and said I should look that up In short He Does Not Care The Lost Continent is roughly divided into two parts East and West In both the setup is the same Bryson who has been overseas for twenty years hops in his mom s Chevette and starts driving It s a simple excellent idea and it jumpstarted a long and lucrative career in which he has morphed into a beloved literary figure That s uite a turn because The Lost Continent is mostly about Bryson badmouthing all that he surveys Unsurprisingly Iowa gets slammed Surprisingly Bryson slams it by comparing it to the Sorrentine Coast which is in Italy and is also a place where the land meets the ocean Is it really fair no strike that Is it really coherent to compare a landlocked state to an ocean coast No it s not That doesn t matter to Bryson because he has only three tools in his toolbox Fat Women Jokes Corn Jokes and Euro elitismThat s not entirely accurate He also finds time for some sub Seinfeld riffs on the commercials he watches *In His Hotel Room You *his hotel room You t been introduced to Not Funny until you ve seen Bryson crack wise about Preparation H Honestly you d be better off sniffing a ton of modeling glue rather than exposing yourself to this The list of places that Bryson goes is long and merges together into one endless complaint He doesn t like Hannibal Missouri or Mark Twain s home He doesn t like the Mississippi River dull or Gettysburg boring or the Smokey Mountains beautiful but too many fat tourists *Because He Wants To Spread *he wants to spread unamusing misanthropy as far as possible he even goes to big cities Las Vegas New York City so he can complaint about them tooNothing can possibly please him The incident that really stands out is when Bryson goes to Yosemite National Park one of the most beautiful places in the entire world Of course he concludes it is nothing but a massive disappointment Why you might ask Because it is busy that is filled with tourists who are you guessed it fat and because he got lost Two uick points The first of course it s busy it s Yosemite National Park one of the most beautiful places in the world It s not some dank chippy in Lambeth where you can just sit all day by yourself in a dark corner sipping Carling and despising everything The second Bryson getting lost is his own stinking fault I went to Yosemite with friends some years ago Since it was packed being one of the most beautiful etc etc we drove directly to the Ranger Station and simply asked the Ranger where we could go to get away from the crowds The Ranger answered our uestion and we hiked for five days With the exception Of The Day We Went the day we went Half Dome we didn t see another soul The point of course is that Yosemite is massive You can get lost in it and not on the roads like Bryson but in the miles and miles and miles of backcountry paths Bryson though goes to this place of incredible wonder and beauty and is just disgusted because there are others around him Then he leaves and goes to a crappy hotel room to drink beer and watch television like he does every night If he had put forth the minutest effort instead of whinging about every damn thing he might have experienced something That s not his way though He prefers to take drive by potshots at the world which he clearly believes is meant for him alone without ever getting out of his Chevette and interacting with his environment It is striking how few people Bryson actually speaks with in the course of 299 interminable pages Unlike Tony Horwitz in Confederates in the Attic which is how you do a travel memoir Bryson can t engage in any meaningful interactions This is not terribly shocking since he comes off as a gaseous prick Nevertheless it is worth mentioning as it is symptomatic of Bryson s extremely dark view of humanity To him the people in these small towns are not people at all They are creatures They are lower lifeforms without thoughts dreams loves interests ambitions The way he writes about them is almost a literary cleansing a condescension so vast and powerful that it denies men and women their basic humanity The funny thing is the joke is on Bryson Published in 1989 we are now in the midst of a full fledged culture war pitting urban Americans against rural Americans The Lost Continent was not the cause of course But it was a harbinger It turns out that a lot of Americans Pour l'harmonisation orthographique des dictionnaires knew exactly what smug elites like Bryson were saying all along It alienated them and that alienation has turned to anger Somewhere along the line Bryson must have changed At the very least his persona must have changed I m making this assumption because I get Bryson recommendations all the time Almost everyone Inow has A Walk in the Woods on their shelves This includes people who would not be okay with the way that Bryson talks about Outh were set Instead his search led him to Anywhere USA; a lookalike strip of gas stations motels and hamburger outlets populated by lookalike people with a penchant for synthetic fibres Travelling around thirty eight of the lower states united only in their mind numbingly dreary uniformity he discovered a continent that was doubly lost; los.
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