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I am warned that I should take this book with a pinch of salt since Smoot may not be telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth But dammit I want to believe him This is what science should be like o out and look for the data no matter what it costs you At several points you just can t help comparing him with Indiana JonesSmoot started off in the early 70s as a particle physicist Where The Norm Was Already the norm was already people to work together in big teams But he was ambitious and thought he d never Sister of My Heart get anywhere as an anonymous member of aiant collaboration He looked around and King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies got interested in observational cosmology which was finally starting to take off In particular he wasreatly influenced by Peebles s book on the subject People had just found the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation the faint radiation coming from all over the sky that was Rescuing Gus generally assumed to come from the Big Bang but no one knew much about it Peebles urged researchers to f I really enjoyed this book First I have a story of how I found this book I love these kinds of stories We love the Big Bang Theory sit com on CBS We find the writing exceptional the characters endearing and the situations hysterical I also love that they really work hard to make the science authentic by having a scientific consultant They also have very impressive cameo appearances by well know members of the scientific community In one episode our beloved characters are on a train on the way to a conference in Pasadena On the train Leonard is reading a book by George Smoot the man they areoing to the conference to see The book is Wrinkles in Time I m intrigued by the book and the play on the title of the beloved Madeline L Engle book I loved this book I can t say that I completely understood it but I found it incredibly interesting and written for a layperson to understand It really makes me want to read and understand Almost everything in this book is true My lawyer strongly suggests I should leave it at that I finally ot around to reading this because it was referenced in About Time This was not nearly so well written but it was an interesting companion read nonethelessBoth book cover some of the same background bringing the reader up to speed on certain necessary concepts and the history of astronomy and cosmology The focus here is a bit narrow however as well it should be since the author is dealing with the story of his own contributions to the Science Rather Than Providing rather than providing overview Still it felt a bit disjointed jumping through history seemingly at random to set up elements of what amounts to Smoot s professional biography as much as if not than the story of the COBE project and its sister studiesNevertheless that personal touch made it a well personal story which assuredly is less dry than the usual science book Astronomy can seem like a very straightforward study and not particularly exciting in any way other than the wonder of the stars but the stories of Smoot s failures as well as successes and the obstacles financial administrative and competitive he and his fellows faced lend an air of urgency that scientific discovery tales often lackNot to mention that I now have a much better understanding of the then current evidence for and against the standard big bang theory of the origin of the cosmos The two books together served well to stitch the fabric of space time together in my mind in a way my academic studies never did As someone who is interest. In April 1992 a discovery was made that changed the way we view the world dr the way we view the world Dr Smoot a distinguished cosmologist and adventurer whose uest for cosmic knowledge had taken him from the Brazilian rain forest to the South Pole unveiled his momentous discovery bringing to light the very nature of the universe For anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered for anyone who has ever longed to pull aside the fabric of the universe for a limpse of what lies behind it Wrinkles in Time is the story of Smoot's search to uncover the cosmic seeds of the universe Wrinkles in Time is the Double Helix of cosmology an intimate look at the inner world of men and women who ask Why are we here It tells the

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Wrinkles in Time

George Smoot è 4 review

E Echo projects and his flights on the U 2 aircraft were for him both fruitful and Doing research with High altitude balloons had him and his colleagues on the edge their seats His memories of where he was and what he was doing during the Challenger Disaster and other important moments in science add a personal touch to some historic moments It s not enough just to make scientific discoveries you must decide when and how to publish your findings Too soon and you might overlook vital information or miss minor errors too late and other teams might scoop you by reaching the same conclusions as yours You and your whole team could end up as also rans with nothing to show for all your time and effort but a footnote on someone else s paper Apparently scientific research is not for the faint of heart Two years after launching the COBE Satellite Smoot found himself in Antarctica checking on his satellite s telemetry and verifying his theory He and his team would work together in preparation for oing public with his findings to the American Physical Society in 1992 Even with all his work there would still be some controversy about the Big Bang and his evidence for Wrinkles in the cosmic background radiation But that s how science works and Smoot and Davidson cover it for Wrinkles in the cosmic background radiation But that s how science works and Smoot and Davidson cover it in this wonderful book If you r at all interested in Cosmology and what it takes to make a paradigm changing theory then this book may be right up your alley Wrinkles in Time is profusely illustrated with numerous charts raphs and schematic drawings along with archival and personal photo s BW and color too For me this was a very satisfying read and a close look at some historic moments in scienceLast Ranger Spoiler Alert COBE totally How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead gives viable evidence of inflationary theoryThis book is an accounting of science as it ought to be done George Smoot was the project head of the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite that in the early nineties mapped the radiation discovered by Penzias and Wilson in 1964 COBE s discovery of Wrinkles in this radiationives a beautiful picture of what the universe must have looked like only 300000 years after the Big Bang So yes dramatic evidence of a cosmological theory is always interesting you say but you ve read A Brief History of Time and you don t really need to know anything about inflationary theory This book is not about inflationary theoryThis book is about doing research It is about designing a satellite to be launched by the space shuttle only to have the Challenger explode and shuttles put on indefinite hold It is about working obsessively to make every carefully designed instrument half of its original size in order to fit it on a Delta rocket This book is about traveling to Antarctica for a month in order to rule out every other possibility before publishing your extremely promising data Therefore I would argue that this book isn t just about finding extremely compelling scientific information this book is about conducting reasonable responsible resplendent science I highly recommend it Loved it but then I m a nerdy eek or maybe a eeky nerd I thought it was a ood straight forward read on what was known when and then what was done to add to the knowledge base The end result is that the cosmic background radiation once thought to be uniform is not really uniform but patchy And the patches are where the alaxies were formed which leads to the present day non uniformity of the distribution of Moonrise galaxies. F cosmic DNA whichuided the universe from simplicity and symmetry to ever reater complexity and structure As controversial as it may seem today Wrinkles in Time reveals truths that in an earlier century would have doomed its proclaimers to the fiery stake For four thousand years some people have accepted the Genesis account of cosmic origin; for most of this century scientists debated two rival scientific explanations known as the steady state and big bang theories And now Wrinkles in Time tells what really happened The personal story behind astrophysicist George Smoot's incredible discovery of the origin of the cosmos hailed by Stephen Hawking as The scientific discovery of the century if not of all time. Ed in cosmology and astronomy I found this book to be very interesting Smoot does a very ood job of explaining the history of cosmology and the background to COBE his satellite to study the cosmic microwave background radiation He also adds a little bit of personal experiences to lighten the tone so it s not ALL science speak And then he rounds it off by talking about the experiment and its findings The book is not very difficult to read like some science books can beI noticed that another reviewer made the comment that Smoot is very self congratulatory I would have to agree that by his writing he thinks very highly of himself and his accomplishment But I did not find this to be distracting He was proud of what he had done and rightly so this tone did not detract from the book for me This was a ood introduction to the pop aspects of uantum fluctuation COBE s confirmation of uadrapolar background radiation following Penzias and Wilson s discovery of the isotropic 2725K CMBR as immortalized on the back of an XKCD shirt I bought the day of release the front reads SCIENCE IT WORKS BITCHES Huzzah Popular arb down at the Institute of Technology and the exciting cosmological research of the late twentieth century On the con side Smoot is a ruthless self propagandist with an ego the size of the observable universe necessary it seems to work at LBNL his constant self congratulation was already nauseating to read at 16 although not so bad as Michio Kaku When I went back and reread this a few years ago knowing much about the drama and intrigues behind COBE especially as exposed around the 2006 awarding of Smoot s deserved Nobel prize it made me physically illThis book is worth reading and George Smoot s one hell of a scientist but this could all have been done a lot better Check out John Mather s book The Very First Light for the rest of the story I found this book well written and provocative The author s description of time and its lack of smoothitude a word I just made up has occupied my thoughts a description of time and its lack of smoothitude a word I just made up has occupied my thoughts a deal since I read the book It s the sort of book that and this is the best compliment I can Alien Alpha give made me want to have lunch with the author Taming the Cosmic ZooWritten primarily for the layman reader Wrinkles in Time nevertheless attracted a lot of attention from the academic world as well The authors Nobel Laureate George Smoot and award winning journalist Keay Davidson chronicle a paradigm changing discovery in Cosmology the texture of the early universe Part personal memoir and part science history Smoot shares his thoughts and insights on the efforts to solve the cosmic mystery of the Big Bang and why the Universe is filled with planets stars andalaxies While this is not a cosmological text book it does offer up some complex scientific concepts and ives an in depth journal of how scientists work with and compete with one another Starting out in the heady days before the 20th Century Smoot sheds light the heady days before the 20th Century Smoot sheds light some early workers in Astronomy And Their Ground Breaking Discoveries Anyone and their round breaking discoveries Anyone has read Sagan s Cosmos or Tyson s Origins may find themselves in some familiar territory here but Smoot s covers it in a fresh way so that it doesn t come across as repetitive How did people arrive at the concepts of an evolving as opposed to a static universe Who were some of these early workers and how did society judge them The book really takes off when it cover Smoot s efforts prior to his days on the COBE Mission His work on th. Tory of George Smoot's dogged pursuit of the cosmic wrinkles in the frozen wastes of Antarctica on mountaintops in experiments borne aloft aboard high altitude balloons U 2 spy planes and finally a space satellite Wrinkles in Time presents the hard science behind the structured violence of the big bang theory through breathtakingly clear lucid images and meaningful comparisons Scientists and nonscientists alike can follow with rapt attention the story of how in a fiery creation wrinkles formed in space ultimately to become stars alaxies and even reater delicate structures Anyone can appreciate the implications of a universe whose end is written in its beginnings whose course developed according to a kind

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