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Ht mission for the Russians taking photos of something going on in Portsmouth Maurice wants to return to Russia to deliver the plates of photos Peter is divided in his loyalties protect his country or protect his friend I d read a number of Nevil Shute books over the years but had never read this one They re getting very hard to find and I found this one in a second hand store I really njoyed it The story line moves along uickly and draws you in There are several side stories which all fit together and add to the drama and suspense Reading this makes me want to try to locate some of his other books and find out what I ve been missing out on all these years A funny little story really about one man who ambles into Elizabeth I espionage for lack of other options and another who sees him for who he is and tries to help him rather than turn him in They were both likeable despite flaws But who wouldn t like a character whose hobby is composing musical scores Alsonjoyable the Education in a New Society entire Sussex area is apparently happy to conceal a foreign plane andngage in secretly flying after Russian spys because Peter asked them to Maybe they really like his musicals I njoyed this uote about patriotismI because Peter them to Maybe they really like his musicals I this uote about patriotismI got this place and my job in they really like his musicals I njoyed this uote about patriotismI got this place and my job in part of the world and my friends And you ve got your shop and your home and Winchester Little things but what lse would you call patriotism Just being fond of the little things you ve got at home and that you don t want to see changed A home with a bit of a garden that you can grow things in and a dog or two and all the little inconveniences and annoyances that you couldn t really get along without That s your patriotism and that s all there s in it And that s what Lended hadn t got p162 It pains me to give any novel by Nevil Shute fewer than five stars but he hadn t uite hit his stride yet in this his second of 26 gripping novels Usually I feel a real motional bond with the characters but I didn t uite connect to the main character Peter Moran and the love interest Sheila However this novel still features the Shute trademark ordinary people going about their veryday business who are suddenly thrust into a situation that demands heroic ualities The best part of the book is when Peter sets off on his dangerous mission after a lingering farewell with Sheila and then not content to remain behind wringing her hands she charters a plane and shows up to save the day I was an ardent Nevil Shute fan as a teenager Still am I plan to read all his books again So Disdained is Nevil Shute s second book written in 1927 whilst he was working on the gigantic R100 Airship at Howden Yorkshire He was the airship s mathematicianchief calculator working durin. To a bedraggled pedestrian he is amazed to discover an old wartime comrade from the Royal Flying These old Nevile Shute books this is about the second one published uite appeal to me as they are couched is about the second one published uite appeal to me as they are couched a stern rather formal English of a bye gone time This one is set in 1927 and the base is the south downs are in West Sussex that is a dozen miles from my house and an area that is well known to me That time was so different the farms and village communities were very parochial and great states had the interests of there tenants at heart and were not driven solely by money and owned by money rather than people This is reflected in the characters many that had generations in one area They go up to town and they are not in and out of ach others beds The main parts are played here by x RAFRFC men from WW1 and recent mechanics from the garage The theme is flying the author was in aviation and lived locally at the time The between war years was a time of mistrust of the Bolsheviks and here they are trying to spy on PortsmouthI liked the characters as they seem to so well portray the times and I like the writing style A good 3 stars Brilliant idea and superb xecution One of Shute s arliest books written before he had really settled in to his style It has the fussiness that one xpects from him without the saving grace of a rattling good story He fails to bring out the relationships between his characters in a clear manner g his relationship with Shiela doesn t seem real and it s never made clear why he decided not to blow the whistle on Lenden at the start Several incidents test the reader s willingness to suspend disbelief showing Shute s lack of Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation experience thease with which he is able to hide the airplane the convenient presence on a country Gender Justice estate of a skilled airplane mechanic just when he needs one the sudden unexplained appearance of Stenning to save the situation at thend the willingness of the Fascisti to help him when it was not in their Generations and Collective Memory economic interest to do soAll in all a book that would appleal only to dedicated fans of Nevil ShuteNote Like several of Shute s books this one was publishedlsewhere under a different title The Mysterious Aviator Peter Moran is driving home one vening in the rain when he comes upon a man walking along The Road He Offers Him road He offers him ride and recognizes him immediately as a fellow pilot from his regiment during WWI He asks if he s Maurice Landen and the man denies it giving another name Peter pushes it because he s sure and finally Maurice acknowledges it is indeed him Peter takes him home with him that night and Maurice begins to share what s he s been doing since the war The final bit of the tale is that he s been living and working in Russia and is currently in England because he was flying a nig. One rainy night Peter Moran is driving across the Sussex countryside When he stops to give a lift.

summary So Disdained

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started writing during the venings It paid off with him later becoming the most popular author in the world for a time It is interesting to observe his writing craft develop Reading this book reminds me of watching a very nglish 1940 me of watching a very English 1940 black and white film and it seems structured that way The characters are a bit thin and There Is A Series Of Improbable Coincidences But I Suppose is a series of improbable coincidences But I suppose should remind ourselves that coincidences are perfectly acceptable in art Shute tends to depict the Fascisti as the good guys in Italy as they This is one of Nevil Shute s Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America earlier works written in 1928 andven with his God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School early writings you can see his uniue story telling style The This post Great warpsionage thriller set in the world of private aviation falls short of the very high standard set by other Shute works I ve read 4 out of 12 From the preface And then none shall be unto them so odious and disdained as the traitours who have solde their countrie to a straunger and forsaken their faith and obedience contrarie to nature or religion and contrarie to that humane and general honour not onely of Christians but of heathen and irreligious nations who have always sustained what labour soever and Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) embracedven death itself for their countrie prince and commonwealth Sir Walter Raleigh I m not sure what it is but when I read one of Nevil Shute s novels I find them so ngaging Like chocolates once started it is hard to stop until the box is mpty until the novel ndsThis was his second published novel and was written in 1928 In a sense it is a Good Samaritan story and the narrator Peter Moran comes upon a pilot who crash landed is ill with malaria and so he takes him in Peter Moran is the agent for a Lord s state in Sussex and his home is a small house on the Foraging for Survival estate He isn tven sure himself why he feels compelled to help Maurice Lenden aside from the fact that they were both pilots during WWIIt is fascinating to me that this novel predicts a break with Russia that didn t come to fruition until decades later It is prescient in depicting political and social incidents and attitudes that Fragments end up being all too real in future decadesThis book has a couple of fascinating flying seuences It also has a tough and scenic description of a hike through mountainous terrain in Italy I alsonjoyed the characterization of Sheila and of Molly Mary who is Maurice Lenden s wife Considering the story is placed Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries early in the 20th Century these women are strong capable and independentI thoroughlynjoyed reading this story and once again look forward to reading of Nevil Shute s gripping novels in the months ahead. Orps Moran's loyalty is tested as he agrees to help his friend ven though he has acted treasonabl. So Disdained

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