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Legacy Book One f the Balancer Chronicles is an fascinating book I have not been a fan Champagne with a Celebrity of supernatural novels dealing with vampires and witches but Chris Adonn has turned mento his Balancer novels I look forward to the follow up volumes in this series The characters are well developed and Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, one becomes emotionally involved with and grow to love eachf the characters I was surprised at how involved I became in the book and found it extremely difficult to put down The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer once I started reading itI urge anyone to read this book and findut for themselves the role that the Balancers play in keeping the world in sync and everything running smoothly Of course what they do takes a toll Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, on them but it is in their nature to continue the work that has been set forth for them I think everyone will connect with James and his friendship with Wolf This is James story and his passingf the torch to another generation It may be fantastical but I found it interesting beyond what I felt I would It is a great read and as I stated I look forward to the coming volumes Thank you Chris Adonn Legacy Book One Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection of the Balancer Chronicles was an engaging story cataloguing the lifef James William Youngman in a journal to Mustang Wild (Wild, onef his heirs the life The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea of James William Youngman in a journal tone A PHYSICAL AFFAIR of his heirs as the remaining heir to the Black Rose Estate she is reuested to return to the house and read a missive left to her yet she has no will to remain at the home That is until she begins reading the accountf her great ancestor and his supernatural abilitiesThis story captured my interest right from the beginning I enjoyed the first installment immensely but have ne complaint where is the next installment I want it now This beginning to the Balancer Chronicles is really just that a beginning There were many fantastic parts to the story but no real ending yet I was left hanging which is probably the author s intention capturing my attention and giving me just enough to want This copy was a LibraryThing Member Giveaway A cracking good read Loved the light hearted way in which the character f James using the written word and telepathy relays his Brief Lives own history whilst explaining the conceptf Balancers protectors f mankind to Katrina his great greatGrandaughter and newly

Balancer The depth f explanations have in lesser hands been tedious but Chris Adonn made it extremely interesting and writes with natural humour and compassion This book made me laugh and cry I was so caught up with the characters In essence she made me care and want Can t wait for Book Two In Legacy Book One Condor of the Balancer Chronicles Katrina Blake has just inherited her grandmother s estate When she discovers a journal written by an ancestor her life will be changed forever and the forever part is literalI must say that this wasne Deception of the mostriginal stories I have read in a long time and I m not sure how to categorize it paranormal romance urban fantasy a bit Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of both The conceptf the balancers immortal beings whose purpose is to keep The Bride in Blue other Legacy begins with Katrina Kat Blake’s return to her childhood home after a five year absence She has come back with the sole intentionf reading the letter her estranged grandmother Rosemarie left her before she sells the estate but it’s not that simple The letter comes with a journal which promises to unveil all the mysteries surrounding her life which have confounded her for years She soon realises that the account was not written by Rosemarie but by a man named James. ,
Legacy The Balancer Chronicles #1

download Legacy The Balancer Chronicles #1

Century and this should be reflected to a point in at least some The Life Lucy Knew of his speech patterns Maybe I am being a bitf a nitpick but there it isNow for the malapropisms Again I may be a bit f a nitpick about this but I find it a little irritating to Be Distracted By Words That distracted by words that SOUND as if they belong in the sentence but are not necessarily the proper word For example peace instead f piece p 293 my conscious instead The Bridal Suite of my conscience p 106 morns insteadf mourns p 258 These are just a few f the approximately Half Page Of Malapropisms page f malapropisms found while readingCross posted to LibraryThing Smashwords and com Legacy Book One f the Balancer by chris adonn 4 STARSThis is mostly told in a book about James life through the decades to Kat *HIS FUTURE RELATIVE JAMES TELLS HER A LOT ABOUT * future relative James tells her a lot about spieces f the supernatural world that he comes into contact withThe The Desert Princes Proposal only real problem I had with the book it was too long for me I was ready for this book to be done with a lot sooner Plus I ended up crying in a few placesJames explains his normal life than to gon as he discovers that he is a Balancer and the different powers he has What he learns to do and how he feels about certain people in his lifeWolf is his friend and who teaches him a lot about being a balancer and how the two The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of them are different fromther The Million-Dollar Question ones like themselvesAnother good friend is a vampire BasHe also tells about his two different familys and what happens to themBecause James lives long lives their is a lot to tell It is really easy to read and follow along in the bookI would read from Chris in the future I was given this book from librarything in exchangef honest reviews2011 PUB Read and Reviewed by my 18 year ld daughter Sarah BowerLegacy by Chris Adonn was a fantastic start to my summer reading It is the retelling f James Blackburn s life through an almost interactive diary that his very great grand daughter is reading Over 400 years worth The Book of Pride of experiences as being a balancer made for a very good story The grand daughter who s eyes you are reading through is Katrina She has returned to her grandmother s estate following her death as a favor to the executerf her grandmother s estate As she reads she finds The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) out that she too is a balancer and there is a whole worldf mythical creatures that exist uietly with humans Balancers are the reason they remain The Counts Blackmail Bargain outf the public s eye This story was incredible and I am hungrily awaiting the next installment in this series I liked the characters and plot The Balancers are a very interesting idea magical immortal humans set to protect Conscious other humans and the balance between the supernatural and naturalI found myself really liking mostf the characters The way the two main characters interacted was interesting and something I hadn t run across before Unfortunately there was uite a cliff hanger at the end f the book I guess I ll have to buy the next book when it comes utThis is a very good book and I recommend it to urban fantasy readers. Ssible He weaves a gripping tale Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of life love adventure and self discovery which ensnares her interest and compels her to keep reading but he does a lot than that He reaches across time and space to connect with her in the present as well as explain the motivations behind her grandmother’s apparent cold dismissalf her when she was a sensitive and fragile girl f eighteen For Kat this is a precious gift as the emotional wounds their parting inflicted have never really heal.
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Upernatural entities in check was very interesting However at times it felt like there
too much in the story werewolves vampires spirit walkers they re all there As well and this is just my personal taste I Don T Really Care don t really care romance stories I know we women are all supposed to want lots f romance in books but I really don t Don t get me wrong though I did actually enjoy this book It was well written and although the story lagged in places I m guessing because this book is meant to set up the rest Run Forever of the series I never felt I was forcing myself to continue Admittedly it wasn t really my cupf tea but I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal romances Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle or is just looking for something a little bit different This book is a great rainy day read very enjoyable The plot is interesting and leaves the reader wanting the characters are mysterious yet very honest The writing stylef the author is good nothing undesirable there The reader will enjoy the subtlety The Forgotten of the author in explaining delicate scenarios and their resultant affectn the characters feelings The connection between the past and the present is strong in this novel the reader will enjoy two stories that First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, of the main character and her male counterpart James The reader will be happy throughout James forays into love and romance and feel unhappy along with him as his life inevitable leads to sorrow The r I would like to start this review by saying that reading a book about someone reading a book can be rather boring Now that being said it works in this book Now there are some parts that are hard to follow Talking about Energy Proteons Angels Lions Apes etc I m not sure that readers reuire that much background to understand the story but I do hope that readers do not lose interest during these parts because the story is good Just to be clear this does turn into a love story A good love story but a love story non the less Now I m not a big prude but it felt like the foul language was not needed and just thrown in Swear words are not always needed I am looking forward to reading the restf the series 35 5Received via Member Giveaways at LibraryThingAs with the much shorter preuel I enjoyed the premise the characters and the story that introduces the Balancers in a in depth manner than the preuelHaving said that I do share the pinion with another reviewer that I would have liked the book better if it had been told from James point f view The Shadowhunters Codex outright rather than simply put forth in the formf a journalAlso like with the preuel I found the malapropisms and two misspellings at The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs one point focussed had 3 s and Lyons had its s missing Lyon as was used in the book is the chief heraldf Scotland as Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 opposed to the city in France to be distracting So too was the character diction especially James First the diction Some language shift can be accounted for during the years that James has lived and this is a workf fiction but James is a product f the 17th. Blackburne and according to him they are related James is a four hundred year ld immortal; a balancer His primary function is to protect the natural world from supernatural entities In an attempt to connect with Kat and aid her in her adjustment to her new life he tells her his life story starting with his birth in 1625 his death in 1650 as well as his subseuent rebirth as a balancer and the adventures which ensue James’s story takes Kat n a journey she never imagined po.