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These memoirs or anecdotes of English village life in the 1880s were enjoyable but lacked a cohesiveness that I had expected from the TV adaptation of Lark Rise to Candleford Perhaps that structure or plot is evident in the other two books of the trilogy The singers were rude and untaught and poor beyond modern imagining but they eserve to be remembered for they knew the now lost secret of being happy on littleThe first part of the trilogy wasn t as great as I hoped especially after first pages I agree with Leslie These memoirs or anecdotes of English village life in the 1880s were enjoyable but lacked a cohesiveness When I was Reading One Of Many Reminiscences one of many reminiscences was kidnapped by the story almost always But between them was a gap I would tell it was a perfect example of why a writer should choose between genre at least in such cases It wasn t a well written fiction because there was no plot And it wasn t well written non fiction too

"It Would Have Been Perfect "
would have been perfect a collection of the short storiesRounding up to 4More I am going to write in the review of the whole trilogy Hard to rate as it s almost a text book of late Victorian life in rural England Great The Economics of Agricultural Development descriptions of a life that our ancestors lived and only a few generations ago tinged with sadness about how many perished in the futility of the first world war I like many othersidn t Shallow Grave discover thiselightful author until I saw the PBS series Lark Rise to Candleford I loved that series and how it focused on telling the simple stories of simple people in a small market town and hamlet The Pocket Guide to Action during the late 19th century in Oxfordshire England Reading Lark Rise was also aelight though the narrative style is so wildly Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) different than the episodic form of the TV show Readers of Lark Rise need to come to it understanding that Flora Thompson wrote essays about her life in the hamlet which were eventually turned into the novels we have today Each chapter covers a specific topic religion holidays men women children gossip and while you ll recognize some characters and stories from the show they are not the center of attention Rather the author gives us the big picture of what hamlet life was like for her as a little girlI found it completely mesmerizing and almost mystical as if Ms Thompson had allowed me a peek into a secret hidden world The lives of these farm laborers and their families were simple and poverty ridden but they could be called happy I loved learning about them through the eyes of Laura our small observer who is suppose to represent Flora herself as a child The beautifulescriptions of the hamlet and surrounding countryside add so much to the cozy other wordly feeling of the book The whole thing has a bit of an Anne of Green Gables vibe about it which is fitting Same time period same CommonwealthI m excited to read th. Lark Rise is Flora Thompson's childhood memories of a north Oxfordshire village the people who lived and worked in it and a way of life that has tot. How a book can have no plot and yet be completely engrossing is a mystery to me but Ms Thompson has pulled it of beautifully Neither a novel nor a real memoir as Laura the supposed MC only makes sporadic appearances There is no plot no continuity no real thread as the author skips merrily from spring to harvest to WINTER TO SUMMER IN NO PARTICULAR SEUENCE THE BOOK to summer in no particular seuence The book a long rambling series of anecdotes about life in an Oxfordshire hamlet not even a proper village in the nineties no specific years no real time markers until the very end where ueen Victoria s jubilee impinges very slightly on the inhabitants through bunting and commemorative jampots There s a lot of Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide detail aboutress and food and houses and attitudes but no story I thought I had read this many years ago but if I Introduction to African American Studies did none of it stayed with me which is not surprising given the lack of cohesive narrativeThat is not to say however that it isn t interesting It is in a historico cultural way I found it a satisfying bedtime comfort read but if you re looking for a story you won t find it here We aren t even told how old Laura is supposed to be at each appearance Most of the customs and way of life are coming to an end by the time the novel is set with no realescription of what was coming in their stead which made the reading experience even odder as if somehow suspended outside timeHowever now I am curious to read No 2 to see if there is any story to be found It is in my mind that I read the whole trilogy but I can t remember a thing This is the first book in a series of three that the television show Lark Rise to Candleford is based on If you are a fan of the television show you should know that this book reads like a My Lover documentary than a story and that the television version has much characterevelopment than the book oes And this first book in the series only covers Laura s childhoodAlthough it reads somewhat like a ocumentary the writing is beautiful sometimes lyrical and gives a fascinating view of life in a farming hamlet of 1880s England During the 1880s change was stirring
"And It Ended Up Being "
it ended up being last Mobilizing New York decade where this way of life existed The ueen s Jubilee in 1887 celebrating her 50 year reign marked a turning point after which things were never uite the same in hamlet life It was becoming andifficult to exist as a farm laborer farming a rich landlord s land and mechanization was beginning and becoming prevalentA beautiful read similar to the Little House on The Prairie series but with less focus on characters and stories and focus on how life was lived Flora Thompson is telling the story of her childhood just as Laura Ingalls Wilder told hers in the Little House series And both stories were published at similar times and took place at almost the same time this one in England and Little House in Americ. Lived in before the enclosure of the heathland children's games the interaction of village and gentry and the way in which the seasons governed life.

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Lark RiseE next two books First part of a famous trilogy Lark Rise to Candleford where the author tells her reminiscences about her childhood in a small English hamlet and speaks in length about the people the school the church the festivities and the way of lifeInteresting to note she says that in the preceding generation families had about a Aspects of South African Literature dozen children while in the next they wentown to about half a The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused dozen Lark Riseoes not have a plot If that s what you care about most it s not a good idea to try it I on t think and I hear it s nothing like the tv series Lark Rise to Candleford It s somewhat lacking in terms of characters too mostly there are thumbnail sketches of charactersThe writing however is somehow absorbing enough at least to me that it s worth reading anyway It s a very idealised view of uotidian village life in England uring ueen Victoria s reign Flora Thompson continually states that these people knew how to happy on very little and etails their simple pleasures and the pains of their povert Oh my this is very good How have I missed this classic Categorized as semi autobiographical fiction it is full of informative tidbits about Victorian life in a hamlet of Oxfordshire England This is not a book about the gentry It is about ordinary people men working on farms and women in their homes caring for children washing and cooking It This book was wonderful It is ifficult however to classify this book or Orality in Igbo (African) Literature describe exactly how or why it was wonderful What is this book History Sociology Journal It is many things and nothing It contains rich lushescriptions of various aspects of life in a country hamlet in the 1880s its s its people its peculiarities and its place in the world around it and the changing tide of the timesFans of the BBC series might be isappointed or at least confused This book is not Even The Same Genre the same genre the show it contains no romantic entanglements no love triangles no rama indeed no plot at all The stories told in this book are no than a paragraph or two long and provided as colorful illustrations of the life Ms Thompson is Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms describing It is possible that the plot andrama of the show will be contained in the second two Candleford volumes which I intend to read next Yet the series is completely true to the book the characters and life are faithful to true to the book the characters and life are faithful to and the series is sprinkled with these vignettes rawn out to form plot lines and rama as well form plot lines and The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal drama as well words phrases and thoughts from the text It was obviously written and produced by those who have read re readogeared and loved this book While I am normally am firmly in the the book was better camp in this case the book and series are two completely Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture different yet independently awesome entitiesFor anglophiles lovers of British history or the history of the family and society this book is a must read. Allyisappeared The story is built around Laura and her brother Edmund through whose eyes are seen old Sally whose grandfather built the house she.