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(The Devil Went Down to Austin) [PDF/EBOOK] ✓ Rick Riordan

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Another sarcastic filled romp down in Texas with a good mystery thrown in This one taking place in Austin instead of his home turf of San Antonio For me it made a difference in the story as Riordan really gives the reader a grand tour of San Antonio with his detail of the place That being said Tres Navarre is a great character which ver town he nds up in solving a case If you can believe it Tres is finally starting to iron out the wrinkles in his life Naturally as soon as that happens his brother s life goes to hell This is a very interesting story that touches a lot of psychological bases Serial killer phobias manipulation resentment skeletons in the closet This book really has it all I was hooked as soon as I started reading This is definitely the darkest Tres Navarre book so far So many things change your perspective in this book that it s hard to keep track of whose side you re on Great read Actually I just fininshed it moments ago I am such a fan of his Percy Jackson books I couldn t resist his mysteries Much to like about this one and Liked His First Texas Mystery his first Texas mystery I just love this series Great characters snappy dialogue and cool crime Compared to the book prior to this one The Devil Went Down to Austin feels like a disappointment and a step back Some great nsemble work was thrown out the window and Maia Lee returned for the sole purpose it seemed of being Tres s girlfriend However I did like that Riordan started playing around with a different style of storytelling After very couple of chapters there would be an mail written by the killer that really ramped up the suspense and added a sense of urgency and a creep factor to what going on Although I solve the first half of the mystery with ase there were a couple of surprises that I couldn t figure out For a complete review check out my blog Rachael. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Rick Riordan triple crown winner of the Edgar Anthony and Shamus Awards brings his fast talking hard living Texas hip PI Tres Navarre to the heart of the Lone Star State Austin to unravel a case so dark twisted and deadly it can only involve family Tres Navarre the PI with a PhD in literature heads to Austin for a laid back .

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Derstand why he continues to focus on that immensely popular and lucrative franchise but I dread the day when I run out of Tres Navarre books only 3 left in the series for me I couldn t put this book down This is my favorite Tres Navarre book so far I really liked how the character Maia made a show again I also how the character Maia made a show again I also how the book went into Tres brother Garrett s past Tres is definitely growing as a character I love his young adult books Percy Jackson *series Kane Chronicles Heroes of Olympus so I thought his adult fiction *Kane Chronicles Heroes of Olympus so I thought his adult fiction be worth checking out Somehow his writing just doesn t translate Never felt that interested in the characters or the story I listened to this audiobook This is the 4th installment of the Tres Navarre series Riordan is most famous for his young adult fantasy fiction but this is an adult mystery series Jackson Navarre III aka Tres is a uniue character He is a tai chi master with a PhD in medieval studies The son of sheriff out of San Antonio Texas Tres is all Texan He is a private investigator between academic gigs He gets in his fair share of trouble Having lived in San Antonio I appreciate the rich descriptions of the area with nods to the uniue culture In this book Tres is in Austin for the summer to teach a medieval literature class at UT His brother Garrett who lost his legs in a train accident lives in Austin and is a computer whiz When Garrett is accused of killing his best friend and business partner Tres can t help but get involved The internet security program created by Garrett and the dead friend is at the center of the controversy A hostile take over by a ruthless business man Tres former girlfriend and attorney the dead man s x wife and Garrett provide Tres with plenty to juggle and figure out It is a good book but drags a little in the middle A couple of twists at the nd are satisfying. E murder he comes face to face with the damaged relationships violent lives and billion dollar schemes of a high tech world gone haywire Connecting them all is beautiful Lake Travis and the shocking secret that lies within its depths Now as Tres struggles with his own troubled family past and to clear his brother’ s name he finds himself stalked by a cold blooded killer one who could spell the death of both Navarre.

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The Devil Went Down to AustinReads This time author tried to *GIVE CLUES A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENTLY *clues a little bit differently it actually worked There were some inconsistencies about technology For xample about not being able to make screenshots you can take picture of computer screen with regular camera D Book 4 in the Tres Navarre mystery series starts when Tres learns that his brother Garrett has mortgaged the family ranch to fund a start up software security company and has missed the last four payments When Tres goes to Austin to confront his brother he finds a financial and with friends like this who needs nemies mess Things get worse when Garrett s business partner and perennial fuck up Jim is found dead s business partner and perennial fuck up Jim is found dead a ruthless business man and a wealthy family intent on keeping family secrets buried and Tres has his work cut out for him in unraveling the disaster As an added complication Garrett s attorney is Tres s former love interest Maia who has flown in from San Francisco I like Tres as a character He s a PhD English professor specializing in Middle English lit a tai chi master and a private investigator He s intense has a sarcastic sense of humor treats women well does not suffer fools gladly and loves his cat Robert Johnson who usually ats nchiladas The books are full of Texas culture and locations that are familiar to natives The plots are intricate with lots of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing This time around I didn t ID the culprit until just a step ahead of the reveal Literally a footstep is heard in that key scene and THAT s when I realized who the culprit isThere are a couple of things that don t uite make sense to me but I can t say or I d give away the plot I wish Riordan would go back to writing mysteries aimed at adults He wrote this series before he started the Percy Jackson series which really catapulted him to author famedom I certainly un. Ummer teaching gig But he’s in store for a whole lot His big brother Garrett computer whiz Jimmy Buffett fanatic and all around ccentric is hoping to retire a multimillionaire by the fall He’s bet his career and the Navarre family ranch to do it Then Garrett’s oldest friend and business partner is murdered and Garrett is the only suspect As Tres delves into Garrett’s bizarre world to find the truth behind th.