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The Consolations of Philosophy

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This is a strange and enjoyable mixture of philosophy and self help and potty words divided neatly into six philosophers and six vexing problems They can be read in any order I couldn t wait for Nietzsche the last section so I skipped ahead and read that fourth instead of sixthHere are the six philosophers and the corresponding issues Socrates Unpopularity Epicurus Material Want Seneca Anger Montaigne Feelings of Inadeuacy Schopenhauer Heartache Nietzsche FrustrationMaybe it s my inner dilettante but I love reading popularizations of science history and now I have an author I can trust on philosophyBut be careful not to dismiss this book because it makes its points clearly and with pictures to aid retention Several times I had to force myself to slow down as I was reading it so that I could reflect on what I was reading The simple prose belies the heady concepts that it is coveringHighly recommended If ou come across this in a bookstore or library just read the section on love Schopenhauer for L Amour Fou de Dieu yuks and the ultimately depressing thesis Not having experienced heartbreak in a while the will to life has already had its evil way with me I can t vouch for what consolation if any the concepts in this section are Concise relevant down to earth pragmaticThe spin of the book is that philosophy can helpou overcome obstacles in De brevitate vitae your life unpopularity poverty frustration and a broken heart among others It s a cute angle but not to be taken too seriouslyThis book is a refresher a booster injection to remindou of the contributions put forward by a handful of thinkers A wholesome tidbit before tackling Sophie s World or similarThis shot contains Socrates Epicurus Seneca Montaigne Schopenhauer Nietzsche Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while reading this book Arthur Schopenhauer once said When some political or ecclesiastical pamphlet or novel or poem is making a great commotion Signaler un problème you should remember that he who writes for fools always finds a large public A precondition for reading good books isn t reading bad ones for life is shortI can only imagine cheery old Schopster had this kind of fluff in mind when he wrote that down This book is garbage and I could go on for hours about how terrible Alain De Bottom is with his fraudulent self help philosophy but I won t because some smarter people than me already have urgeou not to buy this book I made the mistake when I was 17 but ou don t have to I am also utterly shocked that Roger Scruton has a positive review uoted on the back of this as well Alain de Botton is a kind of Everyman s philosopher which is exactly how I like my philosophers In fact he teaches philosophy at the University of London The book is a uick romp through a half dozen philosophers from Socrates to Nietzsche by applying their philosophies to the author s everyday problems For example he explains epicurus thought in relation to his explains Epicurus thought in relation to his issues about wanting material things Much to my surprise Epicurus turn This is a self help book providing a very simplified popularized version of the approach to the problems of human life as expressed by some major philosopher such as Socrates Seneca Epicurus Montaigne Schopenhauer NietzscheI have mixed feelings about this book while the author is undoubtedly uite good at providing a very readable witty and fluent narrative on the other hand it must be said that there can be a blurred boundary between oversimplified interpretations and unoriginal platitudes on one side and a concise simplified but still meaningful and faithful representation on the other side the author does not always manage to strike a proper balance and to consistently stay on the right side of such boundary In particular I have been uite disappointed by how the philosophical thought of thinkers such as Schopenhauer has been trivialized up to the point of making it difficult to recognize I also found the choice of Montaigne uite strange I recognize that such choices are always uite subjective but I can easily think of dozens of philosophers who would have been much highly deserving of pride of place in this book On a positive side the representation of stoic thinking is uite good and the book is peppered with some good points and interesting remarks and perspectives So it is not uniformly bad at all just uneven in uality and depthNot too bad at all for a beginner with no or little previous exposure to philosophy nice uick breezy and pleasant beachside reading for everybody else just be aware that there is consolation than actual philosophy here 25 stars rounded up to 3 by taking into account the always commendable effort by the #author to widen the audience of the subject of philosophy Not a bad book overall #to widen the audience of the subject of philosophy Not a bad book overall de Botton is on a uest for perspectiveHis first outing How Proust Can Change Your Life brought that legendary figure front and center in an engaging study of the Proustian approach to the universe with special attention paid to insights useful enough to assist us in navigating the world today Having tested those waters and determined them sufficiently warm de Botton has moved on from Marcel to the far ambitious and dustier sextet of Socrates Epicurus Seneca Montaigne Schopenhauer and Nietzscheall in an apparent search for consolationPause for amusement That changing our life via Proust can result in the need for consolation seems worth a wry little grinWhile I don t put much stock in de Botton s advice on the self help front the good news is that s rarely than five percent of the content of these books The other ninety five invariably contains the nifty reconstitution of a prominent personality in all its baseline complexity talents accomplishments fallibilities habitual tics the shrewish wife the impotence the succession of poodles The six philosophers featured here are brought back to life in a genuinely personable way and this makes them inte. این‌ کتاب‌ می‌کوشد تا با استناد به‌ آثار. Resting More than that it makes them human And that makes de Botton s modest volume an excellent spot to enter into the field we work so hard to keep on avoidingI mean c mon You ve got Plato in one hand and anything else in the other You tell me which winsThis was pleasant And painless If Nam you re of a mind Dig in I have read uite a few of the original works from all the philosophers covered in this book this nails the relevent ideas and is waaaaaay easier to read This book could and should replace the entire pop psychology and self help sections of any bookstore Botton reveals the truth that most of the ideas authors of those genres have been slinging around and re using for so long were actually written a long long time ago His format works best here and shows us that philosophy is not some far off subject that has no relevency to our lives It is our lives He reveals that these philosophers weren t the strong jawed leaders we see portrayed in mable rather they were mostly sickly depressed outcasts with no money who were just trying to figure out why things are they way they are and we can learn a lot from them Nowou may laugh but I thought this was one of the best philosophy related books I ve ever read I recognize that it s pretty basic a little silly etc but for some reason it did it for me It s short and sweet and it humanizes otherwise esoteric knowledgeAfter I blazed through this book one evening I went on to read the actual writings of Epicurus Nietzsche and Montaigne It was the spark I needed to get me reading philosophy againI heartily recommend it As I went through the book I was unable to make up my mind whether it was a work on philosophy masuerading as a self help book to reach a wide audience or if it was a pretentious self help book with aspirations to be a book on deep philosophyEven after I finished it I am not sure how to judge it Should I judge it harshly for picking and choosing among the works of these great philosophers to fit them into the narrow framework that Botton has drawn for them and thus making them draw his Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination yoke Or should I be lenient that Botton makes lofty thoughts so accessible by dragging them down and tethering them to the normal privations of men and offering consolations for the sameThe title is of course a brilliant one and almost irresistible Not original maybe as Boethius has already used it but Boethius was a private consolation with his own philosophy personified as a woman while Botton offers up his philosopher s thoughts for a public audience for his reader s consolation I am no judge on which was the effective work as I amet to read the original workAs for the book itself Botton tries hard to make it entertaining and relevant and uses almost a bullet point like efficiency to ensure that he can pack everything into an airport size bookThe framework of the book is to use the wisdom of six philosophers almost in chronological order to offer consolations for some of the common maladies that afflict the average person The fact that he spends time and pages detailing out the lives of the philosophers should not deter from the fact that he does manage to stick admirably to the overall structure of the book and does offer a coherent seuence and logic of consolations Consolation For Unpopularity Botton uses the example and philosophy of Socrates and his life to illustrate that the judgement of others should have no real bearing on how we judge ourselves This is not to say that we should count ourselves "Superior By Being In "by being in minority No the real message is that the weight *of numbers supporting any argument or moral standpoint has nothing to *numbers supporting any argument or moral standpoint has nothing to with the real strength of that position Only reason should guide us in our judgements of ourselves and of others In the hatred unfairly directed towards an innocent philosopher we recognize an echo of the hurt we ourselves encounter at the hands of those who are either unable or unwilling to do us justice But if our reason tells us we are right we should stick to our beliefs and we might be redeemed as Socrates was by the very people who condemned him and be consoled by the prospect of posterity s verdict Consolation For Not Having Enough Money What is wealth it mere material wealth or is it anything that provides us real happiness These were the uestions Epicurus grappled with His answer was that just as we are not capable of judging what is good for our physical body and would gladly gorge ourselves with unhealthy food to the point of death as a lot of us do so we are not capable of judging what is truly good for our souls for our lifeI want to belabor this point If left to ourselves and our instinctive tastes we would find no reason to refrain from consuming as much as we can of everything that tastes good and this only leads to a decay in bodily health It takes an expert opinion and self control to be able to give up this unhealthy habit and adopt a moderate and healthy diet that allows us much better healthEpicurus says that we similarly gorge on money and all the other pleasurable thing sin life and jump head long into the rat race thinking that is important But only deep reflection can show us that it is a bad for our spiritual well being and health as all that good food is for our bodily health So he says pleasure is the ultimate goal of life but what gives ou true pleasure can only be found by deep reflection So what should we dedicate all our energies to if we want a happy lifeWe should find Friendship good companionship association with people who recognize our true nature with all our defects is what we really need in fact all our mad scramble after money and power is just a manifestation of our need to be esteemed and listened to by our fellow beings We may seek a fortune for no reason but to secure the respect and attention of people who would otherwise look straight. شش‌ فیلسوف‌ بزرگ‌ راه‌حل‌هایی‌ برای‌ م. Through us But do we need money to get them to respect us Would not a true friend value every word of Chasing McCree Chasing McCree yours and respectou even if Impossible Things you were penniless The second most important constituent of happiness is Freedom the freedom to be ourselves This eventually connects back to being with people who will accept us as us Epicurus and his friends made a radical innovation In order not to have to work for people they didn t like and answer to potentially humiliating whims they removed themselves from employment in the commercial world of Athens We must free ourselves from the prison of everyday affairs and polities and began what could best have been described as a commune accepting a simpler way of life in exchange for independence They would have less money but would never again have to follow the commands of odious superiorsSimplicity did not affect the friends sense of status because by distancing themselves from the values of Athens they had ceased to judge themselves on a material basis There was no need to be embarrassed by bare walls and no benefit in showing off gold Among a group of friends living outside the political and economic centre of the city there was in the financial sense nothing to proveSo Happiness an acuisition list1 A hut 2 Friends 3 To avoid superiors patronization infighting and competition 4 Thought 5 Art Happiness may indeed be difficult to attain The obstacles are not primarily financial Consolation For Frustration All frustration arises from a faulty view of the world says Lucius Annaeus Seneca We are frustrated because we expect the world to behave in a particular way and then reality turns out to be different the Great Stoic philosopher advises us to be always aware that the worst scenario is always possible and to be prepared for it so that when it does happen we are ready for it and will not descend into anger shock anxiety or despair all of which are marks of an unprepared mind that was not in tune with reality Correctour worldview to accept the fact that reality is cruel and thus find escape from these common frustrations This does not mean that Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you should accept everythingou may struggle mightily to avoid the misfortune but Wachten op Apollo you just need to be aware of its possibility to be not prey to anger grief and other frustrations Consolation For Inadeuacy Michel de Montaigne consoles us about the ultimately human nature of us all We have to accept that we are not perfect no one ever was Once we accept that every inadeuacy we find so appalling in ourselves is shared by millions and is one of the side effects of being human and being alive we will learn to be less embarrassed by them and can live a fulfilling life Consolation For Heartbreak The nerve to invoke the greatest pessimist of the western world to console heartbrokenoung WerthersBut it is Arthur Schopenhauer who is being called upon to give advice on how to deal with rejection and broken love affairs Schopenhauer s famous will to life theory which modern readers might as well read as a sort of natural selection through conditioned unconscious eugenics states that we are controlled in who we find attractive and lovable by a great force of nature which is concerned only with the need to propagate the species It is not concerned with our happiness and often than not we will end up with people who are our anti thesis and inconducive to our happiness So a happy marriage is a statistical anomaly and unnatural rather than something we can naturally expect So if and when Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you findourself a Young Werther with a broken heart or a girl for that matter understand that it is not Callisthnie - La musculation globale you who were rejected but it was just that the union was not approved by the good of the species by the will to power or natural selection This might sound like an artificial explanation but think about it please it is all just genetics Consolation For Difficulties Finally Friedrich Nietzsche makes his grand entry and gives The Ultimate Consolation You do not need consolations in life All life s difficulties are to be embraced So acceptour unpopularity poverty inadeuacy frustrations heart breaks and every sorrow as necessary to become the best And the Ass Saw the Angel you can be Ifou do not have these difficulties Why We Want You to Be Rich you will be a mindless creature without knowledge of life Use all this grief and the ills of life to forge a character and life that is noble and grand Your greatest gifts areour difficultiesDisclaimer I have modified the views expressed in this review from that in the book to match my own understanding of these philosophers at times especially for Nietzsche At other times I have reproduced the core message of the Book Without Modification I Have without modification I have DISTINGUISHED THE TWO AS THE ORIGINAL WORKS OF #distinguished the two as the original works of these great minds are always available to anyone who finds any disparity between this review and their own convictions I have done justice neither to this book nor to the philosophers in this review and would ask Nationalism: Critical Concepts in Political Science you to pursue them further ifou find it interesting I will try to do a comprehensive review of Will Durant s The Story of Philosophy as a counterpoint to this simplistic interpretation of multi faceted thoughts The Consolations of Philosophy Alain de BottonThe Consolations of Philosophy is a nonfiction book by Alain de Botton First published by Hamish Hamilton in 2000 The title of the book is a reference to Boethius s magnum opus Consolation of Philosophy in which philosophy appears as an allegorical figure to Boethius to console him in the ear he was imprisoned leading up to his impending execution In Consolations de Botton attempts to console the reader through everyday problems or at least help them to understand them by extensively uoting and interpreting a number of philosophers These are categorized in a number of chapters with one philosopher used in each 2016 1383 303 9643114791 1385 1386 1388 9789643114794 1392 21 3005139. شکلات‌ روزمره‌ی ما ارائه‌ کند با خواندن‌. .