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Oldier from Virginia To people in Mississippi Virginia is Northern so that bought me barely a dollop of legitimacy My wife had warned me not to be outspoken politically These weren t blue dog Democrats but deep red Mississippi mud Republicans and so I skated over the issues that I knew would cause a ruckus They insisted to me how much Mississippi had changed as if I were an ambassador from the North and would go home and tell veryone that the South has become progressive I agree no doubt the South had progressed in the last 150 years The people were super Everyone I met was sincere and very sentence was scented with Southern charm but two different funeral homes tells me that the South still has some wrinkles that need smoothed out I loved my time down there and can t wait to take a family vacation through Mississippi Alabama and Georgia I know I know I m supposed to be writing a book review not reminiscing There is something about reading books set in the South that makes me want to tell stories In junior high I was the kid that ordered too many books from Scholastic I can still feel the shame reddening my neck and my cheeks as I walked up to the teacher s desk to get my book stack that was larger than the rest of the class put together I was only someone s best friend when they needed help with their homework So I did identify with the feelings of ostracization that Larry Ott was feeling in this novel I was undersized too one of the smallest guys in my class I wore glasses and scurried around like a rabbit between classes Small towns are tough and small schools are ven tougher There is no From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 escape In big schools you can blend in better and also with a larger population you increase your chances in finding a freak like yourself When peoplextol the virtues of their small school system I always think to myself they re great if your kid is designated normal Larry Ott gets accused of a crime a girl is missing He is in the frame People aren t accusing him just because he is weird Circumstantial Fresh Water evidence does make him a legitimate suspect The problem is when he is cleared of all charges the town does not forget Another person maybe a person that sat at the cool kids table could have moved on with their lives with only a passing reference to the unfortunate circumstances Not Larry not Scary Larry Unfortunately for Larry the people of his small town America did not like him He had been weighed and measured and found to be too weird When another girl goes missing Larry is the number one suspect because what lingers inveryone s mind is the unfinished business from the first missing girl Sympathy for his plight is not offered He is as he has been his whole life alone Silas 32 Jones is the closest Larry French Daguerreotypes ever had to a friend Their lives arentwined in a way that neither boy is fully aware of yet there are phantom ghosts of information at the periphery of their consciousness that as facts are revealed they don t uestion the results They realize they ve always known When Larry lends Silas a rifle Silas becomes his friend for a short while Silas likes the stories that Larry tells him from the pages of Stephen King but refuses to From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read even try to read a book It is too much like school work When Silas becomes a star short stop known as 32 byveryone Larry is just an mbarrassment to him Silas will look back with than a little regret that he didn t lay a friendly hand on Larry s shoulder or ask him to join in social activities He was uniuely positioned to change Larry s life forever His gift of athleticism mpowered him to bring Larry into the social group His offer of friendship would have forced people to see Larry differently By some uirk of fate I started growing By the time I got to high school I had volved from being one of the shortest people in my class to being the tallest person in my class As it turned out I was coordinated nough to play sports and did well Like Silas when people would see me in the local diner or on the street or in the hallway they would call out my jersey number 12 The people I needed so desperately when I was so lonely all of a sudden were my best friends It was simply ridiculous I can score twenty points in a basketball game and miraculously I am cured of being the number one class freak Growing up I was Silas and Larry I understand all too well their fallacies and their insecurities I felt Larry s burning shame as if my own cheeks were inflamed I felt Silas s guilt as if it were resting on my own shoulders Franklin keyed into lements that I have given a lot of thought to I can tell from reading other reviews that this book had a profound impact on people It certainly made me plow over old ground My one complaint is that I feel that Franklin could have put meat on the bone It does not have the complexity of a book that I could wholeheartedly agree is a modern classic I really njoyed another book by Franklin called Hell at the BreechIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at it is totally okay to float old reviews when you suddenly have a picture of yourself and the author to attach to them also when you are bored but only once a day anything than that becomes boring or desperateone of the best books i have read verand xactly what i was looking for when i posted my uery in my very Own Readers Advisory Group So readers advisory group so you james looking for when i posted my uery in my very own readers advisory group so thank you james is a perfect suggestion to the kind of book i was looking for and i am going to immerse myself in tom franklin s backlist and tell all my friends Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye etc but right nowi don t know how to review it with a book this meaty i find it difficult to do plot reviews without giving away too much as i get overexcited about sharing the book will does a good job though with dignified restraint i can only do tone reviews of something that kicked my ass so hard remember when stephen king paid a lot of attention to the craft of writing before he became a machine of churning out booksditors were afraid to dit because he s stephen bloody king and he knows what he s doing stephen king became stephen king because he started out as a careful storyteller he always had a knack for building and filling a scene creating characters with dimensions and building tension around them that was powerful because the characters were fleshed out and not just stand ins for something for the action to happen to this is what a lot of the action to happen to this is what a lot of horror writers forget that it s not just about scary things happening it is about scary things happening to characters who have begun to matter to the readerand this is not a horror novel but the tremendous larry ott character does read a lot of stephen king throughout this novel as a kid and as an adult and the childhood scenes read a lot like stephen king to me before some sort of alien or clown comes to get m the coming of age ye opening stuff far from idyllic is so richly detailed and larry ott and silas jones are characters to care about despite all their mistakes and how you wanna just shake both of them sometimesthe story is a different kind of horror life is brutal with murder and racism and persecution and hollow loneliness and missed opportunities this is such a frustrating situation books like this kill me when characters ndure years of isolation and heartache that could be resolved with one conversation but by kill me i of course mean delight meokay some basic plotlarry ott is the town whipping boy Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild ever since the first girl he took to a drive in vanished without a trace now he is 41 lives in his childhood home while his mother lingers in a nursing home his abusive father is dead and he buys a lot of books through the mail already ostracized vandalized and avoided when another girl goes missing suspicion naturally falls on himsilas jones is now the town constable returned after many years away his is a story of life on the other side of the color divide with a single mother trying to raise himssentially suatting in larry s father s shed where they strike up a boyhood friendship ultimately marred by larry s father and the cruelties of adolescencelarry as a kid is heartbreaking so Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets earnest so smart so reaching out for affection silas oh god his mother s story so buried in his own is worth the whole of the book i am choking with tenderness and silas angeri just loved this book the mystery the characters the uiet of it all it is sad but resigned to its own sadness anythinglse i could say would just be inarticulate suawkingthanks to dana and the harpercollins half off hook upcome to my blog. N a teenage girl disappeared after a date with Larry their friendship was irrevocably broke.

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The Rutherford girl had been missing for ight days when Larry Ott returned home and found a monster waiting in his houseThis book grabbed me from the beginning and never let go I was mesmerized by the rural Mississippi setting and uickly connected to the main characters Larry Ott otherwise known as Scary Larry by an unforgiving and judgmental community and Silas Jones the former high school baseball star have a history A history that goes back than twenty years to that difficult and often merciless time of life boyhood and adolescence Larry was always a loner The white kid shunned by Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 everyonelse because he was different He liked to read wasn t interested in sports and just lacked the social skills necessary to be one of the popular kids Sound familiar Used to be his mouth always hung open giving the impression he was slow But he wasn t He was smart Knew the weirdest shit Silas is black new to town and the son of a single poverty stricken mother At one time the two struck up a secret friendship nurturing ach other s desire for another human connection As often with secret friendships they don t remain so for long The two part ways and when teenaged Larry is the main suspect in the disappearance of a local girl Silas never looks back until now when another girl goes missing two decades later Who better to incriminate than the town scapegoat Silas is the town constable and Larry is yed with suspicion once again Silas is perhaps the sole keeper of some secrets that never came to light all those years ago Will his conscience and his moral compass point him in the right directionThis book will cause you to reflect on the choices we make when it comes to the inclusion of others Especially those that seem so fundamentally unlike ourselves Do we have a role in molding another s future based on our narrow mindedness or misguided notions of our fellow beings Can we make an individual become the person we in fact believe them to be How does one withstand the onslaught of animosity delivered repeatedly over a period of years can it be overcome Larry Ott is on my list of the most memorable characters in literature My heart broke for the young Larry and I am full of affection for the older Larry Likely we can all catch glimpses of ourselves in ither Larry or Silas And that is not a bad thing How do we help our own young Larrys or Silases Schools talk about inclusion advocate for it in fact but I regret to say that we still have not achieved this goal Exclusion seems ven rampant in this day and age of social media Sigh well I don t want to go off on a further tangent here We can only keep working in the right directionHighly recommend this slow burning mystery to anyone that Wicked Loving Lies enjoys superb character development andxcellent writing This is my second Tom Franklin novel and it will not be my last It was country dark as Alice Jones had called these nights the absence of any light but what you brought to the table Oh small town rural America why must you scare me so Why must this book written about you kill something inside me with La heredera del mar every page Why does it and you by proxy need to crush me with loneliness and sadness and desperation This is a profoundly sad book about sadness in life which is sad And I m notven being a brat here when I say that There s nothing about this story that s ven remotely optimistic ven the uasi hopeful nding is very sad if you think about itAnd why wouldn t it be sad The background for the story is uite melancholic uite depressing really Set in a tiny Mississippi town that is slowly dying in the heart of poverty and little hope for the future the story is full of racial tension prejudice bigotry hatred misogyny and all the other little petty vils that lurk in the hearts of people Like Stephen King the author oh so freuently referenced in this book view spoilerseriously Tom Franklin You have complete disregard for any spoilers in Salem s Lot don t you hide spoiler Poor Larry Ott He s a beautiful soul whose wings have been clipped he s damaged and hurting after a lifetime of being ridiculed being thrown to the wolves being falsely accused of a horrific crimeAnd yet he doesn t lose his sweetness or optimism ven after his only childhood friend Silas ditches him out of fear of losing his own newfound popularity Silas has to accept how poorly he used to treat Larry while they were growing up and it s not asy to do how poorly he used to treat Larry while they were growing up and it s not asy to do treat Larry while they were growing up and it s not asy to do did a magnificent job of facing this raw pain head onAll Larry Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) ever wanted is one true friend but life kicked him where the sun doesn t shine when it comes to that wish too I just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket and hold him Make it all better because someone as kindhearted and gentle as he is shouldn t have to face the cruelties of this world alonePeople who are alone become a target anasy mark for bullies and people who can wildly spin things out of control at the drop of a hat The other people who come into Larry s life have their own twisted agenda but Larry s loneliness makes it difficult to turn anyone away This is crucial to the layout of the storyI almost gave this 4 stars because the Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe ending is too neatly tied together but the character development is true perfection so it s worth thextra star Gorgeous Gorgeous and dripping with Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time emotion and acheThis story OWNED ME from the opening page and LARRY OTT is among the mostndearing heart wrenching characters I ve come across in a long long time That I connected so well with both the story and its main character surprised me because being born and raised in Vegas my own life One Wild Weekend experience is so vastly different from both Larry and the town of Chabot Mississippi where the story takes place I give heaping mounds of credit to author Tom Franklin for making this alien world come alive for me Larry Ott is a 41 year old caucasian man living alone in his parents house in Chabot MS where heats mostly McDonald s and KFC by himself owns an auto repair shop with no local customers and loves loves loves to read Forgetful of Their Sex especially Horror novels of which Stephen King is his favorite The reason for the above two parentheticals is that Larry is the town pariah 25 years ago when Larry was 16 a high school girl named Cindy Walker disappeared while on a date with Larry While Larry was never arrested or formally accused of a crime his reputation as the weird horror book reading loner wasnough to Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing earn him a guilty verdict and a permanent shunning from the town Larry feels this isolation down in his bones and Franklin casual matter of fact description of it sliced right through me Now Larry spends his days working in a shop with no customers living alone with his chickens and having no visitorsxcept for i drunk teenagers throwing bottles at his house and ii the County Investigator Roy French harassing him whenever a crime occurs Beyonf that Larry just sort of floats through the days F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby even treating his house as if he were only a guest He acted like a curator keeping the rooms clean answering the mail and paying bills turning on the television at the right times and smiling with the laugh tracksating his McDonald s or Kentucky Fried Chicken to what the networks presented him and then sitting on his front porch as the day bled out of the trees across the field and night settled in Walled (The Line, each differentach teh same That s Larry s life Silas 32 Jones is the African American Constable of Chabot MS and the sole law nforcement officer in the area Silas was a high school baseball star with dreams of going pro until injury cut his prospects short For a brief time in high school Silas and Larry were friends However since the disappearance of Cindy Walker Silas has avoided all contact with Scary Larry Ott Silas is another damaged man with lots of baggage of his own Silas often regrets the way he and the town treat Larry but has become trapped in his own circumstances and is too weak to change Viewed as a local hero his days while better than Larry s are spent writing tickets directing traffic and acting as a glorified meter maid The town OF CHABOT IS ANOTHER AMAZING CHARACTER Chabot is another amazing character this story and Franklin s charming understated prose is perfect I listened to the audiobook and by the time you hear his words they ve already vaporized and settled onto your brain like a flower scented mist of small time life His descriptions of Chabot and its slow small town death are magical and precisely what they should be He passed a clothing store that had gone so long without customers it d briefly become a vintage clothing store without changing stock There s also a whol. In rural Mississippi Larry Ott and Silas Jones were unlikely boyhood friends Ott was the ch. E supporting cast of interesting well drawn southern folks who come across as varying shades of good and bad In other words normal people and Franklin s unobtrusive prose has you able to visualize ach one after spending only a few minutes with them In fact the atmosphere of the book the feel of the characters and the pace and tone of the narrative reminded me a lot of To Kill a Mockingbird which is high praise indeed as it is one of my all time favorites However where Atticus Finch made you wish you were his son Larry Ott will break your heart and make you long to be his friend For all that this is NOT a depressingly morose sob story though I did tear up than once This lack of melodrama is the true gift of Franklin s novel I don t know how he did it but despite the often crushing sadness that follows Larry around and how sorry you feel for him from deep in your soul Larry never wallows in his trials and the story never becomes overtly sentimental It is a joy to follow Larry going through his day and you just keep hoping things get better for him As far as the main thrust of the narrativeWhen another girl disappears all fingers point towards Scary Larry and Silas is put in charge of the investigation Through a series of lengthy flashbacks we are taken back through the childhoods of both main characters their ventful meeting and brief friendship and the tragic vents surrounding the previous disappearance that forever changed their lives At its heart this is the story of Larry and Silas and how circumstances personal dreams and other peoples perceptions can create barriers that are difficult to overcome It s a story of good and vil persecution and redemption friendship and betrayal secrets and truths It s a story of life and one of those rare books that make you feel the world around you I know I am gushing so I will just nd by saying60 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATIONPS If you have the opportunity to listen to the audio version of this read by Kevin Kenerly take it His narration was masterful and fits the narrative like a glove What does it say about a person when their mother feels the need for prayer they find a friend Scary Larry Ott won t blame you if you don t like himHe knows what people say about him But the first ladies need support and Larry may as well be the one Another 5 star book from Tom Franklin 5 Stars An Atmospheric Dark Character Driven novel that Got me and Got me Good Larry Ott You Break My Heart In High School Larry Ott is accused of a heinous crime The Tempting Fate evidence is circumstantial and he is not convicted He is however accused by a jury of his peers and spends the rest of his days alone living in a cabin in the woods never speaking to another soul More than twenty years pass and then another crime happens Of course Larry is the only suspect It doesn t matter that at the time the crime occurs Larry is not in the position to have committed such an act He is deemed guiltySilas Jones now known as Constable 32 was once Larry Ott s childhood best friend The two haven t spoken in years When this new crime occurs 32 of course investigates Crooked Letter Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin is a brilliant character driven novel and is Southern Literature at its fines So often when I read a book I cannot wait to talk about itager to hear other people s takes and share my own thoughts but sometimes as in life the unexpected occurs A book has been read all right and it affected me but still I need to let it rest a while need to think on it recover from itI found myself looking back being brutally honest in my reflection Have I ver succumbed to group think and if so how often have I hurt others And ven though in truth I have never really fit in with groups or cliues or the like that One Giant Leap experience in itself makes me prone somehow to the lure of community At what cost I am not without blemishes I strive to be a better person today Each dayGroup think is dangerous it holds open no doors for freedom fairnessuality or justice It just is I am humbled by Larry Ott He seeped in somehow He reminded me that others bore a cross heavier less forgiving than my own Of course I always knew that Still that knowledge had lurked for too long in the shadow of my own fear and uncertainties Larry Ott can not be ignored and in not doing so one must also consider Silas Once they had been the best of friends secretly of course but still Larry was white Silas been the best of friends secretly of course but still Larry was white Silas so much They met in private had fun Apocalyptic Cartography explored But that was before Larry s father intervened before the girl went missing the girl that Larry had had a date with that night The girl that no one has seen since Larry of course maintains his innocence Worst first datever Poor Larry Ott the bookish kid the weak one a smallish white boy the bully target at school takes out the girl of his dreams returns home alone and gets blamed for her presumed rape and murder Decades later ostracized by the town living alone in the same house he grew up in tending his late abusive father s garage another girl goes missing and all fingers point his way Did he or didn t he Tom Franklin image from The American Academy in BerlinBut Crooked Letter Crooked Letter tells of two twisted lives As a kid Silas came to town when his mother Alice had to flee a bad situation in Chicago He and Larry became friends But after high school black
star Silas left for college stayed away until decades later when he returns joining the local police department Why The book takes us back and forth between the present day the investigation into the latest disappearance and the story of Silas and Larry s ill fated friendship Crooked Letter Crooked Letter is a tale of black and white told in shades of gray Franklin s main characters display human strengths and weaknesses He shows the racial nvironment and tension in 1970s Mississippi reduced but still far from dissipated today We see that people act on what they believe rather than on what they know Where does purity lie Truth Atonement Forgiveness Although Crooked Letter Crooked Letter offers a piercing account of life in rural Mississippi it holds resonance beyond the time and place The sort of people who find Larry peculiar because he reads are the same ones who deny volution global warming or the holocaust The atmosphere of the place is very nicely drawn as history seeps from the past into the present in forms physical as well as psychic Too much looks the same as it did way back when only A Bride for McCain eroded Franklin drew a lot on his own childhood Like Larry his father was a mechanic he lived on the outskirts of a small southern town he was a bookish kid in a place where that was not a good thing to be he was a loner And while he was not so ostracized in real life as his stand in is in his novel he knows of what he speaks Tom Franklin has written a very moving tale about being an outsider You will feel for Larry Crooked Letter Crooked Letter has received a flood of critical approval And there is a lot to like herengaging characters a good depiction of place and time powerful imagery in the form of serpents and masks It seems like a sure thing And I did Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven enjoy the book But the straight dope is that it did not do for me what it seems to have done for some other readers Franklin is clearly a very good writer but is hardly the second coming of Faulkner Read andnjoy but keep your xpectations grounded and you will not be disappointed A review of a later novel by Franklin co authored with his wife Beth Ann Fennelly The Tilted World M I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter crooked letter I humpback humpback I How southern children are taught to spell Mississippi Tom FranklinMy wife s family is from Prentiss Mississippi not far from where the action of this book takes place When my wife s grandmother died a few years ago we went down for the funeral This was my first time in Mississippi and I remember a couple of things about the xperience First this is small town USA and there were two funeral homes One for black people and one for white people When you ain t from around there you might accidently go to the wrong oneAfter the funeral we nded up back at grandmother s for a meal The women stayed out in the kitchen xcept for when they were bringing food around or filling up my ice tea I swear my ice tea never got than inch down from the rim The men asked me uestions One thing they were really concerned about was how the South was perceived by a Yankee such as myself I trotted out my bona fide that my gg grandfather Keeten was a Confederate Ild of lower middle class white parents Jones the son of a poor single black mother But whe. .
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

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