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An Alien Heat

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Ream sci fi publishers were not ready for that sort of book just as they weren t ready for Harrison and put a Burroughs cover on his Kafka story In any case while the next book in the series is a bit of a lull giving us much of the same over again the third book does much with the setting and characters ven if the conclusion is a bit tacked onOverall the vision Moorcock gives us here is a testament to his creativity he does not stick to just one story or just one kind of world The Facial Nerve even when his worlds are all interconnected he still manages to giveach one its own tone and voice and second only to his masterwork Gloriana the End of Time series is one of his most intriguing I ve been avoiding Michael Moorcock s Dancers at the End of Time series for years and now I feel like kicking myself An Alien Heat was absurd and hilarious Who knew Moorcock was so funny Jherek Carnellian is a fantastic character Bertie Wooster ish at times I knew I was going to Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants enjoy the book when the prologue said Following is the story of Jherek Carnellian who didn t know the meaning of morality and Mrs Amelia Underwood who knewverything about it The plot is as follows The Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently end of time approaches and all that s left of the human race is a group of decadent near immortals Jherek Carnellian falls in love with Victorian time traveler Mrs Underwood and pursues her back to the 19th century Hilaritynsues The humor is Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery: Supporting People to Achieve Better Rest eual measures Oscar Wilde Douglas Adams and PG Wodehouse It s something to beholdHere s another uote to show you how h Fabulous fun What I didn txpect is that both the nd of time aesthete and the Victorian lady are charming me to death and yes I am getting into their romance I preferred her in his world though The back half was him as an innocent abroad in 1890s England but with Dickens than fin de si cle Whereas at the last thousand years of the universe the parties reminded me of a 200 page party in the single volume I have read yet of Proust Sodom and Gomorrah since it s Moorcock I can believe deliberately An Alien Heat Michael Moorcock s first of three novels forming Dancers at the End of Time a tribute to the decadent dandyism of fin de si cle England with such colorful personalities as Oscar Wilde Max Beerbohm and Aubrey Beardsley Since I m a huge fan of Decadent classics Against Nature by Joris Karl Huysmans comes immediately to mind and also New Wave SF I found very page of this singular Michael Moorcock novel positively scrumptious so much so I Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework even created a special black and yellow bookmark from a Victor Vasarely print to match the cover of the SF Masterworksdition of Dancers at the End of Time detail above We re hundreds of thousands of years into the future where the re I was a huge fan of Elric of Melnibon as a teen so I know Moorcock s unparalleled imagination and stellar writing What I didn t know until I read An Alien Heat however is how good Moorcock could be at comedy as wellEverything about An Alien Heat the first novel in the Dancers at the End of Time trilogy is bizarre It features omnipotent dandies millions of YEARS IN THE FUTURE WHO WILL THE MILLENNIA AWAY in the future who will the millennia away throwing lavish parties and having sex with one another regardless of gender or filial affiliation These beings oblivious or uncaring about the upcoming End of the Universe cavort and amuse themselves playing pranks on one another and spending their time telling Angels Whiskey each other how brilliant they are They sound like an immoral immortal version of the Court of Versailles moments before the guillotine became a fashion itemThis synopsis in itself would make for a terrible novel but in the hands of Moorcock it uickly becomes charming andngaging The protagonist of the story is one Jherek Carnelian vaguely obsessed with the 19th century who convinces himself he should fall in love with Mrs Underwood an unwilling time traveler from this cherished time period who stumbles upon his Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities eraThe story of their blossoming love affair is hilarious andngaging Jherek is a goof but he is likable and funny It s hilarious to see how little he understands the 19th century confusing it with oh about anything a thousand years before or after give or take His courting of Mrs Underwood is naive and sincere and the slow mergence of his Humanity Is Fun To is fun to lot of the appeal of An Alien Heat is the humor and in this the novel is not dated in the slightest The characters are strong colorful and interesting and the world at the End of Time is filled with details that make it stand out An Alien Heat is uick and over with just as uickly Good thing there are two novels in this cycle I think this tends not to be a favorite Moorcock series and it s not hard to see why since it forgoes adventure narrative for a sort of weird thnographic comedy of manners about the Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between expiring cultural scene at thend of Earth and perhaps the Universe when humanity has accomplished nearly all it set out to and become bored with it left immortal and all controlling to invent new affectations in order to pass the time The pacing is This short novel really captured my imagination and defied my The Day Christ Was Born expectations I found the decadence of thend of timers to be amusing and sympathetic and loved the charming na vet of the protagonist Took me a few hours to read and finished it in one sitting Highly recommended. Minal and is uickly arrested jailed and sent to trial To his surprise the judge appears to be none other than his friend Lord Jagged but claims to be one Jagger Jherek is sentenced to death as the case against him is uneuivocal but he cannot understand why all the people around him are so upset; inhabitants of the End of Time are immortal and for them death is merely transitory Jherek is hanged only to wake up among his friends at the End of Time who tell him that to them he has only been gone for a secondThis is the first Avon paperback printing. ,

This series has come recommended rather highly by a few friends here on Goodreads all people whose tastes and opinions I value rather highly so I had looked forward to beginning So much so that I ordered the omnibus 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set edition of The Dancers at the End of Time which contains the first three books My copy was due back at the library before I was able to break into book 3 but I was able to finish the first 2 books Injoyed both but I say that with a slight hesitation I can not help but think that if I had fallen in love with these books as some of my friends have I would foregone sleep and read the 3rd book the night before it was due This first book is the very definition of an absurd romp The humor is both subtle and in your face and will appeal to fans of the Hitchhiker books Those were books I loved when I was younger If I were to read them now I am afraid that the ratings would not be too high I think it is only fair of me to point out two things which I count against the book at no fault of the writing or story as the The Seventh Witch entire thing is written perfectly These two things just happen to be pet peeves of mine that most readers will be able to ignore overlook or count as postives instead Firstven though this is humor and I realize Moorcock was trying to make a point of how morals are nearly nonexistent in the future I will forever be unable to get past the ick factor that incest makes me feel I know I was supposed to feel that ick factor but I just hate the And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake entire idea incest as a tool to prove a point I m nitpicking I know I can read just about any horrific skeezy or disturbing thing but incest throws me off unlike anythinglse and if it were not for my friends recommendations I would have Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America ended the book only a few pages in So please do not take what I m complaining about to heart There is nothing tasteless or graphic and it is really such a small thing in thentire book but I still felt the need to point out something which made it The Pocket Wife extremely difficult for me to connect with the charactersSecond I am beginning to realize that I am not a fan of time travel fiction I m sure there arexceptions though I can not think of any off the top of my head This is something I have not thought much about before reading this but it is becoming obvious to me The Color of Our Sky especially after finishing book 2 The reason why I think all fans of science fiction and fantasy should give this series a tryven considering the 3 stars is that Moorcock paints a most amazing picture of the future of humanity and our planet Though I often receded from the story during the purposefully stilted dialogue I regularly became lost in Moorcock s descriptions details and setting I loved the settings in this book Imaginative feels as an inadeuate description but this book really is one of the most imaginative books I have ver read So take a chance and read it specially if you love humor An Alien Heat "Is The First Volume In "the first volume in s Dancers at the End OF TIME TRILOGY ONE OF HIS BEST WORKS IT Time trilogy one of his best works It a short book with a fine dose of social satire and plenty of cosmic fantasy It s firmly placed in his multiverse the main character is Jherek Carnelian this time around but is nothing like the adventure fantasies such as Corum or the Obsession early Elric stories and also stands apart in tone and style from the contemporary Jerry Cornelius stories As the title suggests it s set far in the future whenverything s been done and the challenge is to stay Cabaret: A Roman Riddle entertained but there s a whole lotlse going too of course Doctor Who fans should give it a shot imagine a decadent world at the nd of time where all human beings are immortal omnipotent and xtremely bored with ternity they ve run out of people to fuck drugs to try wars to wage tc they are all completely jaded and bored with the mysteries of life this book was fucking fantastic i cannot find the rest in the dancers at the All Roads Lead Home end of time series anywhere though As a writer it s hard for me to imagine how people can just keep writing the same thing over and over just providing slight variations on the same plot characters and setting where the only thing that changes are the names At that point it s less a creativendeavor than the symptom of a neurosis an obsessive need to recreate the same familiar pattern over and over in hopes that it will free you and truthfully I can think of few better ways to murder creativity than to write in this wayOf course we writers have certain interests and concerns that are going to crop up again and write in this wayOf course we writers have certain interests and concerns that are going to crop up again and our favored themes whether it s PKD s paranoid uncertainty of self or Le Guin s mutual cultural incomprehensibility but as long as we keep finding different angles of approach different ways to xplore these themes then we re not just treading waterOf course I know that many writers do it to get paid and that in any field after years of working your way up with fresh ideas and hard work it can be tempting to sit on your laurels and stop really trying just letting the paycheues come in hell plenty of folks nd up at that point without ver having had a fresh idea in their lives I mean I ve written ten thousand words in a day before so if I wanted to pump out a generic fantasy novel very week I m certainly physically capable of doing so it s the mental aspect that prevents meNot just the fact that An alien named Yusharisp comes to Earth to warn its remaining inhabitants that the universe is coming to an nd; his own planet has already disappeared and the Earth is sure to follow Earth's inhabitants are unfazed as they believe him to be yet another doomsayer; the End of the Earth has been predicted for centuries Jherek is far interested in Mrs Amelia Underwood a time traveller from Victorian England as he is fascinated by the Victorian ra Jherek resolves to fall in love with her Mrs Underwood at first repulsed by the debauchery of the End Can t stand the idea of filling the world with generic crap which I can t but the need to completely turn off my brain and not care at all about what I ve made and that s part of what makes Moorcock interesting is that he is clearly capable of not being critical of himself He has a reputation in the field of being able to turn out a short story faster than anyone lse and I have sometimes gotten the impression from various works of his that his pen was outstripping his thoughts because he has produced works like Corum which is or less a rewrite of Elric with slightly duller characters and slightly weirder cosmology but then he comes along and writes something like Gloriana or An Alien HeatIt s as if you took a writer as flat though intriguingly madcap as ER Burroughs and told me that he d tried his hand at something in the style of Conrad and Ford s The Inheritors it s such a complete change in voice and approach Indeed Moorcock s book has much in common with that tale of profound intelligences lost in the stream of time the past and future colonizing and changing one another in unpredictable unexpected waysAs with Gloriana Moorcock is working in a completely different voice here a different tone and pacing While in Corum the romance may be central it is perfunctory accomplished in a moment without bothering to delve introspectively to shore up its foundations no real depth of feeling is ver produced Yet here the romance is the plot is the conflict drawn out over the length of the series the back and forth of it the inner turmoil of it all are Darcy of Pemberly than Carter of MarsInstead of revolving around a series of cosmic villains as in Elric it is a story built upon the decisions and feelings of its characters built from the inside out instead of imposing some artificial xternal conflict upon the characters to motivate them and the former method is always going to seem personal vital and perilous to the reader ven when the stakes of the conflict are much lowerIndeed in terms of sci fi tropes with farce Moorcock seems to be laying out a prototype for one of my favorite series The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Indeed in the third book when Moorcock s characters are trapped in the beginning of Earth s history the parallels are almost too remarkable to be coincidenceHowever Moorcock does not uite have the precision necessary for a well turned farce as Wodehouse so often demonstrated where the timing and rhythm of the scenes must be constructed with great care in order for them to work like the well oiled machines they are As such in his pointed satire Adams Just Cause ends up perfecting the form that Moorcock laid out as is so often the case with his grand and intriguing but somewhat rough ideasHowever An Alien Heat does share some shortcomings with works like Corum uite literally in that thexceedingly strange and imaginative world that he sets up for us is populated with characters who are all too mundane In a world that is not only post scarcity but in which people have an ability to reshape the world to their liking beyond the wildest dreams of virtual reality it seems odd that the characters would stick so closely to modern conceptions of identityFor xample if a person can change their gender at will or negate it ntirely or invent a new one you aren t going to see the same old gender roles continue on as if nothing has changed In a world where physical identity and appearance are completely fluid you would xpect peoples views of themselves to be similarly mutableLikewise in a world where people can create anything with
a thought things 
thought things gold and gems would no longer retain the status rarity affords them currently indeed Moorcock often touches upon the fact that really the only thing that produces value in his world is novelty and yet he does not always succeed in demonstrating this ffectively in his actual descriptionsThere are certainly good touches that once we have all we want things like depression or moroseness become interesting as poses as markers Of Difference For Their Own difference for their own ven when they aren t necessary precisely because they aren t but he might have done much Indeed one can also see the ffect the work has had on another great writer who took the ideas and ran with them Moorcock s protege M John Harrison who in his Viriconium series does begin to xplore what a world of such profound difference might look like where things like reality and identity begin to lose their meaning and cohesion in the face of an ver shifting world in which very little can be taken for granted Once again in the third book when Moorcock gives us his hallucinatory cities intelligent ntities dying and going mad out in the wilderness where most folks are happy to leave them alone though some are drawn in by curiosity we see a blueprint for the world that Harrison will later present usI do think that this book nds a chapter too late that the conclusion Moorcock gives us originally produces an intriguing tale along the lines of Kafka almost an inversion of Bierce s classic Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge As it is Moorcock gives us a denouement which is altogether too tidy and asy wrapping verything up and xplaining it away which I think would have made a much better opening to the next bookThen again perhaps his mainst. F Time finally comes to believe that Jherek is sincere in his affections and starts teaching him about moral values She falls in love with him at last; as they are about to mbrace however she is whisked back to her own time Jherek heartbroken decides to rescue her and travels to 19th century LondonJherek is inexperienced to the point of naivete about the Victorian Era despite his interest in it and a temporally local thief Snoozer Vine tricks him into becoming an accomplice to Snoozer's latest scam Not surprisingly Jherek proves to be a poor cri.