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D out the practical section with advice for anarchist academics on how to navigate the contradictions of working n the post secondary realm while maintaining a commitment to meaningful and radical political engagement While some of their ssues are specific to the university setting much of what they address can apply to most teachers regardless of their settingPart 3 on Philosophical Perspectives and Theoretical Frameworks was definitely the least rewarding part of Anarchist Pedagogies for me While Abraham DeLeon raised some nteresting Taken by the Sheikh ideas of anarchist education as a form ofnfiltration behind enemy lines other selections such as one on post structuralism were barely readable It was sadly humourous to find one selection calling for anarchist writing to be clear and accessible paired back to back with one of the densest most jargon filled pieces of writing I ve ever encountered Regardless of this criticism most selections Wishing for a Home in Anarchist Pedagogies were well written and could be used by the general publicThe only area which I wish Haworth s book could have addressed explicitlys the development of anarchist teaching practice within the public school system at the elementary and secondary levels Anarchists seem to be very good at writing critiues of the public school system and the system Dreamsnake is well deserving of these critiues and they also can write academic pieces that are theoretical but my desires to see thinking about actual pedagogy Maybe I m mistaken but The Warlord, the Warrior, the War (Rise of the Penguins, it seems to me that there are probably anarchists workingn public schools than The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping in universities Also there are probably anarchists workingn public schools than n alternative free schools We should develop deas about putting anarchist deas nto practice n our classrooms where we encounter the largest number of members of our society It seems like we should #be organizing where we are and where we can have the greatest mpact #organizing where we are and where we can have the greatest Ona i ja impact of this said Anarchist Pedagogiess a great book Its How to Worry Less about Money ideas should be shared and debated by anyone whos nterested n the connection between learning and the struggle to build a world based on freedom euality and mutual aid Without a doubt one of the best most helpful and thought provoking books I have ever read In spite of what The Secret Groom its titlemplies the collection of writing n this book s covers a diverse array of experience and understanding reaching far beyond the confines of what s traditionally thought of as Education Or Schooling And or schooling and certainly offers much to those who do not necessarily dentify with anarchism but are seeking out alternatives to the corporate Bettina Von Zwehl: Lament influenced state test driven and sadly limited reading of what official educations today This book spills over with the possibilities of what could be while lluminating what exciting alternative models already exist These aren t just pages filled with utopian daydreaming This s a groundbreaking step toward practical application of nonhierarchical nonstandardized antiauthoritarian structures of teaching and learning n which exploitation and domination are continually challenged rather than enshrined. Oretical frameworks and educational practices Many trailblazing thinkers and practitioners contributed to this volume such as Jeffery Shantz John Jordon Abraham de Leon Richard Kahn Matthew Weinstein and Alex Khasnabish This thoughtful and provocative collection proves that egalitarian education s possible at all ages and leve.

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Anarchist PedagogiesSome really solid chapters with some weaker ones nearer the end In particular the chapter on the Modern School n Spain was especially nteresting and offered some practical examples of how a non hierarchical unde schooling pedagogy might work n the real world The chapter on the Zapatista movement A Deadly Trade is likewise stimulating though less concerned with educationn the traditional sense I read this book because I couldn t reconcile my anarchist leanings with my appreciation for having sense I read this book because I couldn t reconcile my anarchist leanings with my appreciation for having access to public education especially now that I m a parent whose child makes use of the public school system The essays seem heavily slanted toward higher education and universities which was disappointing for my purposes but understandable I was pleasantly surprised to read Matthew Weinstein s article about street medics who treat Framed for Murder injured protesters The author does a fine job of showing how the street medic ethics arententionally or not congruent with anarchist principles and serve a larger purpose namely to nform and empower the public with DIY medicine One article examined n depth an anarchist school specifically for minors but I wasn t exactly nspired by the example As I neared the end of the book I d given up finding what I was looking for certainly Lucy Nicholas s chapter title Anarchism Pedagogy ueer Theory and Poststructuralism Toward a Positive Ethical Theory of Knowledge and the Self seemed too academic to help me with my nine year old Was I ever wrong And so glad to be so Nicholas s chapter also crystallized for me themes from the preceding chapter by Alex Khasnabish To Walk uestioning about Zapatista strategies I now feel on much firmer ground regarding my approach to my child s education which partakes of both public schooling and anarchist de schoolingAn aside the collection needed a much rigorous proofreading I d volunteer my services for a second edition Many of the essays failed to piue my nterest Some were hopelessly mired n obscure postmodern deology others touted the alleged benefits of alternative schooling systems with little examination of the ultimate effects on children s growth While I m sympathetic to the project of anti authoritarian schooling there s to anarchism than validating the smallest nclination of a child s ego Saved from one star by the excellent essays on the Working People s College street medic education and a few other fascinating real life examples I picked up Judith Suissa s Anarchism and Education A Philosophical Perspective a few years back and was pretty disappointed While t did a good job explaining anarchism and raised some nteresting points about the differences While t did a good job explaining anarchism and raised some Pêşbaziya Çîrokên Neqediyayî interesting points about the differences libertarian and anarchist educationt was just too philosophical and not practical enough for me When I saw that PM Press was publishing Anarchist Pedagogies Collective Actions Theories and Critical Reflections on Education I got very excited There Pick Three is a real shortage of writings about anarchism and education It seems like most critical writing about schools learning and education comes from either social democratic or Marxist perspectives I read Important and challengingssues n the area of anarchism and education are presented n this history of egalitarian and free school practices From Francisco Ferrer's modern schools n Spain and the Work People's College n the United States to contemporary actions Across the Table in developing free skoolsn the United Kingdom and Canada the. ,
Hose books and take what I can but Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron it s refreshing to see anti authoritarian discussions taking place consistently on the topic of education After having read Anarchist Pedagogies I can say thatt met almost all of my expectations and will stand for many years as the best collection of writings on anarchism and "educationTo start Robert H Haworth should be commended for putting together such a fine selection of writings which are " start Robert H Haworth should be commended for putting together such a fine selection of writings which are the whole of a very high uality As with any edited collection of writings by various authors there are stronger and weaker pieces and of course not everything will resonate with each reader Regardless of your specific nterests public schools post secondary home schooling activism etc t Accidental Commando is most likely that you will find something useful withinThe books grouped nto three main sections which are roughly history The Adventurer's Bride ii here and now andii theory I preferred the first two sections but that s mostly because I m an anarchist history teacher Moto ondoso stabile e altri racconti in a public school setting What follows are few brief highlights of some of my favourite piecesJustin Mueller kicks off the History section by providing a useful overview entitled Anarchism the State and the Role of Education Mueller s pieces the type which uickly and effectively raises numerous All About Me issues and covers a lot of groundn order to familiarize new readers to the topic This s followed by a pessimistic but grounded critiue by David Gabbard new readers to the topic This s followed by a pessimistic but grounded critiue by David Gabbard attempts to meet social justice goals through compulsory schooling Saku Pinta s superb article on the IWW s Work Peoples College provides details on the working class education organized by Finnish mmigrants from 1920 1940 While not explicitly anarchist the WPC s an excellent example the type of counter Son of the Sheriff institutions needed to challenge capital and build skills of resistanceThe one article on the topic of deschoolings provided by Joseph Todd and The Best of Us: A Memoir it explores the waysn which homeschoolers are creating a counterpublic to debate and redefine the meaning of learning Todd argues that many deschoolers and unschoolers are already applying anarchist values whether consciously or not through their creation of networks The section on Anarchist Pedagogies n the Here and Now has a wide sampling of anarchist nitiatives n alternative learning Matthew Weinstein takes an engaging looks at the training of activist street medics and considers t as a form of popular science Readers who are familiar with Summerhill School The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation in England will benterested n the chapter on Paideia an anarchist free school n Spain Paideia has been running for 3 decades and serves as an example of educational self management where students direct learning organize food preparation resolve conflicts and run the school through assembliesJeff Shantz provides two solid selections to the collection One of which looks at the Anarchist Free Skool which operated for a few years n Toronto The other explains the purpose of the Windsor Workers Action Centre which has attempted to be a hub for class and community based resistance n Southern OntarioCaroline Kaltefleiter and Anthony Nocella roun. Contributors llustrate the mportance of developing complex connections between educational theories and collective actions Major themes Let It Snow in the volumenclude learning from historical anarchist experiments n education ways that contemporary anarchists create dynamic and situated learning spaces and critical reflections on the.
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