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S that personally friendly and funny voice but also with No Nonsense Advice For Getting Started With Knitting This Book nonsense advice for getting started with knitting This book for this generation of knitters those who probably learned from online videos rather than from their elders She breaks down the fundamentals of creating hats socks scarvesshawls and sweaters without getting bogged down in specific patterns This might be frustrating to some who want hand holding but Stephanie s Purpose Is To Release Confident Knitters Into The Wild As is to release confident knitters into the wild As closing says it s ust knitting after all Use your noggin don t be afraid to make mistakes and knit confidently If you are looking for a uick read to push your knitting forward once you ve got the basic knitpurl stitch down grab this book Since about a third of the book extols the stash I figured a third of this review should too The other parts of the book do have some excellent knitting advice though and McPhee does write some entertaining proseThis book has lead me to the conclusion that I am not a real knitter I have a yarn stash yes It s contained in one one bin in the bottom of my closet and is mostly made of leftover yarn from former projects If I go to a yarn store I know exactly what I need for my current project and I buy exactly that I do not fondle yarn I m not in love with yarn While I do prefer 100% wool for my knitting friends Wool of the Andes is my go to yarn1 I don t fondle the skeins and think about what the yarn wants to be I think about what I want to make then select the appropriate yarn It s not that I don t love good construction materials I live in Northern New England and there is a reason I love woolBut apparently the real knitter has a stash that s big enough to be embarrassing but not so embarrassing that there isn t a bit of brag going on The real knitter hides how much one spends on yarn from partners The real knitter cou There are about 56 pages of actual useful content in this bookThe actual useful content can be found starting on page 127 where she begins discussing socks Following the sock section there are small sections on scarves and shawls Most of this information could be gleaned by surfing the internet a bit or visiting the knittinghelp websiteThe rest can be summed up as follows1 The author has lots of yarn EVERYWHERE and her house is a mess2 The fact that the author has lots of yarn everywhere and her house is a mess is the funniest thing EVER to the author3 According to the author all knitters do nothing but knit and horde yarn ALL of the time4 All knitters will evidently walk backwards nude through the snow for the opportunity to go to a local yarn store buy too much yarn and meet with other knittersSave your money Either check it out of the library or read pages 127 through 183 in the bookstore. Rs to knit in the way that works best for them this illuminating liberating and hilarious look at the world of knitting is full of surprises and delightfully inspiring ide. ,

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I really really liked this book I m pausing before giving it a 5 star because I m still in the Grip Of The Glow Of of the glow of first knitted sock following her instructions The instructions about the sock are clear and very good I m wondering if that might false inflate the score I m thinking about givingI think this is an excellent book for beginners and has a lot to offer in the way of tips for yarn storage knitting bags and project management Yes there is such a thing as knitting project management especially when to back out gracefully Probably not for intermediateadvanced knitters unless you like Pearl McPhee s persona and don t mind reading something that you know already Part funny anecdotes part how to part pattern book This wasn t uite as much fun to read through as Yarn Harlot but is one I need a copy of on my shelf to refer back to There are a lot of practical tips and advice that I kept wanting to snap pics of to remember Now I understand why knitters become such ardent fans of Stephanie McPhee Not only is this book full of sage advice for knitters it s very funny I think admitting to being prejudiced that even a non knitter would enjoy this book for its humor While it s directed at knitters hoping to help us make our lives a bit easier with suggestion on stashbookmagazine organizing simple instructions for generic hats scarves sweaters and socks it s also full of a wealth of practical advice on how to cop with living with a knitter Figuring out what kind of knitter you are scientific and what to do when Things Go Wrong This was a oy to read and I plan to keep it right by my side along with the other 457 books about knitting in my collection My mother taught me to knit while she was visiting me at Thanksgiving and so I am working on my very first item a scarf done in simple garter stitch with purple merino wool Since her visit I ve picked up a done in simple garter stitch with purple merino wool Since her visit I ve picked up a books to help me starting with two beginner knitter books and then followed by this one which I found by browsing at the store I ve read the author s blog for the last month or so and find her writing uite entertaining so I figured I d give this a whirl This book is a great companion to the beginner how to or instruction manual books book is a great companion to the beginner how to or instruction manual books I ve already got as it s almost all word and explains a lot of the whys and why nots than the details of the how There are a lot of entertaining comments especially with regards to the concept of yarn stashing which I m familiar with due to my uilting fabric stash and a lot of descriptions of what can happen or not depending on what choices you make as you knit There is also great information on knitting basic items like hats scarves and socks which I m finding really helpful as I look around this new hobby and am ust starting to get the voca. Both a celebration of the craft and a sourcebook for practical information Knitting Rules is a collection of useful advice and emotional support for the avid knitter Steph. Bulary and knowledge reuired to understand it all While this might not be so helpful for an experienced knitter I d say it s a great addition to a beginner knitter s library and I m looking forward to reading additional books by the author Let s say you ust knit your first hat and it did t uite turn out the way you planned Maybe it s not uite the right size Or shape Have you considered your extended family and friends Maybe one of them has a head that would be perfect for your new creation Or maybe you need to change your mindset your hat might be much happier as a tea cozy Or you could put handles on it and make it a purse Or maybe ust maybe what you really knit was a ball of yarn ust waiting to be ripped out and re purposedThat s the sort of
"book this is "
this is and upbeat and encouraging which is ust what you need as a n00b knitter trying to figure out what on earth you re doing or what to do with your most recent knitting disaster The author has a very strong narrative voice and tends to spend as much time telling stories as giving out specific advice so if you re looking for a no nonsense guide move on If you re looking for a sympathetic word a fair bit of humor and a fabulous description of basic sock architecture this could be the book you re looking for I enjoyed this book especially the tables of average garment sizes I already know enough to come up with all of her recipes on my own but for a less experienced knitter I think those would also be very valuable However about 14 of the way in I stopped seeing the author s comments as okingly self deprecating and started seeing it as her almost bragging about how non smart and self focused she is in many many ways weird and not very attractive Despite that I found the content useful and would definitely recommend it to friends who were interested content useful and would definitely recommend it to friends who were interested the whys of knittingMy one main disappointment was that there was no discussion of finishing other than blocking I have yet to find a book that talks about the right ways to weave in ends Added to my TBR April 10 2013There is literally nothing in this world that inspires me to knit than reading a Stephanie Pearl McPhee book She s so funny so enthusiastic it s impossible for me to read even a page without my s so funny so enthusiastic it s impossible for me to read even a page without my itching to grab some needles Of course then I got to the chapters about knitting socks and sweaters and all the mathing involved and my knitrection drooped mightily Because math Still Such a fantastic book and hopefully my desire to knit will continue for at least a few months I ve been on a serious knitting slump for awhile now I ve read Stephanie Pearl McPhee s blog on and off for almost a decade and always felt like her writing voice was the kind of friend you could hang out with This book definitely fulfill. Anie Pearl McPhee unravels the mysteries of tangled yarn confusing patterns and stubbornly unfinished projects Daring to uestion long standing rules and encouraging crafte. ,
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Knitting Rules The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks

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