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A very VERY short little storyIt a one although found it a bit and confusing that the main character s name kept changing from Jake to Jack and backwards I also didn t like the end much I thought for sure e was gonna take care of On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS her not allower to become a stripper So I guess I was a bit disappointed at that A uick smexy taboo read For a uick read it was good Simply put Story did seem rushed though the girl ran away at 13 and survived Nobody reported a 13 year old roaming the streets at night This one kind of missed the mark for Me But For A Super but for a super read it was still worth the timeChec. Virgin runaway Holly is a big girl now all grown up and ready for er first job as an adult Her career choice Stripper But Stripping for Daddy

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K out my reviews here it was ok
It Annoyed Me A Lot 
annoyed me a lot the
Eh was ok It annoyed me a lot that the of the main character kept changing from Jack to Jakewhich is it I feel like the rating would I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad have been a little bitigher if it didn t Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children have that inconsistency Anyways it was steamy and I did enjoy it for the most part Weird but kinky I actually kind of liked it It was super short though 25 starsI didn t know that this was a novelette Why didn t I check whatever Anyways The story was okay It was kindaotI just finished reading Daddy s Favorites Dahlia which is also a novelette I didn t really expect this to be soooooo short I m not the type to re. Hen she arrives at Roxy's she's surprised to find out that Dragonsbane her ex foster father is the owner and thate'll be interviewing. Ad short novels right after the other so I was disappointed I Expecting This To expecting this to be little longer and the ending Seriously He s letting her strip WTF She needs the money for school Well I kind of wish it were strip WTF She needs the money for school Well I kind of wish it were but then again less is Reading this book I Lonestar Sanctuary had that annoyed feelingThough it goes with the storylineIt made me think of all the females who call their boyfriends daddyIt s just weird to meTheir dirty talk wasehhhEhh 2 stars 05 for making the wiggles eyebrows scene a bit realistic So all in all25 Very short and SMUTYYYYY Love it Would give this one a 35I found I wanted a bit background A few details. Her What starts as a pole dance uickly turns into something when Daddy shows Hollyow Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator happye is to see er again 5000 wor. ,