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Claim the NightI ve been reading Rachel Lee for a long time and I To Say This Is say this is first book of hers I m disappoint in She kept going over the same oints over and over again taking away from the story It wasn t the worse story I ve ever read but it s by far not one of my favorites Good uick fun read I loved Jude Messenger He was a nice combination of Angel and Nick Knight These were my two favorite modern day vampiresI found Terri Black a little weak I think I would have liked her to my two favorite modern day vampiresI found Terri Black a little weak I think I would have liked her to a little stronger She got better but I liked the secondary characters betterChloe was good comic relief Garner the demon hunter was a hoot Creed the vampire is the key focus for the next book in the series Yes I actually finished this in just one day In my opinion it was just that enjoyable Rachel Lee s style of writing is entrancing Never a dull moment but still detailed enough that you can imagine each and every event as it s happening This was my very first Harleuin read so I was somewhat skeptical I d heard mixed reviews that some seem repetitious some a slow boring read other simply wonderful I d say Claim the Night definitely falls in the category of wonderful A short synopsis without spoilers of course Jude Messenger vampiredemon destroyer chose to against his better judgement rescue Theresa Clark from her would be rapists He knew having her around would be dangerous not only to himself but to her as well but once he learned of a demon stalking her letting her go was no longer an option Can either of them survive the obstacles ahead Be sure to read to find out Miniseries The Claiming In Lee s aranormal suspense romance novel Jude Massenger felt a hunger for Theresa Black from the moment he rescued her But if the vampire claimed her one of them might not survive Trying to stay away from her he discovered a demon stalking her and was forced to break his own rule and get close to her Interesting twist on the vampire story I really didn t like this One chapter they were all like nope Don t want anything to do with you And then in the next they re in bed together There was no burn to their relationship And the big bad roblem was laughable An easy fix and about five Times of Bede pages and it was over Blah uick light hearted read I loved the vampire H He was a skillful blend of dangerous deadlyredator and laid back bantering man The h is sweet and tender but doesn t take any crap from him and calls him out for bad behavior While there is tension and suspense in the The Catechism of the Council of Trent plot of demon hunting the writing remains at a low angst level Secondary characters wereretty one dimensional but likableOverall I enjoyed reading this and recommend it if you re looking for a low angst book with a bit of nr This book was very good This is about Jude Messenger who. From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Rachel Lee comes a sensual new series about mesmerizing vampire detectives and the love they discover deep in the night…Jude Messenger felt the hunger deep insi. Is a vampire and opens a Vampire Private investigation he saves theresa black who is human He saves Theresa Black who is human an attack of demons in an alley The demons have targeted her for some reason and he Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje places her under hisrotection Good story line and has funny spots too Would recommend Setting alley where almost attacked warehouse where granddaughter was attacked her apartment the morgue where she works olice station Messenger Investigations office with his vault aka bedroom aka crypt with three deadbolt timed locks CharactersJude Messenger Licensed Private Investigator 200 year old vampire maintaining hard earned self control atoning for ast wrongs a demon killer on his way to stop a demon excorcism he hears a woman screaming and he rescues her Theresa Terri Black forensic Davids Sling pathologist new to the area as child feltresence of ghost that became stronger and over the years at age of 8 her friend gave her a saint someone card with a Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields prayer and sherayed it repeatedly with fervor and the ghost left went to a bar with a friend who left with someone after getting another guy friend to give her a ride home the friend attacked her rape she escaped from car ran to alley where 4 guys are about to attack her and she is rescued by Jude she refuses to let him take her home so he takes her to his office leaving his assistant to soother her Chloe Crandall his assistant Jude s assistant sassy gothy knows and accepts Jude s vampirism Pat Matthews female Learner Strategies in Language Learning police lieutenant with whom Jude mesmerizes to getolice informationassistance takes report from Terri about her attackers Creed Presont a vampire friend of Jude s his granddaughter is attacked resumably by the same 4 men who almost attacked Terry and he turns to Jude for assistance Garret human one of Jude s friends rash has talent to smell demons so helps Jude track demons usually during the day he is the one to let the cat out of the bag to Terry about Jude being a vampire Summary Terry seems to have realistic Reactions To Jude S to Jude s fear grossness etc and she reacts each time she learns something new but then she is also drawn to him because of her ghost who was really a demon encounter She keeps returning to Jude though Jude doing his best to ush her away in Just Destiny part for need for understanding her logical scientific mind inart because she feels safe with him she s getting the feeling that something is watching her in Paradise Run part because she is attracted to him And he cannot get enough of her voice her smell her warmth and he knows he is on the brink of claiming her and does his best to keep his distance and then to indulge in small caresseskisses and to be honest with her until she is claimed and happy about it she wants him to convert her but he says noThey work together to defeat the demon he draws a ci. De him From the moment he'd rescued Theresa Black from a late night attack he'd ached for things he knew he could never have The touch of her skin The taste of her blood But if the vampire claimed her one of them Rcle ofrotection uses her as bait invites the demon into himself when he cannot kill it when it is in her and she follows the instruction he into himself when he cannot kill it when it is in her and she follows the instruction he her beforehand to force him into the circle close it then recite the incantations with all the belief she can muster and though his skin is burned black the demon is excorcised she gives him some of her blood and all is right in their worldMemorable scenesHer watching over him as he sleepsdies she feels safer with him and her observing his in their worldMemorable scenesHer watching over him as he sleepsdies she feels safer with him and her observing his lurch into wakefulness at sunst all she had to do was summon an image of Jude to feel again that ull that attraction As if he were a magnet and she a ile of iron filings He might have just made a very big mistake Because he had just invited the lamb into his lair And she was such a good smelling lamb In reference to his history his emotions a claiming He had sat here calmly discussing these matters as if they were no than the weather when indeed they were a tsunami a hurricane a major earthuake The vampire version of a huge natural disaster In all honesty this was a messy book PlotI felt very cheated with this book in regards to the villain This book spent 12 chapters building this demon up In fact one of the characters even stated that this wasn t a normal demon that it was bigger and badder that they ve ever come across Not only is everything resolved in the last chapter but 4 5 Help Me, Jacques Cousteau pages focused on the demon that was theoorest excuse for a villain I ve ever read If it was so dangerous you would think that it had something going for it For instance it would be smart Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen powerful dangerous or be able toretend to be somebody else It was such a disappointment especially because it felt like I was missing something It just didn t make much sense It would have made sense to have made Steve Crepo Terri s boss the demon CharactersLike other reviewers I m of the firm belief that Terri needs some serious help She s like a The Book of Mordred patheticuppy dog that nobody likes Only she realises this So She S Desperate she s desperate you to like her It doesn t work Whether this is what the author was going for or if it s because Terri is that badly ut together I don t know But I really do hate TerriShe has a serious unhealthy obsession with Jude and his eating habits She keeps offering him blood all the time It doesn t matter whether it s from a bag or if it s her It s like she s had a secret hard on for vampires and their fangs or something Theresa and Jude s relationship could have been believable if it had been developed roperly Maybe it s just me but I didn t think they had any chemistry between them In fact I don t think they had anything in common They lusted after each other and I think that was it It s funny but I think I would have Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert preferred Chloe and Jude instea. Ight not surviveSo Jude did everything he could to make Terri stay awayBut a demon stalked the sexy spitfire and Jude had no choice but torotect a woman who created a longing inside him that could never be sated?. ,