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SociologyBout the new edition click here to watch a video What #is the Pearson Census Update Edition The Census Update edition incorporates #the Pearson Census Update Edition The Census Update edition incorporates Census data into a course simply and easily The components of the Census Update Program are as followsCensus Update Edition Features fully updated data throughout the text including all charts and graphs to reflect the results of the 2010 Census This edition also includes a reproduction of the 2010 Census uestionnaire for our students to explore in detail2010 Census Update Primer A brief seven chapter overview of the Census Including Important Information About important information about Constitutional mandate research methods who is affected by the Census and how data is used Additionally the primer explores key contemporary topics such as race and ethnicity Additionally the primer explores key contemporary topics such as race and ethnicity family and poverty The primer can be packaged with any Pearson text at no additional cost and is available via MySocLab MySocKit and MySearchLab The.


Primer can also be purchased standalone2010 Census Update Primer Instructor's With Test Bank Includes Primer Instructor's with Test Bank Includes of what has been updated in class activities homework activities associated with the MyLabs MyKits discussion uestions for the primer and test uestions related to the primerMySocLab Gives students the opportunity to explore the methods and data and apply the results in a dynamic interactive online environment It includesprimary source readings relevant to the Censusan online version of the 2010 Census Update Primera series of activities using 2010 Census resultsvideo clips explaining and exploring the CensusThis Books a la Carte Edition is an unbound
#three hole punched #
hole punched leaf version of the textbook and provides students the opportunity to personalize their book by incorporating their own notes and taking only the portion of the book they need to class all at a fraction of the bound book pri. Down to Earth Approach James Henslin shares the excitement of sociology with his acclaimed down to earth approach and personal writing style that highlight the sociology of everyday life and its relevance to students' lives With wit personal reflection and illuminating examples he shares with readers his passion for sociology In addition to this trademark down to earth approach other distinctive features include Comparative perspectives Two important themes are global comparisons the diversity of social life across cultures and societies and comparisons over time what society used to be like and how it has changed The Globalization of Capitalism Many Examples Highlight The examples highlight the in which our global economy influences the skills and knowledge we need the work we do and the cost of goods and services Visual Presentations of Sociology Outstanding maps graphs and photos grab students' interest and aid comprehensionTo learn