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St spent a wonderful week in Seville with my daughter and having toured its majestic plaza de toros I fell into this book with abandon I am not a huge mystery fan I tend toward thrillers and historical fiction I decided to give this a try due to its locale On that front I was not disappointed to give this a try due to its locale On that front I was not disappointed learned so much about bullfighting its history the rationale behind it the reasons why the Spaniards refuse to let it die etc Coupled with what I learned in the Seville plaza I felt truly enmeshed in the sport f bullfighting I also loved the descriptions A Marked Man / Alaska With Love (Assassin-Shifter, of Valencia from its food to its people and mostf all the annual fallas the main festival held in March that is punctuated with fireworks and statues una falla Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress / Breaking The Governesss Rules / The Gamekeepers Lady of wood and papier mache that are burned downn March 19th Valencia burst into life from the pagesbut that is where the life in this book stopped for me The mystery itself a gruesome murder Newborn Daddy of a star matador was terribly uninteresting the detective Max Camara is a drinking and smoking fiend whose personal life is a disaster and whom not too many people like The solvingf the mystery plods along slowly and I struggled to finish the book I recommend it for those who are interested in learning about life in Southern Spain and especially bullfighting this novel will not disappoint I discovered this book by accident while looking to complete a challenge What a serendipitous find This is the first book featuring Chief Inspector Max Camara who has been asked at the last minute to preside Diary of a Domestic Goddess over a bullfight as presidentf the ring He s less than delighted because he disapproves Bayou Dreams of bullfighting He becomes mesmerized by the display putn by famous bullfighter Jorge Blanco and accepts an invitation to meet him at a local bar along with many Snowbound with Her Hero of his friends to celebrate his success When he fails to arrive a search party is sentut and his brutalized body is soon discovered Nobody Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, on the police force wants to investigate this high profile case especially during a volatile election campaign It s assigned to Camara despite his pleas and when a second victim is discovered killed in a similar manner there s even pressure to find the killer There are several possible suspects including Blanco s female fiancee and male boyfriend Camara teams up with Alicia Beneyto a local newspaper correspondent who specializes in bullfighting so he can better understand the whole culturef bullfighting The book s title comes from a Spanish proverb Either you kill the bull r the bull kills you The setting f this book is Valencia Spain during Fallas the five day festival Her Man From Shilo of fireworks bonfires and bullfights The author fairly presents both sidesf the bullfighting culture including the history and pageantry The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations of both man and bull I really liked Max Camara and have already picked up the second book in the series A Death in Barcelona good reading When you go to a bullfight she explained you re allowing yourself a moment s communion with the Heroic Age the worldf Hercules Theseus and the rest So a bull represents where we come from a world we left behind many many centuries ago But it also represents something deeply Spanish And perhaps that is why Spain alone has retained this connection with its ancient bull rituals Think about it the stubbornness Champagne with a Celebrity of the bull its unwillingness to give in even as pain and suffering is laid upon it And yet still it keeps running keeps charging at the matador Anyther animal would crawl away and hide in a corner somewhere That s why the spectacle is uniue You couldn t do this with any Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, other beast Not even anrdinary bull It has to be a toro de lidia a direct descendant The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer of the ancient aurochs But this is why I think we Spanish feel a connection with bulls because we seeurselves in them in their behavior The stubbornness the pride the unwillingness to give in even if we re driving Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, ourselves tour wn deaths A bullfighter in the ring This image closely captures my mental pictures f Jorge Blanco the young heroic bullfighter in Webster s Mustang Wild (Wild, offeringMeet Chief Inspector Max C maraf the Valencia police force Cuerpa Nacional de Polic a Municipal Put simply in Spain this force deals with major crimes in cities while local forces solve petty crime and manage traffic duties At any rate C mara is in his mid 40 s and spinning his wheels He s passingly competent if not excellent at his job He likes his girlfriend but has shied away from serious commitment He has committed to freuent consumption The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea of alcohol and marijuana He s content but not exactly happy He s shaken from his complacency when the city commissioner Pardo rushes to his door Pardo s frantic with fear that his three yearld daughter may have meningitis On the way to the hospital he stops just long enough to ask C mara to. Tained sand shocks the city A PHYSICAL AFFAIR of Valencia to its coreAs Cámara hunts his prey through the streets and bars firecrackers echo for the festivalf Fallas and the town hall election The anti bullfighting campaigners and the breeders f prize beasts fight to the death The bullring is a test f Chief Inspector Max Camara is in the f the valencia bullring when his called to the Valencia Bullring when his called to case a murdered and mutilated body f a famous matador Jorge Blanco had almost singlehandedly revitalised the Bull Fighting scene with his financial approach to ensuring the sport was really a sport and not a money making racket Where there is money involved there is always corruption at some level r another whether it was the supply f bulls Condor or the experiencef the bull fighter Deception or just the punters getting rippedff Into the mix supply Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of bullsr the experience The Bride in Blue of the bull fighterr just the punters getting ripped The Life Lucy Knew off Into the mix the fact that Jorge was gay but was getting married to a beautiful actress his artist boyfriend who he kept under wraps his birth father being a total mystery until just before he dies a Mayoress who was trying toutlaw bullfighting and a student group who were having daily protest marches throughout the whole The Lone Sheriff of the Fallas five day festival and as a reader you have a super readPoorld Chief Inspector Max Camara was not the sharpest knife in the box he was an ambling sort The Bridal Suite of guy who could be relied upon to do the best even though his girlfriend told him he was impotent and his colleagues in the police force appeared to be actively working against him To make things worse his supplyf marijuana was low so he had to go to see his father Hilaria in Albecete which he could ill afford timewise to do Rest assured things do get better All very exciting The characters are finely drawn but the whole feel The Troublesome Angel of Valencia was captured so well that it was the place that so captivated me rather than the peopleI really liked the passage that explained the lossf Bianco to thepeople Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. of Spain there is a passage which embraces the whole message A few people a solitary man wearing a flat blue corduroy cap and a middle aged couple the woman leaning heavilyn her husband s arm were standing in front The Desert Princes Proposal of the building with vacant lost expressionsn their faces as though trying to understand what had just happened how such a great bullfighting figure had been taken away from them and in a manner which they struggled to understand Lovely piece The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of narrativeI learned lots about definition and culturef bullfighting and also about the different levels The Million-Dollar Question of Police Organisation there were in Spain Great read This is a really great seriesf crime novels featuring Inspector Max Camara Set in the Spanish city f Valencia Jason Webster manages to bring to life the city and it s people In the first Max finds himself investigating the murder f bullfighter who has become an icon within the world The Book of Pride of bullfighting Camara finds his life being dragged through the gutters by unknown people his investigation is blocked again and again and a long term relationship is being tested to the limit If you love Eurocrime this is a must read series A bull fighter is found dead and then crimes follow Max Camara Chief Inspector comes into play to solve this mystery while Jason Webster takes the reader through a journeyf spanish traditions and bull fights My impression was that Webster tries desperately to give this feeling The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) of degradation that exists in all sucessful neo noir novels However for my taste he sverdoing it and not succeeding as most The Counts Blackmail Bargain of the times it feels biased and even the plot twists seem forced The main character is uite interesting but after a while becomes a moving stereotype with every aspectf his life being ruined Still I think there s potential and therefore I ll read the next novels Conscious of the series hoping for the above to be diminishedBottom line A enjoyable read without many things to get excited about I hope the next books are better The premise behind the book was appealing to me and it made for a interesting than usual narrative than this kindf book usually lends itself too There s also a fluid writing style to help it be a good page turnerHowever the strange fertilization f bullfighting around the book was weird as well as the main character s wn liking Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of it C mara also suffers from a certain lackf personality though maybe acceptable considering he is meant to be emotionally numb by his Violentology own personal lifeShould be interesting to see if this can develop into an interesting character seriesr not I ve never been to Valencia After reading Jason Webster s Or the Bull Kills You I could have added that city to places I ve visited I had a great ten day vacation to Madrid a number f years ago The culture the food the music were all captivating Valencia in the words f the writer Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle offers those joys plus many Max C mara is not without his flaws and demons but he is an excellent detective He takes his sharef lumps but just jumps back into the assigned investigations The author has given the reader several scenarios to keep in mind for future novels in this series Having ju. Either you kill the bull The Forgotten or the bull kills you' traditional proverbChief Inspector Max Cámara hates bullfighting butne hot afternoon in Valencia he has to judge a festival corrida starring Spain's most famous young matador That night he is back in the ring and what he finds n the bloods. .
Take ver his fficiating responsibilities at that afternoon s bullfight Despite hating bullfighting almost to the point f being an anti taurino C mara feels that he has no choice but to agree Jorgo Blanco is without a doubt the star bullfighter The Shadowhunters Codex of the afternoon The adorationf the fans is palpable Despite his ignorance The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs of the nuancesf bullfighting C mara recognizes Blanco s skill and awards him several trophy ears Later that evening C mara finds himself at a bar celebrating with aficionados Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 of the sport They are eagerly awaiting Blanco s appearance and are in the beginning stagesf inebriation when a rowdy band f protesters leave the rganized demonstrators in the streets to enter the bar C mara finds himself in the role f mediator and has just calmed the pposing sides when a local policeman comes running into the bar short Play Something Dancy of breath with urgent news Blanco has been found dead ritualistically posed and mutilated in the middlef the bullring As the nearest fficer to the scene Chief Inspector Max C mara has just earned himself the lead investigator role in perhaps the just earned himself the lead investigator role in perhaps the sensational murder to hit Valencia If that wasn t enough it s election year and the incumbent town major is strongly anti bullfighting She s eager to sweep this mystery under the rug before Blanco s new martyrdom status raises the flagging bullfighting scene to new heights Can C mara muster the grit and the skill needed to piece the strands f this mystery together Will he take the easy road and agree to make C mara s male lover the scapegoat Or will he dig deeper into Blanco s connection with prize bull breeder Ramirez Read this interesting story to find Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book out My two cents Webster clearly knows his setting and subject matter I felt instantly transported to Valencia and deftly inserted into their culture The sprinklingf Spanish words and phrases add atmosphere while not being heavy handed enough to bog down the story line for us English speakers There s also a glossary with translations included in "the back I enjoyed the character development The Tenant of Max However I do agree withther reviewers that he meets " back I enjoyed the character development Unstoppable (Tracers, of Max However I do agree withther reviewers that he meets f the classic mystery protagonist tropes despite his exotic setting The mystery itself moves at a good pace and the dialogue is decent The ending did feel a bit contrived Overall I give it 35 stars r a rating f Very Good This is an excellent mystery to pick up from the library r a book sale especially for those who like to read books which take place in foreign settings Favorite uotes Far from being concerned that the crime The Schooled Society of the year had taken place under his nosen his watch the bullring guard had been interested in complaining about the inconvenience this had caused him C mara had encountered this kind f thing before one minute competing with the dead man for victim hood the next he minute competing with the dead man for victim hood the next he be down the bar milking it with his mates about having been there the night Blanco was butcheredPerhaps it was the shock he thought It could come in waves like this a delayed reaction as the various layers f him registered the violence Whooo-Ku of what his eyes had seen He never hardened against this not really He d always thought that a day would come when the sightf murder would cease to drain him so would leave him unaffected like a surgeon happily chopping away at his patients then going back to his family undisturbed by the blood and broken bodies that had filled his day But the moment had never come Perhaps it never would The wounds from the past refused to heal Kayla Eli Discover Jazz over ready topen up and bleed afresh whenever he witnessed the violence and horror that men could inflict Oxford Examined on eachtherAll this was as dead skin lingering after the life Einsteins Generation of their relationship had slithered away in frontf him Further reading The history and culture Engendering Song of Valencia as told by Wikipedia write upf Las Fallas Come Hell or High Water or the festivalf noise and fire during which Or the Bull Kills You is set finally an incredibly in depth article detailing the history performers rules and cultural significance The Great Railway Bazaar of bullfighting by Encyclopedia Britannica PROTAGONIST Chief Inspector Max CamaraSETTING Valencia SpainSERIES 1f 5RATING 325WHY In the city Rue Marquis De Sade of Valencia Spain there are strong forces both for and against bull fighting an event which has always dominated the scene When possibly the best bull fighterf all time Jorge Blanco is murdered the sentiment sways back to the pro forces Chief Inspector Max Camara Five Farthings on the anti side is assigned to head the investigation He is pressed for a uick result but finds things getting and complicated as Blanco s manager is killed and then his fianc e The depictionf the culture is strong particularly around Fallas an annual festival that takes My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, over the city The general plot though is pretty standard fare andverly long. Irility but should it be a site Historias de cronopios y de famas of national prider shame'Or the Bull Kills You' has a brilliantly authentic setting and a great detective with a love Pope Francis of flamenco and brandy This is the firstf a series f books starring the uirky and forceful Cámara a man clearly destined to make his ma.

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