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Boom by Jean TayI don t know much about plays but I sure love local This Is Actually Third is actually my third fourth time eading this book but to be honest this book took me at least 2 eads to captu. Welcome to the surreal world of Boom where civil servants wake the dead corpses are terrified of cremation old women are besieged in their homes and Ah Bengs still dream of being Superman Boom tells the story of an elderly woman and her property agent son in Singapore who are struggling "Over The Potential En "the potential en sale of their home Their destinies become interwoven with that of an idealis.

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Re most of the details and also fully understand the story and link everything that happens together Overall this "IS UITE A GOOD READ BUT I WOULD NOT "uite a good ead but I would not picked this book if it Tic civil servant Jeremiah who is facing the greatest challenge of his career persuading a eluctant it Tic civil servant Jeremiah who is facing the greatest
"Challenge Of His Career Persuading "
of his career persuading eluctant to yield its memories Boom is a uirky yet poignant tale about the elocation of both dead and living and how personal stories get left behind in the inexorable march of progressWritten by economist turned playwright Jean Tay Boom was conceptualised at the Royal Court Theatre in Lond. As not a compulsory Abu Telfan: Or, the Return from the Mountains of the Moon, Tr. by S. Delffs read by my school since I don teally like eading plays as I m uite slow on picking details and understanding them It was moving humorous and very elatable. On in 2007 and developed and staged by the Singapore Repertory Theatre in September 2008 It was nominated for Best Original "SCRIPT FOR THE STRAITS TIMES’ LIFE "for The Straits Times’ Life Awards in 2009 and is now an O and N Level LITERATURE TEXT IN SINGAPORE SCHOOLS“JEAN TAY text in Singapore schools“Jean Tay one of the most gifted playwrights I have come across in years” Gaurav Kripalani Artistic Director Singapore Repertory Theatr. ,

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