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I was surprised to read that RD Wingfield s son review of James Henry s Fatal Frost captured his father s style superbly and that fans would not be disappointed I am I have the entire six book series of the original creator of Jack Frost Detective and have read them at least three times over the years Fatal Frost was written after RDWingfield s death in 07 I believe that s the year and with an open mind and hopeful heart delved into it not having enough of Wingfield s most memorable characterFrost The book lacked the slipping sliding almost manic drive of Frost to capture the criminals The long hours the dark nights the luke warm tea the going in circles search for the murder all of it that made up Frost Even Mullet the most annoying pompous Chief Constable is not painted in the same image I read a review that says the humor is the same only I didn t find the real humor sometimes uite sick as in the original series This book seemed to follow of the television character which not only didn t I feel captured the books Frost but neither did Wingfield For me none of the usual characters or suspect had that special thing to capture the laughs or gnashing of teeth or anything of true interest in Fatal Frost All in all I say if you love Frost stories please don t do as I did and buy this book Doing so has made me feel like Im actually grieving the death of Mr Wingfield and Jack Frost Sorry RD I wish I could say differently The first Frost book I have read by either the original or the new by either the original or the new and I have to say that I really enjoyed it There is a lot Crammed Into The Book A into the book a of BMX riding muggers an estate agent come burglar a possible suicide a disembowelled boy a missing girl and a dead cat On top of that the first black officer arrives at Denton Frost is uggling a mistress and a sick wife and all Mullet is interested in is the new golf clubI loved the characters they are all well written and coms across as being very individual and realistic some likable some not The twisted interlinked storylines really give the reader the idea of the stress and urgency that the understaffed department come under as they battle to work out the culprits in each one And the fact that they are interlinked but not ammed uncomfortably together is an excellent bit of writingI really enjoyed the few days spent in company with this book and I would definitely pick up other books in the series if they came my way Brilliant read so much going on to keep you interested really en. Jack Frost returns in this gripping seuel to bestseller First Frost May 1982 Britain celebrates the sinking of the Belgrano Jimmy Savile has the run of the airwaves and Denton Police Division welcomes its first black policeman DC Waters recently.

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Fatal FrostTo it that probably doesn t compare to books actually written in the 80s It s not a big problem though I d certainly read any books in the series So crack open a can of Harp lager reach for a pack of Rothmans maybe not stick Alison Moyet on the record player and dive into the 80s with that scruffy bloke with a dead cat in his car This review is from an advance reading copy I was a huge fan of Wingfield s Frost series They had mystery and humor and excellent writing so it was with great trepidation that I tried James Henry s re creation of Frost I was happy to see he has succeeded It must be a very difficult thing to do and is not often well accomplished Robert Goldsborough occasionally succeeds in recreating Archie and Nero but no one has managed to authentically reproduce Fleming or Ludlum and they weren t that good in the first place Henry s Frost has ust the right combination of humor and mystery It s 1982 Frost is a DS and Denton is getting its first black policeman Mullet happens to be on the golf course a source of both embarrassment and amusement to the regulars when the eviscerated body of a young boy is found Overworked with a spate of local burglaries Frost finds to the murder a welcome distraction and then the boy s sister disappears Soon he begins to wonder if this isn t a reprise of a school girls wiccan adventure from years previous Listened to as an audiobook Delightfully read by Stephen Thorne Another one of those books that encourages mowing the lawn twice I ve never watched any of the Frost TV series and have never read any of RD Wingfield s novels In addition this is the second in the series of preuel Frost novels so it probably wasn t an ideal place to startI can t say I was bowled over by Fatal Frost none of the characters umped off the page so I wasn t particularly fussed about them Some of the plot was similar to something in a Ruth Rendell novel I read many years ago which gave me the feeling I d read Fatal Frost before I found it average and can t really say any than that other than I don t feel the need to read any Frost books Slow and drawn out Unfortunately this effort at extending the Frost series by another author falls short It can t seem make by another author falls It can t seem to make mind up whether Jack is as uncouth and un pc as in the original books or like his television character The main story line is weak with an unsatisfactory conclusion and I grew tired of the number of times people had a cigarette or Mullet was a fool Sadly I will not be reading. N's golf course his organs removed Detective Sergeant Jack Frost is sent to investigate a welcome distraction from troubles at home And when the murdered boy's sister goes missing Frost and Waters must work together to find her before it's too lat. ,
Joyed it The authors have tried to Get The Authentic Frost But I the authentic Frost tone but I t think it rings true all the time Liked the interweaving strands the story Get distracted by 1982 references eg Did people say diversity and closure when did teenage girls have Walkmans Probably all correct but took me out of the story Another olly good novel featuring scruffy unorganized but lovable Jack Frost Really enjoyed Fatal Frost thou couldn t get David Jason out of my head the whole way through Review from BadelyngeThe late RD Wingfield s famous scruffy detective lives on AGAIN IN THIS THE SECOND BOOK FEATURING THE EARLY in this the second book featuring the early by Frost It s 1982 and Frost is currently a Detective Sergeant though due to the absence of most of the higher ranks at Eagle Lane he s doing the ob he d eventually rise to in Wingfield s books James Henry is the working name of a duo of writers attempting to capture the beloved character It always seems to me that the character has had as many negative habits pinned to him as possible but with the mission of making the detective still likeable He smokes so heavily even the smokers feel ill he hardly changes his clothes even in a heatwave rarely goes home drinks on the ob though to be fair so does the rest of the suad room and he s cheating on his wife Really he s the only fully formed character in the book along with the heavily caricatured Mullett They re polar opposites eually disdainful of each other but the two of them are stuck together It s a situation that sort of underpins the whole series and generates most of the amusement The other characters don t really have a lot to them which sadly includes the new guy DS Waters Denton s first black policeman It s a strand that had potential but it never really goes anywhere and pulls its punches when touching on racism within the force during the 80sFatal Frost is a very readable and entertaining police procedural with several cases ongoing which sort of overlap in places Looking in on a younger Frost is a great idea The little touches of period detail tend to pop out of the narrative unexpectedly It s a bit like driving over unseen speed bumps They olt you out of the story because they don t uite blend into the contemporary perspective Two uid would have been two uid and bins would have been bins with no mention of what material they were both made out of As someone who was thirteen at the time I can appreciate the nostalgia evoked but it does seem to have a slight retrospective feel. Relocated from Bethnal Green While the force is busy dealing with a spate of local burglaries the body of fifteen year old Samantha Evans is discovered in woodland next to the nearby railway track Then a fifteen year old boy is found dead on Dento. ,

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