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Temptation's Edge

read Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Eve Berlin

Not to give what they have a chanceThis isn t the first book in the series but I do think it could be read a stand alone I don t recommend that you do it that way because I think this series deserves to be read in its entirety I particularly enjoyed this edition although there were aspects that I found difficult to relate toOn the surface Connor is a bit of dream boat He s hot Irish solvent and a top drawer Dom He allows her to tattoo him works through her business problems with her and seem to adore her in all her bossy ways Dig a little deeper and you ll realise Connor is a bit of dumbass I have no problem with this the majority of hero s we read about in Romance land are dumbasses but he does some really shitty things in a misguided attempt to protect his heart Connor s father was a man who talked with his fists Because of this Connor thinks he is irreparably damaged He married a woman who he didn t love inorder to try to have a sense of normal Shockingly it fell apart because he seemed to have missed the point of marriage Because of these events he has decided to let no woman near his heart for fear of hurting her because he can t possibly love her back properly He s fine with his sense of reality Well that is ntil Mischa comes alongSo what are these shitty things I hear you ask Well I m not telling you but they do border on irresponsible Dom territory It almost made me lose a little respect for him OK I did for a while but I do love to see a dumbass of a man fall I forgave him by the end because his positives far out weighed the negative his attitude towards her personality won me overMischa is what made this story different I have seen feisty subs before but none ite like Mischa She is a bit of a pain slut which fits well with Connor and she is literally willing to try anything There is a safe word it is all consensual but she doesn t really put down any hard limits at first She actively badgers Connor to take her to the BDSM club because she wants to play in public freely admitting to a man she recently met what her kinks are It s Mischa Kennon learned at the young age of nine that the only person she could truly count on for her survival was herself So she s made a successful life as a single small business owner of a tattoo parlor in California and is now looking to expand that business in Seattle Mischa s close friend Dylan is getting married and Mischa is staying with her in Seattle to help with the wedding plans and to scope out potential locations for a new Tattoo shop Mischa knows that Dylan is in a BDSM relationship with her fianc Alec and she has also experimented with the lifestylerole play on occasion but she has never found a Dominant man that she could give complete controlIrishman Connor Galloway is a close friend of Alec s and is a Dominant and a sadist When Mischa and Connor meet over dinner with their mutual friends sparks immediately ignite for both and after mutual flirting Connor informs her that he never takes a woman without negotiating first Noting the spark in her eye from his forward statement he goes on to assure Mischa that he will have her and she will like "it Even though Mischa is shaken p by their sizzling chemistry she is than willing to negotiate two "Even though Mischa is shaken Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers up by their sizzling chemistry she is than willing to negotiate two of friendly pleasurepain and strings free sex What neither plan on is howickly they experience such intense emotions and feelings for the other Mischa and Connor exhibit a comfort and ease to the Ds relationship but when faced to trust the other with something deeper both are leery to take that terrifying stepThis was my first read by Eve Berlin who also writes nder the pen name Eden Bradley and I m riding the fence on how I feel about this particular book The reality of the plot is a couple struggling with feelings and fear #Of Commitment To Each Other On The One Hand Ms # commitment to each other On the one hand Ms created two extremely independent self confident sexy characters in the heroheroine but both still had an emotional detachment from commitment that drug on repeatedly in dialogue to the point that I no longer cared if they did end p in a committed relationship The repetitive inner dialogue of don t think her name don t do it or don t love him don t feel it had me saying don t then just screw like rabbits like you are already doing The constant push pull of emotions and mental turmoil of both characters became aggravating and over dramatized Although we learn about Mischa and Connor s past and why both are reluctant to pursue a relationship I never felt a meaningful connection with each other beyond the sex Their chemistry in the bedroom was hot and although Connor was a Dominant Mischa s submission during sex was never portrayed as a role play with sir and master However the author repeatedly
"Referred To Their Bedroom Activities "
to their bedroom activities power play as if describing a scene and the constant mention of subspace and bottoming out truthfully became a joke He said Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie uietly I ve seen you go down Mischa Deep into subspace She swallowed Only in response to the painthe sensation Isn t it all the same thing No matter what gets you there It s than the endorphins the chemical response to stimuli You start going down when I clasp your neck as I m doing now I see you fighting it but if I don t stop soon you ll go down anyway As the reader I just wanted to experience an intense sexual encounter with the characters without repetitive BDSM lingo ruining the moment In the end it felt like the author was trying too hard to convey the role of a BDSM lifestyle to the point it became silly and overdone He got into his Hummer and turned his engine over his gaze on the stark gray concrete wall in front of him But it was no help He saw her in his mind s eye every time he got into his car The way she d go so still andiet in the plush seat as if th. Eyed Irishman with an air of authority she finds hard to resist While performing duties as maid of honor to her best friend Mischa indulges in a casual relationship with Connor She’s surprised by the thrill of his dominance and lusts for feisty ba. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty An attraction that sparks an agreement a no strings attached affair exploring BDSM tendencies only to find something going beyond something deeper Opening Sentence Mischa Kennon was a perfectionist The Review With the renewed popularity of erotica I was intrigued to read Temptation s Edge by Eve Berlin also known as Eden Bradley From what I ve read of Berlin she writes darker angst filled erotic romance filled with BDSM scenes and torment The blurbs on the back of the book The Possible Police use words like edge and temptation luring the reader into what I think is a romanticized version of BDSM I couldn t wait to visit the world that Berlin created especially stopping by her BDSM club the Pleasure Dome Temptation s Edge is an engaging story written superbly and oozes with sexuality Mischa Kennon is a tattoo shop owner and artist residing in San Francisco Mischa is spending a few weeks in Seattle to help her best friend during the beginning stages of wedding planning While there Mischa plans to branch out and open a second shop partnering with a long time college and close friend What she doesn t expect is an instant attraction to Connor Galloway a sexy Irishman who is a self employed artist Based in Seattle Connor is also one of the groom s best friends not only sharing coincidences in residence but also in their sexual activities The attraction between Mischa and Connor spark an agreement a no strings attached affair exploring into Connor s dominant tendencies and into Mischa sndiscovered submissive needs What they don t expect is to find something than just a relationship and an agreement and going beyond something deeper into the terrifying A Letter To Pakistan unknown Mischa is a strong character being an independent woman and a business owner She knows what she wants and has molded her life to reflect those life choices Mischa has had an abnormal childhood filled with suffering and painful memories but she has moved beyond them Or at least so she thinks Meeting Connor has openedp a lot of things about Mischa s personality that she never knew about She has discovered things that she never knew she needed to explore Having a submissive side and giving in to pleasure and pain has been a thrill for her opening p her heart for love and Connor is similar yet different to Mischa He has had a painful past he has generally the same issues as Mischa and while his current life is different to Mischa he is self confident and also independent Connor is a male that oozes sex a perfect male figure for a romance novel He has very strong dominant tendencies but isn t cold nor is he vulgar Connor respects Mischa in all the ways that a woman should be respected and all the ways that a reader would also The instant attraction between Mischa and Connor was believable In Temptation s Edge Berlin actually brought these two characters to the edge of their comfort zone pushing them slowly to go over It s metaphorical of course forcing the two characters to go beyond their comfort zones The world that Berlin created within The Bedroom And Within The bedroom and within the Dome is surreal bordering "Between Fantasy And Reality It "fantasy and reality It for the reader to want to become a part of their world and definitely include Connor with you I enjoyed this story ickly absorbing each word I lost sleep over this story wanting to read the next page after the next I loved seeing glimpses of former characters and I appreciated that Berlin wove the stories together so well I Death on Milestone Buttress urge you to read Temptation s Edge and explore your boundaries Notable Scene She grabbed his head in her hands forced him to look into her eyes as he was coming and it was overwhelming seeing him so lost in pleasure Seeing the dark intensity there The connection There was too much there She couldn t comprehend it all or if what she thought she was seeing was real Chills ranp her spine for several moments Then her body arced as another orgasm washed over her his hips slamming into her still his pelvic bone crashing against her clitoris Her head spun everything went dark and she lost herself in sensation Lost herself in himFTC Advisory PenguinBerkley provided me with a copy of Temptation s Edge No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were exchanged for my review With Dylan and Alec s wedding fast approaching Mischa knows she has plenty to do to fulfil her Maid of Honour duties In fact she has so much to do she has to relocate to Dylan s old apartment to be closer to the action It is whilst doing one of these duties that she comes across the green eyed Irish charmer Connor Galloway A Dom at the club where Dante freuents Connor offers Mischa a chance to dabble in some of her kinky desires whilst she is organising the wedding With both of them single and definitely interested in each other the chance at a A Dark and Stormy Knight (Victorian Rebels, uick fling seems like a no brainerBoth of them think they go into this encounter with their eyes open but neither predict which way it goes Connor is a fairly sadistic Dom and he relishes the challenge of making such a feisty woman submit to him Her complete willingness to try anything along with her acceptance of her kinks make hernlike anyone he has ever dominated before He is enthralled by her attitude and it isn t long before she s Who Killed Mohtta under his skin Mischa is both thrilled and terrified at the way Connor can control her and get her off He certainly leaves her previous Dom s in the dust but she realizes that the intense feelings he illicits from her are dangerous to her heartWith both of these two suffering from some severe emotional baggage courtesy of their parents neither of them are willing to put themselves in a situation where they could be hurt But pushing each other away hurts and they need to ask themselves whether it will hurt even. From the author of The Dark Garden writtennder the name Eden BradleyWhat happens when you let yourself fall over the edgeand into temptation Mischa Kennon isn’t one to take it lying down at least not ntil she meets sexy Connor Galloway a green.
Hey Diddle Diddle Leveled Text Broken Wings (Hidden Wings, Gorgeous and...Hung?! The Dark Villages of Childhood
E size of the vehicle itself sent her down into subspace Maybe it did He d seen it happen with other women The conclusion of the story bordered on the melodramatic side as both finally admit they have feelings for each other beyond sex providing the don t ever let me go and you re mine clich ending Overall Temptation s Edge lacked the depth of character and writing style that I have come to expect in BDSM erotic readingRating C Originally posted at Eve Berlin s Temptation s Edge is a gripping sexy and tantalizing tale Masterfully written drawing you in from the first page delving beyond just sexuality and into the deeper psychological dynamics of BDSMIf you re a veteran reader of BDSM or if you haven t had your fancy tickled by this genreeither way Temptat This review was posted at Under the Covers What can I say I m a sucker for tattoos hot sex sexy accents and kinky fuckery And this book was all that and then some I have not had the pleasure of reading this series before and I feel now as if I ve been missing out Turns out I found this style of BDSM book a lot like the Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black or even a bit like the Sweet series by Maya Banks but without the suspense element It may not be a true 100% representation of the BDSM lifestyle as other books like to put it but it s BDSM in a sensual way that will draw readers in make them feel comfortable and maybe even want to explore someLets start with Connor Ohhhh but this man is hot Irish yes accent and all and with sexy as hell tattoos Dominant to the bone of course He s an artist both as profession and hobby Knows how to have a good time and take care of his girl Of course he has to have issues and baggage His is the classic I will turn out like my father so I don t want to fall in love and be with someone because I ll hurt them I was happy that even though the issue was there he didn t make it such a big deal to the point that it ruined the build p of the relationship or got annoying Did I mention he s the type of Dom I d like to find Mischa is exactly the type of heroine I normally like to read about Outgoing independent sociable goes for what she wants A talented tattoo artist She also has the same issue as Connor Her mom had the bad luck of falling in love and getting pregnant twice by different men who left her soon after she either gave birth or got pregnant But she kept falling in love and getting hurt Mischa swore she would never love and become her mother Only flings for her She did get a bit on my nerves with this issue because in my opinion with a little common sense this is something that I feel people should overcomeMischa is in town for her best friends wedding and this is how their whirlwind romance takes place It goes from 0 to 100 the first night they meet and pretty much stays at that fast pace throughout the whole book You don t see me complaining Even though it was so fast I thought the connection was instant and everything they did and when they did it felt right and appropriate instead of I was so enthralled with the story I almost read this book straight "through if it t for a minor interruption I devoured itThis is definitely an author "if it wasn t for a minor interruption I devoured itThis is definitely an author ll be reading of I need to read about the Pleasure Dome Club and the couples that made cameo appearances in this book I m sure they ll have me drooling as wellFavorite Dreams of Darkness uoteI don t need you to be perfect I just need you to be yourselfARC provided by publisher This was one of the sexiest book I have read in a long time These two people were meant to be in love together The storyline eas just awesome I will keep this book and Desire s edge on my shelf Will read them again 35 StarsEve Berlin not only wrote two strong characters she also adds in just the right amount of BDSM to keep the story edgy and hot Temptation s Edge is a contemporary erotic romance that will keep you turning the pages as it sueezes your heart Mischa s life is perfect she has a great job and is going to be expanding with a new tattoo shop she lives the way she wants to answering to no one and she gets to hang out with her best friend for a couple of weeks helping plan a wedding Perfect that isntil she meets Connor at the engagement party Suddenly Mischa is falling in love and feeling like she found something she didn t know she was missing Connor is eually happy with how he lives his life Distant and Grove Farm Plantation unattached After past relationships he hides behind a wallntil he discovers that Mischa has already broken through He is one hot dom and he plays Mischa perfectly To top it all off he has an Irish accent To completely surrender to SOMEONE TAKES COURAGE IT IS FRIGHTENING takes courage It is frightening as Mischa experiences it life changing Temptation s Edge takes you past the surrender to the depth of emotion that brings If you are in the mood for a contemporary BDSM this will hit the spotReview posted at Reading Between the Wines blogcopy courtesy of author What So you slept with her the first day you met her and you are already in loveNo no no I didn t like it From the beginning everything is so omg i dont what im feeling this is just sex but i cant let you goI was very happy when they mentioned Dante and Kara from Desire s Edge THAT WAS A GOOD BOOK So steamy Dante can t ever get enough if you know what I mean Alyn s review posted on Guilty PleasuresWhile I admit that I am an avid book addict it is only so often that a book comes along and completely floors me I am a proud fan of BDSM erotica but am only lucky enough to find one of these gems on rare occasion Temptation s Edge is one such gem The third story of a series written by Eve Berlin works well with its predecessors yet can stand beautifully well by itself It involves three of my favorite things tattoos Irish I thought it was very good for this genre. Ttles before surrender It’s all fun and games in the BDSM Pleasure Dome Club ntil Mischa realizes Connor could master her heart If she gives in to desire will it be too much to handle or will it open her to a kind of love she never thought possib. ,