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Authors out there within the crime and mystery genre Britain during the decade after the Second World War looked both ways back toward the old certainties of the empire and forward to the wealth and change of modern life It is in the England that Edgar nominated suspense writer Andrew Taylor sets his owerful novel of long buried secrets and still burning issues of love revenge and justiceJill Francis and Inspector Richard Thornhill are both newcomers to Lydmouth an ancient market town on the border of England and Wales She s just given up on her journalistic career for reasons she d rather not discuss he recently made an uneasy job switch to this small community that keeps harking back to the way things were before the warThey "meet after a itiful collection is unearthed at "after a itiful collection is unearthed at building site Workmen find an old wooden box containing a handful of baby s bones a scrap of newspaper from the last century and a tarnished silver brooch in the shape of a love knot What looks to be a routing inuiry The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov proves to be anything but and Jill and Richard become unwillingartners in this Religion in the Ancient Greek City perplexing case that draws them back to a celebrated Victorian murder trial Soon their investigation takes a deadly turn bringingast crimes very much into the resentfront flapLydmouth seems a grim gritty little town and the eople in it likewise None very likeable seems a grim gritty little town and the eople in it likewise None very likeable with grim gritty secrets to hide or else just general nastiness The jacket blurb is somewhat misleading Jill and the Inspector do meet up but there s no collaboration or teaming up although Inspector Thornhill erhaps would like there to be his marriage characterized by a dearth of affection or common ground I m so glad this was my first read BOOK IN 2010 WAY TO START OUT THE YEAR in 2010 Way to start out the year you like a British mystery with an old time feel written by a man who knows how to write then you ve found a great new series I almost checked my classics shelf when I logged this one in because in many ways it feels like a classicAndrew Taylor makes his characters real in a masterful sense Fiona who has been ushing all manner of Andrew Taylor novels on me for some time says He gets you to know these characters he writes without you really seeing how he does it I can t say it any better than that When you care about even the villains and minor characters like the clerks and barmaids you know you ve found a great talentHis rose is very succinct You ll not be slogging through La Partera: Story of a Midwife pages andages to get to the meat of anything here You ll uickly move from appetizers to the main course I love the short chapters sometimes only a age or two Each chapter follows a different set of characters or flashes to a different scene I like that Not only does it keep. Th of the deadWhen workmen demolishing an old inn discover the itiful remains of a newborn baby in a disused rivy Jill becomes an unwilling artner in Detective Inspector Thornhill’s investigation The case stretches back to a celebrated Vic. ,

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Me turning the Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and Their Functions in the Book of Kings pages to read just one chapter but I don t get bored staring at the same faces andlacesThe This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life plot was good but not earth shattering I would have liked it if he d revealed a bit less to the reader so we could haveuzzled over a few things for a bit longer He did throw in a twist toward the very end that did rock my world a bit and I was grateful for thatThe main characters are so interesting and as well as I feel I know them they have depth so I want to learn I will definitely continue on with this series I love a mystery with that great British backdrop of fog mist and rain There is nothing better Thank you Fiona for not giving up and Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 pushing this book at me until I finally read it A small town in England is full of murderous individuals as Jill Francis arrives for a visit to forget her troubles I am awarding 2 stars for the cleverlotting but otherwise it was a terrible book The characters were intensely unlikable in articular all of the lecherous men I read on because it was a good story but I would hesitate to read the next in the series Having enjoyed a couple of the Lydmouth novels in the ast I decided it was time to go back to the beginning and read the ones I d not yet read in the right order In this first book we meet the two characters who ll be central to the series Jill Francis journalist and Richard Thornhill Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People police inspector We meet Jill as she arrives in the town by train Clearly something distressing has happened in her relatively recentast though we don t find out what until well into the bookThe mystery revolves around "the discovery of a baby s bones which are dug up on a "discovery of a baby s bones which are dug up on a site It s initially believed they re from Victorian times but as enuiries unfold a recent secret is revealed This is not a fast aced crime thriller but a story told at a gentle ace reflecting the conservative nature of society of the time Set in the 1950s it s an interesting insight into life in Britain a few years after the Second World War Optimism for the future is tempered by weariness of how much needs to be done and the drudgery of the slow ace of changeThe story was an intriguing one and an enjoyable read The reader sees events
through the eyes 
the eyes several different characters including the two main layers and we also meet those
sees events through the eyes of several different characters including the two main layers and we also meet those characters eg Philip Jill s friend and editor of the local newspaper Thornhill s olice colleagues who will appear in future booksBy the time I got the end of the book I felt I d had the briefest introduction to Jill and Richard and was immediately keen to Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums pick up the next book to continue to read how their story developed I have the second book in the series The Mortal Sickness all lined up ready. Torian murder trial and forward to the recentast It’s ramifications spread like a cancer through the close knit community and old wounds begin to bleed againPsychological suspense and human drama lie at the heart of this owerful crime nove. ,
An Air That Kills

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