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45 Okay this ne didn t move forward as much as I would like but it was fun And I was really excited to see what happened after the ending to the last volume Im getting attached to all the characters UwaIn the last three books Nai seems so clueless but in Volume 4 he can follow coplex conversations Is this because Man Behind the Facade of Tsubame s hard work in teaching himr he is unconsciously understanding it because Captive in the Millionaires Castle of his telepathy with Karoku Nai is so sweet that he tried to be useful and is trying to get to know Gareki betterI pity Gareki because he is insecure His past makes him like that and being put in this situation doesn t help eitherAt the endf the volume a character says that Karoku This was a volume that was full Empire, War Cricket in South Africa: Logan of Matjiesfontein of painful heartbreaking moments in its beginning So many things went wrong in the last volume and this volume didn t skimput The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding on how everything unraveling affectedur main characters Without getting into too many spoilers I will also say that even through the pain that this volume brought us through it still maintains that beautiful ability to refresh Must Like Kids our hearts and minds with those momentsf much needed humor and light hearted play and it comes full circle in the end when things are resolved to bring about a very tearful and beautiful feeling to the ending parts Rugrats And Rawhide of the chapter Though as Mikanagi Touya has shown to be an expert so far we ve come away from this volume with a much silent threat And it s going to unfold slowly but surely in the next volumes I m certain It s going to be heartbreaking that s for sureBut enough with my rambling Let me get to somef the relationships and characters I wanted to address in this volumeIn this volume we get to see a lot Crven Ban of three characters that we really haven t seen muchf yet the people Bride of Shadow Canyon (Bride, of the First Ship Tsukitachi Kiichi and Jiki Let s put it this way When I watched the Karneval anime itnly gave me so much Temporary Bride (Silhouette Romance, of the picture when it comes to mostf the characters I m meeting in the manga again I liked Tsukitachi in the anime but I didn t like either Kiichi A Sweetheart for Jude Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow or Jiki Well surprise surprise I found my thoughtsn them changing when I got introduced to them in the mangaTsukitachi really surprised me with how much energetic playful and even joyful he is He has such an enthusiasm and carefree nature about him and he just naturally draws people into whatever mood he s setting It was a great relief to have him come into the story at the time that he did because he showed another side to himself that I didn t think came The Tiny Journalist off as well in the anime He was remarkably understanding and I even said this to my best friend he probably gave the best piecef advice to a character in this volume Cardinal Sins (Born to Darkness, outf all the things that have been said in the series so far His level Commitment of empathy and his deep understandingf the situation that Nai Gareki and the Claiming The Forbidden Bride (Regency Silk Scandal, others had been thrown into was profound and I came away from this volume looking at him in an entirely different light He surprised me and I ve come to truly love him yes I can say that I ve come to truly love him becausef who he s being revealed to me as and how gently patiently and wonderfully he handled Modern Box Set 5-8/Carrying the Sheikhs Baby/Awakening His Innocent Cinderella/The Tycoons Shock Heir/One Night with the Forbidden Princes onef the most painful situations in the series so far I m very glad to painful situations in the series so far I m very glad to read the manga because the anime version really really didn t do this man the justice that his The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The Kings Elite original form did And I m happy to have seen the real himNext up is Kiichi When I first met her in the anime frankly and to put it bluntly I couldn t stand her She pissed meff to no freaking end The sooner she left the screen the happier I was THAT S how much she annoyed me Her attitude her impatience everything about her just turned me Alessandros Prize off And I couldn t STAND her but reading the manga she still has the same attitude still has the same demanding nature and still comesff with her gripes and her flippant nature Yet somehow I think the translation from manga to anime ruined Arsons Captive or compressed who she really was into just somef who she is Reading about her in the manga I found the attitude that she flaunted to be entertaining and badass than in the anime I even found myself bursting into laughter when she The Officer And The Renegade ordered people around and got pissy when she didn t have her way and righteous fury consumed her She ended up being a FAR likeable character in the manga and it s not because she s nicer but just because I feel we got to see the authentic ways in which her demanding andutspoken nature was truly meant to be portrayed She acts with reason and demands with reason and when she has her uniue moments The Guardian of attitude you can understand better why they re comingut and why she s directing them in that way at the person in uestion I was very surprised that I liked her as much as I did in this manga and I m glad that I was turned around because she went from I did in this manga and I m glad that I was turned around because she went from character that was badass with a personality that I didn t like to a character that was badass all around I m really happy that I got to see thatLast up Turning the Good Girl Bad on the list for this volume is Jiki and let me get thisut MECANIQUE - 1ER PARTIE 2E PARTIE - 2 TOMES - 1ER PARTIE : CINEMATIQUE STATIQUE DYNAMIQUE - 2E PARTIE : RESISTANCES PASSIVES STATIQUE GRAPHIQUE RESISTANCE DES MATERIAUX CINEMATIQUE APPLIQUEE - EDITION CORRIGEE ET REIMPOSEE. of the way To avoid spoilers I m going to talk about things in general here so don t worry about being spoiled even if I use examples from. When innocent country boy Nai sets foot in the sordid cutthroat realmf the city he might as well have painted a target Ravished by Desire on hiswn back The volume Ahem Anyway So I didn t like Jiki in the anime And I don t like Jiki in the manga either First A Call To Joy off he sne Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai of those kindsf people that goes The Australians Convenient Bride/The Millionaires Marriage Claim outf his way to ruin the fun The Bridesmaids Proposal or enjoyable time that people are having just because they re having it without him And not to be seen as ridiculous here but DUDE WHAT THE FUCK S YOUR PROBLEM People aren t friends with you then don t fucking butt in and break up their circle What the HELL gives you the right to mess with people just because YOU RE not included You little shit On topf that this little brat doesn t even CARE about making an authentic friendship even when he DOES break up said friendships and force people apart What the hell man He literally Delaceys Angel (Regency Series, only separates them JUST BECAUSE HE DOESN T LIKE IT and then he NEVER tries to put in the effort to become friends with them anyway He doesn t want to be friends He just doesn t want to see THEM being friends WHAT A SELF RIGHTEOUS ASSHOLE To top itff he goes Miss Prims Greek Island Fling outf his way to make sure that the moment someone is feeling comfortable r close to a semblance f happy in a strange and unfamiliar situation to go in and instill new fears and worries and doubts in the minds Relentless (In Too Deep of that person He literally goes Outf his way To make people DOUBT THEMSELVES and LITERALLY LITERALLY TELLS THEM IN EVERY FUCKING WAY TO LEAVE I swear to God I hated him in the anime but I want to rip his FREAKING HEAD OFF JUST AS FREAKING MUCH in the manga He does NOT get better If anything he Midnight Touch (Harlequin Blaze only gets WORSE The way he treats people is UNFORGIVABLE And I essentially can t wait to see him get STABBED THROUGH THE FUCKING EYE So yeah No surprises there Just pissedffSo that s the wrap up Cracking the Coding Interview of new characters introduced into this manga But before I closeut this review I want to take a moment to talk about some Hidden Potential of the relationships in this manga that I saw were expandedn in some extentFirst ff Yogi and Gareki Man if we ve been seeing things growing between these two boys it really takes a huge step here MANY huge steps If this was a romance manga f any sort the stage we d be in is in that stage where the feelings Contract Law Directions of thene character that doesn t know his ship exists start coming into the light Let s just say without any spoilers that Gareki makes a lot Votre cerveau est dfinitivement extraordinaire ! - 50 nouvelles astuces de mentaliste qui vont vous changer la vie of steps in realizing things about Yogi and recognizing how he s beginning to feel about Yogi It s very apparent and if you read this manga for the ships you re going to be fullf feels from beginning to end for those two MINI SPOILER SKIP TO AFTER THE ASTERISKS IF YOU DON T WANT SPOILERS What s even prominent is that after the main story ends in this volume Remarkables our beautiful mangaka Miss Mikanagi gave us ane page short that showed Gareki teasing Yogi Now if this boy making the first playful move between the two f them isn t characterrelationship development then I don t know what is MINI between the two f them isn t characterrelationship development then I don t know what is MINI END Read it all the way through guys cause when you get to that mini story in the end it ll be all the significant for youAnother ship that had some beautiful and prominent features is the relationship between Hirato and Tsukumo When fans A Pimps Life of the manga were saying that the anime portrayed thatne particular scene much significantly in the manga they weren t kidding And any fans already know the scene so I won t get into details If you don t know it you will when you read it What really struck me are the parts before the scene with Tsukumo in the forest and then afterwards the way that Tsukumo and Hirato both acted throwing themselves into their work like they did It s very prominent and when you read it it definitely gives you reason to think about what must be backing up the relationship between these two Personally I can t wait to find Gigolos Get Lonely Too out because already it s so very beautifulLastf all for this volume I wanted to talk about Nai and Gareki These two are the fellows that we started A Winter Wonderland (A Lucy Stone Mystery, out with in the first place in this manga and though I haven t talked about them much there s a deep profound levelf beauty in the relationship that they share The way that Gareki worries about Nai and the way that he doesn t even fight showing his attachment any it s precious And Nai Shakes head in wonder Nai nly

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to impress me with much he s growing how much he s learning how much he understands and how much than human he is The scene where he thinks about all those things he can sense in Gareki the things he s never brought up verbally but always knows are there it s heartbreaking It s truly heartbreaking The fact that he would go to such lengths to find a way to help Gareki even though he doesn t have to He s a beautiful beautiful boy His heart and soul are precious beyond belief And countless times I ve said it and I ll probably say it countless times but Nai is the best thing that could have happened to Gareki And I truly believe that he still is And when we get further along in this series you ll see exactly how much that s true I m sure f itSo alright That s the end f my thoughts for this volume I m looking forward to seeing you all in the next volume Keep reading guys I know it has it s heartbreak and painful moments but this. Idnappers murderers and desperados abound waiting to take advantage f a boy guileless enough to believe blood is merely red water Nai is. ,

カーニヴァル 4

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Manga series is going to be awesome through to the very end I know it 3 After all it already isSee you guys in Volume 5 It s good thing yogi back to normal n tsukumo have been found n she s in airship 2 Yogi n Gareki moment why do I feel like watching 2 hot guys side by side Nai is cute n worried about Gareki n ask him what he wants but it made Gareki face goes blushed Nai Gareki Yogi moments Tsukumo n hirato moment Nai Gareki Meeting airship 1 n they already introduced themself I kinda like airship captain 2 he s uite mystery Karoku what the hell u can escape with tsukumo when they have chance instead u been attached with the clingy annoying rich girl brat Ein sehr informativer Band Man hat erfahren wie die Leute von Circus ihre Kr fte bekommen haben durch Zellen von bestimmten Tierarten diese wurden dann in die Armreifen integriert die die Leute von haben durch Zellen von bestimmten Tierarten diese wurden dann in die Armreifen integriert die die Leute von tragen Deswegen kann also Yogi sein Schwert und die Rosenranken beschw ren und der Hut von Hirato und Tsukitachi kann sich ja transformieren in Frauengeister Es kamen auch wieder die Figuren vom 1 Schiff von Circus vor ich mag Tsukitachi san der wird mir von Band zu Band sympathischer Man hat auch erfahren was es mit Yogi und seinem Pflaster auf sich hat aber ein Allergen Finde ich ja was komisch xD Karoku kam nun auch endlich mal vor aber irgendwie finde ich ihn seltsam der hat so eine b se Aura um sich der meine ich das nur xP Die Beziehungen der Charaktere untereinander werden von Band zu Band intensiver und anscheinend ist nicht mehr nur alleine Nai eine Hauptfigur sondern es wirkt so als seien alle f r die Handlung wichtig Zum Schluss m chte ich noch mitteilen dass ich glaube dass Circus noch ein gro es dunkles Geheimniss versteckt h ltIch bin gespannt I loved this volume The graphics were beautiful as always and the humour was n point I loved the extras at the end where they depicted the voice actors in the middle Unbound of their recording and the shenanigans they got up to We were also properly introduced to Jiki and Kiichi Yogi was absolutely hilarious I loved how he left a mechanical snowman as a substitutef himselfAbsolutely beautiful and I can t wait to read volume 5 One day I will write uality reviews That day is not todayAnother fantastic volume An Extreme Modification (Milked by Royalty, of Karneval I adore this series so much and this volume was especially fantastical That s my English It was filled with so much raw emotions You just become so attached to the characters with what they are going through Gareki Nai Yogi Tsukumo Hirato allf them All Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story of them go through so much in this volume that you need to hold back all the manly tears that WILL flow from your eyes The characters are fantastic minus Jiki he s a bloody douche and the story is slowly unfolding There are so many uestions you want to ask but you have no idea where to start Touya Mikanagi is such a great story tellerI could gon and Everlost (Skinjacker, on but like I said I don t feel like doing uality reviews I ve hit a slump with reviews so there s no need to force myself right Right One day I shall return to this and review it properly because this is a series that deserves all the praise and recognition it gets It is an engag Phew Another lovely lovely volumef this wonderful series but it wasn t that easy to read Or rather I really have to make myself to read at least two pages The Lennon Prophecy of Japanese every daytherwise I m never going to get to where I want Although I do have to say that I have to look up less and less words which is good And I am so glad that there are such things as nline dictionaries if I think back to when I was starting to read books in English spending time leafing through my Langenscheidt than through the actual book although I can already see I will have to learn to
Develop The Very Important Mut 
the very important Mut L cke when it comes to reading Japanese as well something that s really important when starting to read books in a foreign language As it is I m still struggling with a lot f grammatical constructions so I need the dictionary for that as well that and grammatical guidebooks but every now and then there are pages where I can just read and read and understand everything without much helpThis was my fourth manga in Japanese and like Silver Diamond it has a lot text than Durarara which means that well it takes longer to read duh Some characters talk in a way that s easy to understand Yogi 3 some well not so much But I still made it One problem I had were the many new characters that were being introduced I had a lot Aqidah Islam of trouble keeping up with who s who That s nothing unusual for me when it comes to manga but thether Japanese manga I read so far were books where I knew who everyone was beforehand I ve watched the Durarara anime and read the German volume beforehand I ve watched the Durarara anime and read the German volume Silver Diamond before I read the Japanese Tank! one So it s no wonder this seemed a little difficult than thethers Phew That was an allergic reaction That is Geek Feminist Revolution one heckf a reaction I cannot imagine having to live with that Take care Lucky Luciano of yourself Yogi My precious baby Do not give me a scare like that again Is it weird that I thinkf most A Reader& of the characters as my precious children It probably is but I don t care. Looking for a friend who has disappeared leavingnly an ID bracelet from the rganisation named Circus the countrys supreme defence agenc. ,