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Wishing for Grace gOh so did I mention my favourite read in June was a paranormal YA bookFor this contemporaryirl I am surprised by how much I fell in love with this book Although it shouldn t have surprised me as author Paula Weston has the loveliest online presence That coupled with the publisher being Text Publishing had me diving into this book the day it turned up in my mailboxNote Text Publishing are an Australian publisher which consistently publish brilliant and uniue YA books such as Leanne Hall s This is Shyness Vicki Wakefield s All I Ever Wanted and Tim Pegler s Five Parts Dead to name a fewThings I loved about this book1 The New Adult vibe Gaby is out of school Flatting working Her mates and other characters are older too in their twenties I truly 35 starsThis was an unexpectedly fast and action packed book I was surprised that I absolutely loved the main character GabeGaby and it was an amazing thing to learn about this cool angel history right alongside her Maggie is a reat character as well I loved that she never ave up on Gabe their friendship is truly beautiful and I m looking forward to these ladies probably kicking asses in the seuels When it comes to boys Oh my I have no idea who to really trust However I do hope that Jason and Rafa will stay on Gabe s side throughout this series I like these uys a lot The writing style was very interesting and it was impossible not to finish this book in one day Paula Weston made this very uniue plot and mature characters that you just can t stop reading about I can t wait to start the seuel and see what s Gabe s crew up to nextE copy provided by the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest review via NetgalleyYou can read this review on BookishFever Shadows is what I would call a top class book with its frantic pace vibrant characters and ripping story line it s not your typical angel book Gaby barely remembers anything before the accident with her twin brother Jude After months of trying to make a new life for herself without her brother she s thrown another bombshell the life she thought she believed she led is not true either her supposed memories of her life and relationship with Jude couldn t be wrong But the dreams she s been having of scary monsters and a Lebanon gorgeousuy are very true What the hell is Clarkesworld (Clarkesworld Anthology, going onWith Gabe s memories being messed around with Shadows was like a mystery novel as you didn t know who to believe Slowly as bits of Gabe s life began to unravel we find ourselves falling into this unbelieving world of hellions demons and angels Of worlds clashing over what s right and how things shouldo down and then there s Rafa the mystery خداوند الموت guy who s uick to want to help Gabe he says he knows her from before but they didn t along so why all of a sudden does he want to help her now Because she s defenceless Useless Who can Gabe really trustWeston managed to create charming characters shrouded in enigma Poor Gabe had no clue and then was dropped everything on her in oneo but she was one heck of a mc as she took everything in her stride if I was in the same shoes I surely would have freaked out with all the random people turning up all the time Rafa where do I even begin with this cheeky chappy He had my heart pumping at a crazy speed with his charm and roguish comments His cheeky demeanour and comments always brought a smile to my face He was everything I like in a male character and so much I m happy with how we only barely scratched the surface with his character as I m certainly looking forward to tons of Rafa in the next book and also delving into his history with GabeShadows doesn t Facing Redemption give you a clear cut path there s so many different answers that are uncovered bombshells which blow the story even wide open I like how with this book there isn t a straight and narrow path this book follows anything can happen And this makes me so excited There is so muchoing on in Shadows that I didn t want this book to come to an end The world building and the little shocks which led me off the path had me completely captivated I remember at one point sitting with a frown on my face realising that I would be coming to an end of this book pretty soonPaula Weston is another example of a brilliant "Aussie author Her writing flair is clearly evident throughout Shadows she s an author who can keep you "author Her writing flair is clearly evident throughout Shadows she s an author who can keep you the edge of your seat and always wanting She really created the perfect combination in Shadows with angels and memory loss Where both aspects have been concerned in the past I ve been burned with disappointment but Shadows is so different it s fresh and just a delightful read honestly I can t recommend this book enough I have high hopes for all of Weston s future work I can t wait to see what she throws at us in the next book Haze He was blond not darkI wasn t talking about his hair 45 stars November 14 2012 My happy day for hot kick ass angel oodness First I found out that Angelfall is on track to become a movie then I finished reading Shadows a few hours later and found it to be amazing My head is this close to exploding from the excitementSo I picked this book up Because I D Heard I d heard it was almost as ood as Angelfall The comparison alone made me want to ive it a shot but I didn t think that Shadows could come close Surprise surprise it actually kind of didfor me at least The main difference between the two books is that Shadows leans toward pnr while Angelfall leans toward sci fi so you re oing to et of the in your face romance with this book than we saw in Angelfall although Raffe from Angelfall still owned the place with hotness by default but that doesn t mean this book is any less ass kicking or adventurous I think it s kind of funny that the two rival angels are Rafa close to Raffe and Daniel from a popular yet kind of bleh angel book As of right now the book is pushing us toward liking Rafa but I have to say that I like Daniel too for reasons unknown It must be that mystery thing and those little brief limpses of facial expressions changing when it comes to GabeGaby being in the middle of situations I want to know Gaby and Daniel s history together even though I #like her chemistry with Rafa Doesn t sound like me His mouth is close to my #her chemistry with Rafa Doesn t sound like me His mouth is close to my I prefer my women awake when I harass them There s no insta love in this book Nope this is rivals turned into some sort of unexplained attraction Me likeyYes I m a such a Captured girl but my favorite books are the ones which tend to check off a few of my pleasure boxes creativeoriginal storyreat action and at least some hint of romance or hotness This story definitely checked off all of my pleasure boxes With his hand still in my hair he brings his lips down to my ear You re not خاطرات یک زن توده ای going to hit meNot yetWhat about if I do this He kisses my neck just under my ear his warm tongue against my skin So yeah Read this Then come back and let me know what you thought because I want to know what your theories are about this cast of characters and who you think is on the up and upPlus let me just mention again that there is ass kicking Theuys with him are armed Three are carrying shiny katanas but the fourth is spinning a poleaxeA freaking poleaxe Thanks Joan for buddy reading this with me and Ash Khanh and Amanda on my second re read Shadows is the kind of thing that s just up my alley A kick ass protagonist nephilim enough sexual tension to cut the cheese Wait I think I m Is Government the Source of Monopoly? and Other Essays (Cato Paper ; No. 9) getting my sayings mixed upAt one point I shook my iP Actual rating 355For being the offspring of angels the Rephaim sure are a bunch of asshats This is one of the rare books for me where the writing isreat the plot is free of holes and the my. It’s almost a year since Gaby Winters was in the car crash that killed her twin brother Jude Her body has healed in the sunshine of Pandanus Beach but her rief is raw and constant It doesn’t help that every night in her dreams she kills demons and

Paula Weston Ñ 3 review

Shadows author Paula WestonTake it all as a fantasy and I enjoy it without thinking too much about the details behind That might be the reason even though I am still able to realize when an author takes some liberties with some subjects and I truly enjoy when I find a book that tackles a different side of what I ve seenread beforeI won t spoil this for you I really won t but I am onna tease you by answering the uestions from the synopsis because that s only the beginning of the storyWHO IS RAFA Morning after morning I wake up with him lingering in my thoughts and I feel The Dressmakers Gift guilty without having any idea why You might wonder too who is the dark boy withreen eyes that haunts her dreams those dreams that leave her breathless those vivid dreams that she can t understand those vivid dreams that are the key to why her memory is so deceivingYou might wonder who s that The Sudoku Code: 200 Sudoku Puzzles. One Answer. Can You Find It? guy who keeps telling her that he knows her and her brother and what history they have You might also wonder what s behind all that teasing and fighting and what hides behind his beautiful smileSo I am not lying to you Rafa is my newest book crush he is charming smart strong and too hot for his ownood He knows all this so I m not trying to flatter him I m just stating the obvious and don t worry he s been stealing hearts all around the world don t feel bad if he s Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria gonnaet to your heart too WHO ARE THE REPHRAIMWe all know who are the angels that walk on earth right In every story they are uite the same Not this time I still want to know about this world settling but as different as it is I loved it It was refreshing and it keeps open many doors so I can t wait to see which way this story will lead us nextWHO IS GABY I know exactly who I am It s everyone else who seems to be having a problem Gaby is a very strong heroine She s been through a lot and there s still a lot ahead of her She has many uestions and many others will be raised She s funny and witty and all the sarcastic Running from Strangers games she plays will Rafa will leave you laughing and than once breathlessThere are a few things that define her Therief From the beginning we find out how close she s been to her brother and how much it hurts to live without him Her bleeding heart cries after the brother she remembers but her bleeding mind cries after the sameone that she doesn t The nightmares This is another thing that is different I though I knew where this was leading us so I was uite surprised to see how things turned out to be Friendship As alone as Gaby feels at times there are a few friends that she can count on I never knew if I could trust them or not but that s the beauty of the storyCONCLUSIONI fell in love with this story for the very first pageNow if you want to know about this story I recommend you to read it It s packed with action it is full of humour it s written by an Australian author do I need to say and it s simply reat You have my wordHappy midnight reading This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnightcom Book source Advanced copy received from the publisher Thank youBlog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog ROJust before readingAm I happy or am I happy One of these days the Rafa in a book will refer to a capri pant wearing wedgie picking Spaniard and not an angel On second thought I m cool with the orgeous heavenly version Shadows was a solid introduction to the Rephaim series and to debut author Paula Weston It had an engaging cast of characters including a loyal friend named MAGGIE and plenty of action and mystery to keep you on your toes until the end of the book Did I mention the angel pashing If I didn t it s only because I m not sure I m using the term correctly To put it in inelegant American terms there s hot and heavy tongue action The short chapters headed with progressively funnier titles keep the story moving briskly So why only 3 stars Even though 3 stars means a solid GOOD I feel like it s become the rating euivalent of kissing your cousin Of course some people ANGIE would be alllllll about that So here s the thing Gaby finds out early on that angels hellions HELLIONS you name it are after her This is when the fight or flight instinct usually kicks in for people Gaby chooses Door 3 stay and do nothing Now stay flight instinct usually kicks in for people Gaby chooses Door 3 stay and do nothing Now stay do nothing wasn t just left out of fight or flight because it doesn t fit the rhyme scheme It s DUMB For me it s so dumb that I don t feel sorry for you when the shit hits the fan and whips back all over your face Is it any surprise they re snatching your people up I couldn t help but compare Shadows to another angel book Angelfall and Gaby to Penryn Because What Would Penryn Do Penryn would kick assWhile I liked the first half of the story I was also really ambivalent towards it because Gaby s decisions while understandable still annoyed me However and this is a testament to Paula Weston s writing Gaby wasn t unlikable which kept me reading And I m If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India glad because the story really picks up I couldn t put down the last 14 of the book and can t wait to read Book 2 Shadows has areat mix of plot and action I think this is Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects going to be an exciting series and one that will definitely find its audienceRating I initially planned oniving this 3 stars which is what I The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda gave Divergent but I actually plan on reading the seuel to this one so I m bumping it up to 35 stars Noelle s fantastic review of Shadows is on Young Adult Anonymous 45 stars Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this bookI loved it I opened it up expecting it to be a vanilla romance about angels falling in love with humans and what Iot was a really cool story And yes it all started because a few angels were etting some sweetsweet lovin from human women but that s where the similarities to my original expectations endedGaby is 19 and living a small beach town in Australia that she has no real ties to She just wandered into it after waking up in a hospital and sort of decided to stay for a while She only vaguely remembers the car accident that took her twin brother s life and she tries not to examine the rest #of her past too closely Her parents were distant which was the main reason she #her past too closely Her parents were distant which was the main reason she her brother took off to see the world on their own so there s no real home she feels she can o back to and lick her wounds However she has found a ood friend in her roommate Maggie and she s been slowly coming to terms with her new lifeEverything changes one night when she meets a stranger a HOT stranger at the local bar He insists that they know each other and that he was her brother s best friend It isn t until he shows her the pictures he has on his cell phone of Jude her brother and himself that she starts to believe him Except the timeline is off She and Jude had been traveling together since they were 16so when did he have the time to hang out with this uy There are other things that don t add up like why does this Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) guy act like she soing to take his head off LiterallyI usually try not to ive any spoilers but the blurb hints at it anyway And besides this is the part that sucked me in and made me pay attentionIt turns out that almost every memory she has is a false memory implanted by Yeah who knows Not only that but her entire personality is totally different from what it used to be Somewhere inside Gaby is her alter ego Gabe an ass kicker that makes rown men wet their pantsThere s definitely to it than even that but I think it would be much better for you to find that out on your own This is one of those books that I want to tell you about but I m afraid I ll ruin the reading experience Even if angels aren t your thing they aren t mine definitely don t miss out on this one This review can also be seen at. And her life is only a shadow of the truth and that the truth is likely to be found in the shadows of her nightmaresWho is Rafa Who are the Rephaim And most importantly who can she trustFast paced and ripping Shadows the first book in the Rephaim serie. .
Thology well explained yet I still ended up despising almost every single character Essentially I have no complaints about this book except for the fact that I started up disliking and ended up absolutely hating and distrusting almost every single male in this bookI am by no means a prude but I avoid reading New Adult books because I know what pisses me off and I will intentionally avoid that which will likely ive me a headache More often than not in New Adult there s too much emotionless sex there s too much Norte: A Novel gratuitous swearing there s a lot of physical or emotional abuse and there s a lot of alpha males who are complete assholes luckily for me only the latter applied to this book I ended up enjoying Shadows a lot than I expected despite the presence of the omnipresent and aforementioned asshatsAfter having lived so long on this earth one would think that these children of fallen angels would have developed some iotas of common sense Nope not here They re dangerously precarious notoriously short tempered and lacking in wisdom and maturity They veot some serious power and no sense of restraint It s like iving a bunch of little kids playing cops and robber some real AK 47s Out of all the male Rephaites I met in this book two of whom are the main character s love interestformer love interest I can only say one positive thing about Rafa versus Daniel he s less abusive Still immature but less abusive He s nearly a hundred and forty but not too old to sulk A lowing recommendation for sureHaven t these Rephaims ever heard of the idiom You catch flies with honey Apparently not Surely beating the living crap out of a poor Rephaite who s completely lost her memory trying to drown her and siccing a demon hellion on her must be helpful than just being nice to her and earning her trust Stockholm syndrome works but I m not sure if this is the way to Mi karma y yo go about doing it And theangleader of all this The Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved gentleman who s siccing his little army of sycophants on poor Gaby None other than her former lover who might still love her but is showing it in a really strange way And by strange I mean druggingI really liked Gaby s character She s obviously mourning for her brother but while herrief is a crippling pain she doesn t let her life et ruled by it She makes an active effort to move on after Jude s death and throughout the book she shows a similar sense of strength and fortitude of will despite all the overwhelming things that have descended upon her and despite the fact that her entire life or what she knows and remembers of it might have been a well crafted lieGaby has a healthy sense of skepticism but she is openminded She is receptive towards accepting things that have no explanation and is not so stubborn that she is completely in denial of what s oing on even if what s happening is far beyond the stretch of the ordinary imagination Still Gaby doesn t hesitate to call out Rafa or Daniel on their bullshit when she sees itThe mythology is really well done Gaby is a Charlie O. and the angry A's great narrator in that she lets information beiven to her and uestions the things told to her in such a way that it never feels like the mythology is retold staccato or that information is spoon fed to the reader Gaby again uestions things She has a healthy sense of disbelief and this works out so well in the context of learning about the angels and their offspring so that in a sense our skepticism towards the plot The Sisters of Sinai gradually fades as she becomesrudgingly resigned to her pastRafa and Daniel frustrated me so much I found Rafa to be agonizingly patronizing towards Gaby He s possessive he withholds information and ets upset when she doesn t listen to his vague instructionsHis voice flattens If you d listened to me Listened to you about what The anger comes easily You ve kept me blundering around in the dark and don t act like you haven t been enjoying yourselfhaving fun at my expense I found very little tenderness and credibility in Rafa and Gaby s relationship It s just pure attraction he s hot they re all hot coupled with the fact that she s rieving and it was a bit easier because he s rieving tooStill Rafa is a entleman and a prize compared to our Daniel He s an abuser and a torturer under the Dark Passage guise ofood Daniel s excuse for his treatment of Gaby Gabe this is not the way I wanted to do this But whoever did this to you left us with no choice Of course there s a choice you could choose not to hurt me You could accept #my memories are one Whatever I may or may not have known about #memories are one Whatever I may or may not have known about precious Fallen no longer exists Ugh ugh ugh And his lackeyswhat a bunch of witless drones There is a phrase used in the book to describe the mindless idiocy of the demon spawned hellions that I think actually fits really well with the majority of the Rephaim they ve Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) got the vocabulary of a warthog and the brain function of a slugI will be reading the next book because I am truly curious as to what will happen next despite my dislike of theuys in this first installmentThanks to Stacia and Ash for the recommendation and the buddy read I received a copy of this book for review from Netgalley Although it s pretty clear the inspiration behind SHADOWS comes from Cassandra Clare s THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series because "there are countless similarities I uite enjoyed this worldIt s a fast paced action packed story of angels "are countless similarities I uite enjoyed this worldIt s a fast paced action packed story of angels offspring Nephilim demons and hellions controlled by demons as well as humans who unintentionally The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez get mixed up in the warIenuinely enjoyed my time with this book I don t know if it s because I m a huge fan of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS so I was bound to like this from the start but it s so action packed everything is always moving that I didn t have time to Easy Breezy Miracle get bored Not that I wanted toI wasn t much attached to the characters though I didn t mind them But I certainly would not mind if any ended up dead In fact I would welcome a possible future death with open arms I admit that this is an entirely morbid thought yet I can t help but have it There are tons of characters so a death can make things even interesting without disrupting the story exactlyYou need to be warned about this there is insta love I wanted to warn you because there s mention of romance in this series so I wanted you to know that it s not of the swoon worthy type like you may be anticipating But it s not ever present so don t worry At the same time there is a suare romanceoing on meaning three love interests so et ready for that tooI m curious about the seuel Now that we know a little about Jude and what may have happened to him I foresee some potentially interesting scenesBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin I m telling you I ve been breathing this book not just reading it You might know that I love to read in one sitting so when I like a book I take it in my hands and don t let it o until I reach the very last page I finished this one in the morning and you can bet that I had a very enjoyable nightWhen I started reading it I had no idea what this story was truly about because I stayed away from spoilers and anything that could have ruined my experience All I knew was that it s been highly recommended to me by some very trusted book friends and so I wanted to read it really really badly There s no need for me to say that
it has exceeded 
has exceeded expectation even though I knew it was supposed to be Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride great after all not many Aussie bookset on my indifferent side Love Nightmares Angels War I am not the religious type so why am I so attracted to angel books is still a mystery to me Maybe because this is a subject I haven t been too interested to research so Ther hell spawnAnd then Rafa comes to town Not only does he look exactly like the The Pleasant Light of Day guy who’s been appearing in Gaby’s dreams he claims a history with her brother that makes no sense Gaby is forced to accept that what she thought she knew about herself.

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