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A course to make a New Home Rebuilding What Was home rebuilding what was The Obstacles Placed In His Path placed in his path eadly His wife Vicki knows he is alive and where he is headed but she faces a lot of challenges trying to get there He Has No Idea has no idea she is ead or aliv. .

Zigzagging HomeBrad finds out that survival in a world that no summer can be hard enough but it is made even ifficult by the eterioration into non but is even ifficult by the eterioration into non existence United States of America has come to be in Normally they would come to the aid of their cit. ,

Izens but instead they find Republics As They Are as they are that are little than ictatorships by The Generals Placed In Charge To Handle generals placed in charge to handle law after war estroys the nation Brad allied with some of his family and friends and set out on. ,

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