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Sed to be a literary psychological thriller where Jorge Luis Borges meets Danielewski meets Matrix meets Fight Club meets Jaws I thought Oh dear Steve I hope you know what you are running p against and I hope your game is tightThe book starts with the main character waking Grey (Fifty Shades, up on the floor not knowing who or where he is His personal memory seems to have been wiped clean This is a tried and tested opening that is sure to grip anyone from the first page The problem with it is that you have to back itp The book has to live Triumph (TriAlpha Chronicles, up to its premiseI give credit where credit is due Steve Hall had a superb idea Our narrator Eric Sanderson is hunted by a kind of conceptual fish the kind of fish that lives in a purely abstract world and feeds on thoughts ideas memories Somehow he stepped on the toe of the most dangerous conceptual fish out there the Ludovician a conceptual euivalent of the great white shark And it eats his memory Nom nom nomThere are also very funnyscary albeit gimmicky typographical illustrations in the text They even looked cute on my kindleWhile I think the idea was brilliant I feel there was a little of wasted opportunity there We are made tonderstand that the way to fight the shark or at least to keep it at bay so to speak is to We Love You, Charlie Freeman use so some sort of flow of information to throw him off your scent and setp a conceptual loop which works like a shark cage And our hero The Messy Accident (An ABDL Story) uses other people s post and Dictaphones to do that Dictaphones What is it 1985 What else Maybe he should fax the shark as well Why not setp some computers with facebook and twitter accounts that would constantly get new followers and feedback to each other ad infinitum Perfect conceptual loop Or why throw letter bombs made of shredded phone books and such at your shark Why not treat it with a stream of penis enlargement and Russian brides spam That should send it all the way back to last century Why go through other people s post where you can just download their blogs twitters tumblrs facebooks and emails I mean if I were looking for tons of pointless information the Internet would be the first place I would go toBut fine Steve I am with you Let s party like it s 1985 Dictaphones and all So I am suspending my disbelief conceptual sharks some zombie like figures Un space yeah me neither It Looks Like This until Hall introduces Eric s love interest in its two incarnations Scout and Clio And boy oh boy ain t she a dream come true for any nerdy boy She s got boobs and likes to show them she knows about computers rides a motorcycle and talks like she is reading a sitcom script She never mentions kids or marriage She is a superhero but also slightly damaged inside so can be occasionally protected She is Lara Croft meets Leelo from the Fifth Element And here comes the love story with the extra cheese on top Here comes the melodrama when Eric decides to sulk for half of the book over something that a PMSing sixteen year old girl would have a hard time sulking over for longer than 40 minutes I can t take this I shout Jeez louise Steve what are you doing Why are you doing it And then at the end Steve tells my why he was doing it And it makes sense and I get it And he knew that I knew but I didn t know that he knew that I knew And ha ha the joke is on me But you know what Steve I could ve stopped reading there and then if I wasn t so OCD about finishing every book that I start I really do get it but I still don t know why I was forced to read 100 or so pages of that bad soap opera So there goes one star from what could ve been a four star bookAnd then of course there is the ending Oh Personally I wouldn t have ended it on such a sappy note and OF COURSE he s reading Paul Auster in that scene towards the end but this was a pretty compelling and inventive read overall even if some of it felt a bit gimmicky at points One could only hope for such generous criticism of their first novel so that s why I m giving credit where credit due Four out of five stars 10You are a book The Raw Shark Texts You are annstable narrative You are a story of loss and love and memory of a broken heart and a broken mind You are a mystery you are a postmodern text you are a Burroughs with a certain sort of sunny spotless mind You are a first novel complete with a first novel s typical weaknesses an intermittent stridency and repetitiousness that is occasionally tedious a tendency towards wanting to amaze the audience with your brilliance characters and dialogue that are intended to be cheeky real but often come across as precious cutesy poo You are overlong Still your ambition is pleasing Your level of writing ability is impressive There is a mad genius to it You exist on multiple levels You excited me then bored me then excited me anew You made me think on many things new ideas and old what is a person what is an emotion what makes a on many things new ideas and old what is a person what is an emotion what makes a real You are a book that this reviewer liked sometimesview spoiler9You are the protagonist You have no name no memory no life You have a dissociative identity disorder you suffer from psychotropic fugue You have a cat named Ian and a house bereft of clues You wake Kaffir Boy up in this empty house and follow the instructions that your former self has left for you You see your psychiatrist who tells you little besides platitudes You begin to receive letters and packages from your former self clues to your mystery a path to follow You have an enemy8You are the Ludovician shark You are a conceptual predator You devour memories whole you leave your victims emptied out you take what is them and you eat it You will follow your prey anywhere7You are Mark Richardson You are the assumed identity of a man who does not know himself You are on a journey throughn space those places built and then left by man those empty spaces You must find Dr Fidorous your Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California (1902) uncertain ally You encounter Mr Nobody a hollow vessel You are rescued by a girl6You are Scout Or are you You have lived inn space for so "Many Years Are You "years Are you figment of imagination a hope a resurrection of a dead girlfriend It matters not you are on the run You rescue Mark Richardson but you have your own motives and agenda You must destroy your own enemy5You are Mycroft Ward You are old and rich an industrialist a man who wants to live forever You come p with a plan duplicate your brain patterns imprint them on another You succeed You do it again You succeed again There becomes and of you few whom you target are able to escape the girl Scout is one of them You search for her as you multiply You multiply You multiply You are legion4You are a conceptual shark boat named The Orpheus You are made by Dr Fidorous to kill a mind shark and to destroy a multiple man You are composed of planks of wood boxes 80s computers plastic barrels Is great love Clio while the two vacationed in the Greek islandsBut there may be to the story or it may be a different story altogether As Eric begins to examine letters and papers left in the house by the first Eric Sanderson a staggeringly different explanation for what is happening to Eric emerges and he and the reader embark on. You know what I likeThis whole genre of stuffy British dudes who find themselves nwillingly going on adventures and discovering that there s to them than just being pasty and flusteredAnd yeah it s a genre There s TONS of books with that same damn plot Thing is they re often very entertainingThey re also Origin (Robert Langdon, usually played for laughs Which is not the case in The Raw Shark Texts Yes the protagonist eventually finds himself drawn into a world where the old rules don t apply Yes he has an adventure Yes he even has a sidekick in the form of an irasciblenflappable fortunately non talking ginger catBut it s a story of confusion and grief and loss Eric Sanderson has lost everything he ever held dear including himself beginning with a stupid everyday accident and culminating in the predations of a conceptual beast who feeds on memory and swims the currents of ideas and informationIt s a very meta sort of story with much of the narrative being dedicated to the biology of ideas and memes how they grow and evolve how they have their own ecosystem that interacts with our material one There s also a fair bit of fourth wall breaking but not in the The Riddle of the Yellow Canary usual sense as the words and type on the page are molded and re arrange to become illustration than textI m not sure I can properly review this book I really don t have the language for it But I can assure you even if the plot is a bit familiar the ideas areite Inside the Asylum unlike anything you re likely to have encountered For sheer ballsy creativity The Raw Shark Texts is an incendiary word bomb of conceptual fish mad world hungry pseudo immortals movie geekdom Greek tragedy and cats with mundane namesTo say there is something lacking in Steven Hall s first novel seemsnfair and trite but I can t shake the feeling that something in Eric Sanderson s relationship with ClioScout felt too forced and way too indoctrinated by current gender attitudes If that was by design I can t imagine what the design was if it was merely the truth that Hall found in his characters I have to admit that I couldn t see that truth That could be down to meBesides it seems a petty complaint when weighed against the moments of sheer genius in Steven Hall s debut I know I will be back for multiple reads because there are so many Plastic uestions I need to examine again and again I almost started listing them here but instead I will simply provide words for which I am compelled to seek answers Dr Ryan Mitchell Dr Randle Mycroft Ward Ian Greg Ludovician one of the all time great antagonists in any novel ever Eric Richardson the first the other the secondThe Raw Shark Texts is a rich mine of thought that I look forward to returning to and Steven Hall is threatening to enter the rarefiedpper region of my personal literary canon I just hope he doesn t slip in the direction of Chuck Pahlaniuk with his next work Promising beginnings can so often become failure to live Where Poppies Grow up to potential Oh well who cares I ll always have The Raw Shark Texts to enjoy if the future doesn t work out The Raw Shark Texts was released back in 2007 by first time UK author Steven Hall In some circles it s been referred to as some bizarre cross between Jaws and The Matrix with perhaps a little Da Vinci Code thrown in there for good measure It follows the story of Eric Saunderson who awakes on his bedroom floor without any memories While the man retains his basic motor functions he remembers nothing resembling emotions or sense of identity Shortlypon awaking Eric finds a note left by the first Eric Saunderson with basic instructions on how to resume his life From this point forward a proverbial can of worms is opened and the mystery nfolds itself in an addictive way by which I mean it unfolds itself in an addictive way by which I mean it really hard to put this book downI had an experience like this when I read House of Leaves The stories are ite different but the layout is just as ambitious While Danielewski goes above and Beyond With Liner And Foot with liner and foot as well as scratches and interchanging fonts Hall goes with long gaps of pages with little to no words as well as diagrams and exhibits The changing style throughout the novel really adds to the experience and gets the reader involved in what is happening to Eric s world There s something about this style that I really like I guess it s refreshing to pick The Shadow at the Bottom of the World up a book that not only feels different but looks different as well Some people could probably write this off as some sort of gimmick but changing thingsp once in a while should be welcomedWhile Hall is working on a second book whether he can produce something on par to Raw Shark Texts remains to be seen but I know that I ll be checking it out Let s just hope he doesn t go in the direction of Danielewski s Only RevolutionsCross posted Every Read Thing A brief behind the scenes recap of The Raw Shark Texts Steven Hall is inspired Writes a brilliant one hundred pages of an Design for Six Sigma unfinished novel The first hundred pages of The Raw Shark Texts are truly a great read hinting at something avant garde something page turning in the finest sense of the term We re all clicking off the rusty old disbelief mechanisms because The Raw Shark Texts is putting it all together OK sure it is yet another piece my life back together after what would seem to be amnesia kind of plot but it is raging it is rythmic and totallynapolagetic like screw you if you think you ve heard this song before Steven Hall is promising to tease out the mystery with total originality and brio The characterization of the shrink in particular is extraordinary What is going on here The reader awaits the reader is prepared to suspend many further Otis Oldfield unknown belief mechanismsThen Steven Hall is feeling kind of dull andninspired but here we go Up and at em Another 200 pages of The Raw Shark Texts coming at ya Ah hem Kicking in with cutesy poo winsome boy meets girl capers in post modern clich land But Steven Hall is just MESSING WITH YOU get it "Ok Ok Let S Get Back To "ok let s get back to good stuff Then JAWS Yeah we re gonna re do JAWS But it s gonna be like a CONCEPT SHARK get it No That s ok really no problem Because the girl who appears out of nowhere but could also but might not be the over simplified key to an overly convoluted plot is like fortunately the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL OUR MEMORY LOSS DUDE HAS EVER SEEN and like THE COOLEST GIRL EVER and The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! umm let s see SHE DROPS TONS OF WITTY ONE LINERS and stuff Also This might be the afterlifeOr A dreamI mean It s what you what you might think if you re in a comaThen This reader is thinking I can t believe I finished this awful fraud of a book There might be very minor spoilers here but I doubt they will make any sense to you if you haven t read the book so read onnles you are Wciv, Volume 1 uber paranoid about spoilers The Raw Shark Texts It s suppo. Eric Sanderson wakesp in a house one day with no idea who or where he is A note instructs him to see a Dr Randle immediately who informs him that he is ndergoing yet another episode of acute memory loss that is a symptom of his severe dissociative disorder Eric's been in Dr Randle's care for two years since the tragic death of

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