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E predators but they recognize her plight and render assistance Suddenly an old woman appears and tells her to visit a nearby hut and to take only the most modest of the gourds Chinye does as she is told and when the gourd is smashed open riches pour orth Her lazy stepsister is urged by her mother to visit the same hut but ignoring the old woman s advice she and her mother lose everything The vibrant watercolor art ills each two page spread and conveys the mood and motionResponse to fills each two page spread and conveys the mood and motionResponse to Professional Reviews Both of these reviews had great assets to them that reflect the story In the irst review Roberts spoke about the key themes in Chinye which is greed innocence and good and evil In addition I agreed with when Roberts said that the seuence of events and pictures were written and drawn so well that some of the West African words that were hard to tell what they meant didn t matter as much because we were still able to understsand the meaning In addition Live Bait for Courtot s review I liked how she spoke about the vibrant watercolor of the pictures throughout the book that resulted in the mood and motion of the story I agreed with this because once I saw the pictures they definitely played the mood of the events that happened in the storyEvaluation of Literary Elements This West Africanolktale is a great picture book No Strings Attached for young readers Even though it is a West African tale and might be hardor students to be able to relate culturally Onyefulu does a great job of making the story easy to relate Fancy Strut for readers In addition throughout the whole story there was a balance of good vs evil and goodness vs selfishness between Chinye and her stepmom and sister The whole time I was rootingor Chinye and was nervous that something bad was going to happen to her However at the end of the story everything worked out in her avor like the way it should have Onyefulu did a great job of making the end of the story unexpected and had readers think Consideration of Instructional Application Chinye is a West African olktale that many students were never aware of prior to reading this book However Chinye is a West African olktale that many students were never aware of prior to reading this book However think this book is a great asset to have in the classroom This is because it is a culturally diverse book and it is easy to comprehend the meaning This story is also very similar to the airytale Cinderella The teacher will explain how this story is similar to Cinderella after reading Chinye out loud in class Students will talk about the similarities and differences between both stories and then act out a play that combines both stories This is what we did in LLED 402 when we re made a airytale This will have the kids be creative and make the airytale somewhat cultural I know I have read a European version of this story where the good sister alls down a well and works hard or the woman she inds there and is rewarded with gold while the evil sister tries to do the same but is too lazy to work and ends up with tar as I recall In this Nigerian version it is magic gourds that bring riches or p i know this book is short but it teaches you a lesson not be greedy and if you re nice you will live happ. Is enchantingly retold in this traditional West African story of goodness greed and a treasure house of go. ,
Tory It is about a little girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister after her ather passes away When She Is Sent Into A is sent into a late at night a wise old woman gives her a gift Chinye s obedience pays off in the end I would use Chinye to introduce olktales Chinye can be used to explain how stories that are orally passed down can be Written Down I Would Ask Students To Go Home And down I would ask students to go home and their parents about a story that is passed down and they can share it with the class The theme in this West African olk tale is that goodness respect and obedience are rewarded Chinye is an African girl who lives with her stepmother Nkechi and stepsister Adanma Nkechi and Adanma treat Chinye badly making her do all the work Sounds like Cinderella One night they send Chinye out into the dangerous jungle to All about Us fetch waterHowever the creatures she meets are kind to her and her willingness to listen to an old woman she meets brings reward in theorm of a magic gourd illed with treasures Of course jealous Nkechi must then send her own daughter out to bring home riches but being greedy Adanma doesn t listen to the old woman and brings home only trouble to her mother Does this story sound amiliar It s undoubtedly the African original of Robert D San Souci s The Talking Eggs which is set in the American South Read both or a comparecontrast I love this West African version Recommended Reading Log Template the American South Read both or a comparecontrast I love this West African version Recommended Reading Log Template Non European FolktalesTitle Chinye A West African FolktaleAuthor Obi OnyefuluIllustrator Evie SafarewiczGenre Folktale Picture book Fairy TaleThemes Culture Africa Good vs EvilOpening linesentence Long ago there lived a girl named Chinye Brief Book Summary This story is mainly about a girl with the name of Chinye Both of Chinye s parents passed away so she lived with her stepmother and stepsister Her stepmother made Chinye Handbags and Gladrags find water so she could cook a dinner While she went by the stream to get water random animals and people see her and make Chinye extremely scared However she ends up beingine and once she gets home a stranger suprises her The stranger gives her the gold and said whoever chooses well will get the gold Chinye ends up getting the gold and is able to live the life she had deserved to live Professional RecommendationReview 1 Gill Roberts Books An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for Keeps No 97 March 1996 A West Africanolktale about greed and much with beautifully expressive illustrations The seuence of events is related simply and effectively so that difficulty with some pronunciations is completely unimportant and appreciation of Chinye s innocence goodness and selflessness and the danger of her journey is heightened Examples of good and evil can be clearly classified and resolved in a whirlwind of lashing light and clapping thunder A magical and moral masterpiece Year 2 children soaked this up with obvious understanding and delightProfessional RecommendationReview 2 Marilyn Courtot Children s Literature This is a Nigerian olktale that pits the goodness of Chinye against the greed of her stepmother and stepsister When she is sent into the Wish Upon a Wedding forest at night toetch water she is terrified of th. Strange powers are watching over her How Chinye discovers the magic of the gourds and transforms her life.
Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader
I read this in my
3rd grade advanced 
grade advanced class we were doing a unit on airytales rom different cultures and I remember being intrigued and liking this one a lot Chinye by Obi Onyefulu illustrated by Evie Safarewicz 1994 Oh my where has this book been I ve loved sharing another book The Talking Eggs by Robert D San Souci illustrated by Jerry Pinkney Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other for YEARS one of my FAVORITE read alouds ever I absolutely love exaggerating how the head is removedrom the body ok won t give away anything but I love that story that students and I compare with the traditional Cinderella story they ve heard before NOW I ve met this book Chinye which is uite similar While I love the Creole Richard Nixon: The Life feel in The Talking Eggs this story is uite beautifully set in West Africa with gourds instead of eggs You don t get to know the characters as well but there s still aantastic story woven throughout I hope to share this with students next year Thrilled I ordered it I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! for the collection Genre Traditional LitMulticulturalI liked this book It was simple and Iigure it would be easy or students to use to compare and contrast with the original The story did not stray and was not too involved I would then like to ind a book that is Puppet Master far removed with some of the same elements I would like toind a story that is multi cultural gives students to talk about and thus to learn I was hoping this would have of Chinye being actively kind to the orest creatures instead of them just taking pity on her though the story does retain the element of the wicked stepsister not heeding instructions and thus reaping calamity instead of rewardA bunch of reviews liken this story to the Creole picture book The Talking Eggs which I don t think I ve read but certainly there are a variety of olktales in this vein I was thinking of Diamonds and variety of Janae (Blacktop, folktales in this vein I was thinking of Diamonds and God bless the Internet where I could Googleolktale mouth jewels lizards and have the thing I was thinking of be the irst hit or Mufaro s Beautiful Daughters which is in the Cinderella vein than this one on account of it having a marriage plot Chinye is a book written by Obi Onyefulu and illustrated by Evie Safarewicz The book is about a #Young Nigerian Girl Named Chinye #Nigerian girl named Chinye is orced to live with her evil stepmother and stepsister after the death of her parents Forced to labour tirelessly or her stepmother she encounters an old woman in the orest while carrying out one of her many chores and her life is changed oreverThe story is a West African olk tale that promotes the importance of having a good heart and not being greedy Evie Safarewicz s illustrations introduce the reader to life in a typical West African village with bright vivid imagery that add a real sense of atmosphere to the story The book is an excellent way or KS2 students to compare similarly themed stories such as Cinderella in order to understand cultural similarities and differences On its own it is also an excellent vehicle to stimulate conversation about right wrong the ways in which we treat those around us and morality in general Chinye is a Nigerian olktale Chinye is similar to the Cinderella Poor Chinye Back and Why Diets Make Us Fat forth through theorest she goes Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., fetching and carryingor her cruel stepmother But.

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