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This is the story that inspired the William Hurt movie The Doctor Neither stands out in my memory as something extraordinary but both convey the idea effectively enough A competent doctor begins developing mysterious symptoms The colleague he "Consults Fails To Diagnose His "fails to diagnose his correctly and it gets worse Much later another physician finally identifies the problem and it s urgent but is so cold and disrespectful that he cannot bear to be a patient And here s the point despite his fear and dismay at being on the other side of the bed he slowly recognizes that this is the ind of doctor he has been throughout his career He had never considered What The Experience Of Coming the experience #of coming see him was like for people who needed help He #coming see him was like for people who needed help He to this humbling realization late in life but I respect him for reaching it at last and for trying to make amends The premise was good but he discussed a lot of medical statistics that I would presume have changed in the almost 30 years it has been since this was published He also talks about what it s really like to be a patientBut still received a lot of special privileges and his real biggest complaints seemed to be waiting as much as a half hour one time and 5 or 10 minutes on A graphic account of what it's like when a do. .
A Taste of My Own Medicine When the Doctor Is the PatientTher occasions and having to fill out paperwork Maybe this was the biggest issue when this was written A reflective piece that humbles the soul "And Reminds Us All "reminds us all doctors are people too The movie is better great book nevertheless Anyone in pursuingin the medical field should deff read it I read this book a long time ago and still reread it from time to time The concept of medical professional exploring his profession from the point of view of the patient is interesting and always relevant no matter when the book was written A refreshingly honest look at illness and the book was written A refreshingly honest look at illness and through the eyes of a doctor diagnosed with cancer The movie The Doctor is one of my favorite movies so I was so The Doctor is one of my favorite movies so I was so to come across the book recently Great book even though it is nothing like the movie After reading this I feel that EVERY doctor in America should be reuired to read this book as they come into the medical profession Or we can only hope that many of them do become patients and REALLY see their illness through a patients eyes like Dr Rosenbaum did and come away the better doctor for it I was sad to find out that we just lost this wonderful doctor earlier this year Should be reuired reading for anyone who wants Ctor crosses to the other side of the table

Edward E. Rosenbaum í 5 Free read

O practise medicine Written by a doctor s experience of being a Without drilling the concept Into His Audience Dr Rosenbaum his audience Rosenbaum paints a picture of the indignities he suffers as a patient while describing the practicalities of things that he never thought twice about while practicing as a physician With pearls typical of a teaching physician mix of hubris and humbleness and anecdotes of times he was right and times he was wrong Dr Rosenbaum has written a book from which many may benefit from his experience Similar yet not the same Wit with Emma Thompson Dr Alexander Eben s Proof of Heaven Ultimately there are so many lessons to learn from patients even when we think we ve reached the end of our scientific ropes during their workup I thought I was going to donate this book as I have been many lately but will now be The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) keeping it Mostly enjoyable because the MD is from Portland From the 80 s an MD is diagnosed with cancer and learns that the patient s view is different than the MD s Nothing very stunning andinda hard to believe that it took him this long to learn to see things from the patient s views But easy to read and I Riding Hard kept on because it was set in Portland and I like reading medical storie. Nd becomes a patient himself—Parade Magazine.

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