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What an awful ending to a mediocre book with the most annoying characters I was very pleased to find out that Madeleine Wickham was Sophie Kinsella as I oved her books What pleased me even was that Madeleine Wickham takes a darker deeper ook into her characters than her Sophie Kinsella books offer There is hilarious comedy but there is also deep sorrow within this bookFleur Daxeny picks up rich men at their wife s funeral She finds Richard Favour and the story takes off from there What could be a Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood light hearted and shallow story is actually uite deep particularly regarding why Fleur is the way she is Ms Wickham delves into Fleur s psyche as well as Richard s odd marriage with his now diseased wife The book moved me even as Fleur grew and outrageous as the story continued Richard s obnoxious and insulting son inaw added emotion to the book mostly angry emotions from myself My only hang up would be the ending as it seemed a bit rushed and even a Imagine That! little fake I had too many unanswered uestions Apart from that I was moved by the novel sook at oss and how far we will go to not be deserted Fleur has made a career out of "crashing funerals and memorial services so that she can work her way into recently widower s ives She the "funerals and memorial services so that she can work her way into recently widower s Sister of My Heart lives She the s trust then takes them for all she can and moves on But when she meets Richard Favour things start to change She finds herself feeling comfortable and fitting in with his family When her daughter comes to visit and fits in too Fleur realizes she is going to have some decisions to make But is Fleur ready to give up the highife and to settle into the suburbs With her daughter involved and asking uestions about her past Fleur s past and being ready for a change Fleur has to consider and decide what she can do and what she has to do Parts of the book I really enjoyed and other parts were just ok I really King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies like most of the characters in this book with 5 kind of main characters and 3 important supporting characters The characters were given a decent background and we were given a view of the past of a few of them I wanted a bit on the character development side though from some of them Also I think the background could have been worked into the story better you would be going along on the story and suddenly there would be a chapter set in the past and it would give you insight on why a character was the way they were now Once we were given the background the subject was dropped though and story picked right back up it was aittle confusing I kind of wonder if somewhere Wickham has some Rescuing Gus long elaborate back stories for all of these characters and she wanted to work some of it in but couldn t work in all that she wanted I found this development of characters and how they were developed to a different degrees nice in some scenes but annoying in other parts At times I needed on some of the supporting characters which would have helped with some of the supporting characters relationship with the main characters Overall I enjoyed the book and feelike I Class of 92: Out of Our League learned something about character development from it The book didn t turn me off Wickham as a writer as it seems to some people which is good Glad I read it Sophie Kinsella brings charm wit depth andaughs to her stories Everything that Madeleine Wickham seems to Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story lackThis is my fourth Wickham book an. Fleur Daxeny is bloedmooi enevensgevaarlijk Ze draagt altijd zwarte kleding en verslijt meer mannen dan schoenen In de krant zoekt ze naar rouwadvertenties waarna ze op begrafenissen van wildvreemden verschijnt op ja.

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The Gatecrasher

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In ove with her before absconding "WITH ALL THE CASH AND GIFTS "all the cash and gifts can convince them to part with The story rolled along uickly and kept me interested but it was the characters I really iked There was a really good mix of nice people and arseholes I haven t read much of Sophie kinsellas work but I might have to dig Out Some Books By Her True Rating Would Be 15 some books by her True rating would be 15 somewhere between didn t ike it and it was OK When Madeleine Wickham morphed into Sophie Kinsella apparently she acuired the ability to create characters with a few redeeming ualities to offset their character flaws ie compulsive shopping This is disappointing especially coming from the author who gave us the Shopaholic series The premise is interesting enough a woman who ives off widowers hopping from one funeral to another with a ittle help from a couple of gay friends But the characters aren t fully developed and I had a hard time finding any redeeming uality in the main character that justified a whole family falling in ove with the main character that justified a whole family falling in Moonrise love with and ultimately too easily forgiving the way she has used them From what I read all she has is apparently charm and surely that s not enough not even in the world of fiction She thinks too many mean things of others and is inconsiderate I sometimes wondered if Wickham simply forgot to present the positive side of her The ending is abrupt too she is about toeave her atest conuest to find the next widower and her change of mind is just not believable enough It s a pity because the book is actually full of characters that are uite fascinating and I might ve been hooked if I had had thorough information about each of them The ending is of course pleasing but not satisfying at all because Wickham fails to make us believe that it is possible I picked this up so that I could have a fluffy book to read over the holidays one that I could just pick up and read without doing much thinking It fit the billHowever I found it was very slow at one point I picked it up and was surprised to find that I was half way through despite the plot not having picked up much at all I think the author was trying to do t Although I ike them I m not the biggest fan of the Shopaholic series But I always really ove Kinsella s other work This is the first of her s I ve read where she was writing as Madeleine Wickham and I hope it s not the ast When I started reading this I knew I was going to Alien Alpha love it but I figured as it was chickit it would be pretty predictable I was wrong This book actually surprised me I thought I had the story all figured out and then BOOM Zara shows up I was also really shocked that we didn t have a scene where Richard finds out about Fleur s real intentions confronts her they would fall out for a bit but then end up happy ever after when Fleur explains that she now oves him I was expecting this scene the entire book But the book ends and Fleur never has to explain herself I actually really iked that because I wasn t expecting it One thing I didn t ike is that it hinted that Zara has an eating disorder but then it s never touched on again If you are going to have one of your characters have a serious illness then I think it s something you should follow up Overall this was one of those can t put it down totally fluffy no thinking reuired books which is just what I need right now. De kans krijgt in Richards papieren te snuffelen blijkt al snel dat zij niet de enige is die op zijn geld uit is Moet Fleur op haar instinct vertrouwen of zo hard weglopen als haar zwarte Prada pumps haar kunnen drage. ,
D what a stupid book What a distasteful protagonist I honestly don t think I could ve disliked a character than FleurI started this book with the hopes that it would be an interesting read albeit ight The premise of this book the plot seemed very interesting original even A ady who crashes funerals in search for wealthy vulnerable men to prey on in order to climb up the social adder only to choose the wrong man to prey on and end up getting too close to the family for her own consciousness s good Great story rightWRONGWhat a waste of my time It dragged on and on and on for the very ongest time "Only To Have Fleur Get "to have Fleur get and worse in character instead of better To have her thirteen year old daughter Zara possess sense and wisdom than her It s not until the Beautiful Ghosts last TWO pages that Fleur awakens from her selfish obnoxious awful money focused daze and decides to do something with herife and for her daughter s sake Oh my God are you serious Madeleine Wickham made us hate this character the whole way through and wouldn t even wrap up the story properly and just eft us with two final pages of utter nonsense aswhat ClosureAnd is Richard really that much of an idiot Yes sure he s the nicest man on the planet but since when is nice an idiot Yes sure he s the nicest man on the planet but since when is nice with stupid He spent the entire book ooking for clues on who his dead wife really was and wondering about all the ualities and things that were kept hidden from him when she was alive and then he just simplyacceptsFleur s final reuest of not asking any uestions and keeping all the secrets and mysteries and even gets emotional that she was back and is agreeing to staying with him but not marrying him I mean I repeat is this man stupidVery frustrating story and even frustrating characters They weren t well rounded at all they did not develop well at all the main characters pretty much stayed completely the same throughout the book and only the secondary characters seemed to change to the betterI think Wickham should stick to writing in Kinsella s style Published 10072007Author Madeleine WickhamThis book was A Year in 120 Recipes light hearted fun sweet and had aittle bit of mystery in it Madeleine Wickham Sophie Kinsella doesn t disappoint with this book In my opinion it is one of the best written by Sophie Kinsella The was the first one of the Madeleine Wickham books that I read as soon as I finsihed it I purchased the rest of the books and couldn t wait to read them It is a must read for anyone who F. Scott Fitzgerald loves Sophie Kinsella books and anyone whooves romantic and rom com books This was one of them kind of books where you just cannot put it down I had many sleepless nights due to being so hooked on to the novel Fleur the main character has made her money and The Devil Hath Been Raised: A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692; Together With a Collection of Newly Located and Gathered Witchcraft Documents life out of crashing peoples funerals in order to work her way into the widowsife to get them to spend all their money on her I uite iked the character of Fleur I thought that she was very intriguing as to how she managed to worm her way into these mens ives The characters that are featured in the novel are all very well described and the surroundingssetting is painted perfectly by the author so that when you close your eyes you can actually see it in your eyes and imagine everything that is happening 35 starsThis was a pretty good story about a professional gold digger who dupes wealthy widowers into falling. Cht naar rijke argeloze weduwnaars en hun platina creditcards Fleurs aatste verovering is Richard Favour een saaie maar welgestelde zakenman Als een zonnestraal dringt ze zijn even binnen Maar wanneer Fleur eindelijk. .

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