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Nformation to learn something new for a novice biker seasoned biker and mountain biker but most information is geared towards road bikers Lots of tips and general information to help riders of any age and fitness level Great basic read on how to improve on cycling Applies to age and fitness level Great basic read on how to improve on cycling Applies to level if ou need then hire every level if ou need then hire coach There re snippets of advice for the clubhouse weekend warriors but no so much for seasoned riders already familiar with the sport as expected in a book aimed at beginners looking to take their sport to the next level at beginners looking to take their sport to the next level than average actionable advice After reading this book I was able to create my own nutrition training and maintenance planI love this book very much and ended up finishing in just a couple seating Selene Yeager was able to make it comprehensive but brief enough that it didn t confuse me with too many details Its definitely successful in helping. Ide to achieving one's top speedBolstered by a foundation in science and road tested by Yeager and the editors of Bicycling magazine the wisdom presented in Get Fast will have riders and readers flying on the road dirt dirt roads cross course track anywhere and everywhere they love to ride most in no time at ,

A lot about techniue cornering climbing and body po Most of it review but it s nice to have it all in one place written by a female Lastly Selene may be a celebrity in the literarycycling subset but she is very approachable She has her blog and her articles and her Instagram and not once have I reached out to her with a uestion she didn t answer or a comment she didn t give a like to Enjoy the book and happy trails Or ou could read Bicycling Magazine every month for a few ears but this seems efficient Magazine every month for a few ears but this seems efficient are some really good riding tips and information on nutrition and training but overall the book is not detailed enough It s like a 8 everything pizza a sampling of everything but not enough to fill ou up Selene attempts to cover too many things without going into enough detail too many instances where she glances a topic but says this isn t a book on But there is enough Possible angle including not only the standard chapters on riding techniues and bike maintenance tricks specific to getting fast but also stand alone chapters on fitness and weight loss stretching nutrition and supplementation motivation and mental attitude Together they present a complete and comprehensive gu. Selene Yeager is in my opinion the most important contemporary voice in womens cycling She has an approachable style but clearly when she puts on her race plate it is Game On I will never get as fast as Selene but her book helped me to trim the fat off my training program Literally I was never so motivated to cut weight as I was after reading Chapter 10 Less weight free speed Sign me up I used Selene s tips to make sure everything I was eating had some sort of nutritional value It was not easy but I could definitely feel a DIFFERENCE SKIPPING UP THE HILLS DISCLAIMER skipping up the hills Disclaimer
*is the first *
the first to admit that eating is fun But to get faster we need a balanceSelene goes into detail about my two least favorite topics strength training and bodywork foam rollingstretching The truth hurts as does foam rolling but it has a purpose and the book gave me a push to stick with itShe also talks. Every cyclist wants to get faster Whether they're a weekend warrior a crit specialist or a charity cruiser speed is the X factor that lets a rider ride strong feel fresh and thoroughly enjoy each ride Get Fast is the cyclist's go to guide for gaining speed In it author Selene Yeager addresses speed from every.

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Get Fast

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