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RavishedEfinatly going into my shelves of favourites DNF 50 % Maybe 255 despite not finishing which has to do with my current mood It s not a bad book and the writing is good I must say the heroine annoys me with her antics Much that I m a bona fide nerd I actually hate it when bluestocking heroines get so single minded in their pursuit of knowledge that they don t pay attention to people and clues in their environment and placing themselves in dicey situations Surely bookish intelligence and common sense are not mutually exclusive concepts The secondary characters are good I Like The Hero like the hero pacing just slowed right down in THE MIDDLE ONCE THEY GOT TOGETHER middle Once they got together was no bantering and ittle spark There was a good deal I Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China liked about this book Gideon was great Even though early on he s all I ve forgotten whatove is you can tell he cares for Harriet a My Wife's Affair lot and will uickly grow toove her The rumors about him are pretty messed up but you know instantly they don t fit his character The sex scenes while not always as descriptive as I would have Chicken, Chicken, Duck! liked were hotMy main problem was the heroine She constantly put herself in dangerous situations Then she was always telling Gideon to stand down andet every offense slide The one that really bugged me because she tried to dissuade Gideon against it for manyyyy pages was when Gideon wanted to duel someone and Harriet is Inspirations like I know this psycho trapped me and planned to rape me had I not escaped but stop this foolishness right now and don t you dare duel him over my honor Now maybe I ve read too many mafia romances or something but I would ve beenike Gut him ike a fish and bring home his testicles so I can make a necklace out of them and mail it to his mama But hey that s just meThe whole mystery behind the fossil tooth and who the mastermind of the ring of thieves was ok I didn t really care either way But the person behind it was surprising as well as some of the other things he confessed to I ove Regency romances I am a Georgette Heyer tragic from way back but many of today s efforts are very weak and formulaic This one is neither of those things and I was in my reading element The two main characters were delightful the conversation was witty and the formula was thrown out the window Guess what no misunderstandings between our purported Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You lovers to separate them andead them astray In this book our hero and our heroine understand each other from the start and have each other s backs throughout the story It was fun it was fresh and I Slo Mo! loved it This story is a beauty and the beast retelling with two interesting main characters Harriet Pomeroy a fossil enthusiast and the viscount Gideon St Justin Gideon got the name beast because of hisarge size mean attitude and his scar over his eye Also because it was said that he drove his fianc to kill herselfIt got boring at times it was said that he drove his fianc to kill herselfIt got boring at times they had sex so uickly that I was so confused on if they were going to even have a relationshipBut I did have time after that to find out that the heroine is completely annoying Like he had to Poor Mrs. Rigsby literally ask did she favor her fossils over him And s A very amusing entertaining HR read The heroine annoyed me a bit at first but then I warmed up to her and ended up really enjoying the book. Vevano e decidesse di approfondire'argomento Ma mentre si accingeva a farlo ecco entrare Pirates, Ships, and Sailors la vecchia governante con un grido d'orrore esclamando sgomenta La Bestia di Blackthorne Hall'anziana donna crollava a terra svenuta non prima però di aver urlato all'attonita Harriet di fuggire ontano da uell'uomo Un uomo sul cui capo pesa il più infamante dei sospetti un uomo che a vita ha duramente segnato Un uomo a cui rettezza e il cui coraggio segneranno irrevocabilmente il destino di Harriet spalancandole e porte della più ardente passio. Ell Huh No and no Idiocy is idiocy When someone is taken somewhere by forceor unawares it IS kidnapping Note cute hide spoiler Unknowingly I ve read this earlier in 2008 I had no idea since Amanda uick s covers and titles have A Striking Resemblance Titles Are One Word And Cover Is striking resemblance Titles are one word and cover is colored too but in different shades and featuring an objectThe title and characters were a ittle forgotten to me however the story and plot are etched in my craniumAs I flip the pages I begin to become immersed in a different world pleasant and achingly familiar however I do not drown for romances as sweet as this could sustain my survivalBones and fossils Imagine creepy skulls teeth toes and femurs stuck on a stone wall and being freed by our odd heroine Harriet Pomoroy Bones and fossils do not scare her She is considered a spinster for she is 25 years of age She has no interest in marriage for only fossils catch her attention And perhaps the Beast of Blackthorne Hall Gideon St Justin is our battered hero Being the second son he was Frost at Midnight least favorite of his parents Has a terrible scar on his face Has gained reputation of Beast of Blackthorne Hall Is believed to have compromised fiancee the daughter of Reverend Ruston Dierdre who have committed suicide after allegedly being dropped by Gideon after discovering she is with child His reputations is also tarnished to shreds And is feared by all Except HarrietHarriet and Gideon are an odd couple They never fit in normal society However they no doubt belong in each others arms Despite the world being against them they manage to fight all odds sinceoving each other is as inevitable as the dawn BTW this book is not just a wonderful story that would make you smile It is also educationalOne could Princess Baby, Night-Night learn aot from Harriet s archeological skills However the best of her The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post lessons that I would keep in mind is a practicalesson being non fossil related is this Rock floor is not conducive to Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution lovemaking Ravished is one of my all time favorite Amanda uick novels It s a wonderful story withikable characters and I must have read it at east 3 times already Gideon is a scarred brooding semi outcast whose own parents don t believe in his innocence Despite having reason to be bitter and harsh Than The Immature Heros the immature heros many other romances Gideon never behaves ike a jerk or takes out his anger on the heroine He can be arrogant and dictatorial but he is tender to and proud of Harriet from practically the beginning Harriet is eccentric geekily obsessed with fossil collecting intelligent a bit bossy a bit plain and on the shelf in her mid 20 s She s no shrinking violet and is not afraid to go for it when she and Gideon get stuck in a cave alone overnight Their bond is wonderful she believes in him and defends him verbally and in 1 memorable scene physically to everyone and he sees her as beautiful There are some nice passionate scenes Some good humor too when Harriet s geeky friends try to save her from the Beast Assorted villains including a rival fossil hunter add to the plot But the focus remains on the romance and it s ovely sigh My first Amanda uick and most defiantly not my ast Loved everything about this book The plot the charactersit all radiated true originality This one s O ben più di una dolce fanciulla pareva fermamente decisa a rimanere zitella e se ne infischiava alla grande della propria reputazione E come se tutto ciò non bastasse ora gli stava candidamente confessando di essere uscita diverse volte nel cuore della notte per spiare un gruppo di pericolosi banditi che a suo dire con a oro attività minacciavano dei preziosi fossili Ce n'era a sufficienza perché il potente Gideon accantonasse il risentimento che provava per gli abitanti dei propri territori ignorasse e pesanti accuse che essi gli muo. ,

4 12 starsI I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) like Beauty and the Beast tales and Ravished is many reader s favorite Amanda uick novel so I chose it as my introduction to her work I m glad to say I was not disappointed Ioved Gideon from the start and he was everything but The Beast of Blackthorne Hall the nickname he received due to his shady reputation and his sinister appearance I was expecting to meet a dark tortured hero but he was actually uite funny Harriet was a different matter and it took me some time to understand her She came dangerously close to becoming a TSTL heroine when she put herself in danger by refusing to a TSTL heroine when she put herself in danger by refusing to to Gideon s reasoning not only once but twice Her redeeming point was her never faltering trust in Gideon jumping at one time Flight, Vol. 7 literally to his defense whenever someone dared to speak ill of himAs for the story it was entertaining funny and fast paced Some events and particularly Harriet s reaction to them were unusual forack of a better word but in the end I thought that uirkiness was fitting I wasn t too surprised with the identity of the master villain even though I spent most of the time thinking it was someone else Considering this was a romance and not a mystery thriller novel I have no complaints And the ending Ah I ove closing a book with a smile on my face Review Up There she goes again Gideon warned his mother You had better stop her uickly unless you want the conversation to revert to fossils So I generally try to stay far away from bluestocking heroines in HR specifically the eccentric kinds simply because they are typically not always written to such a slanted degree that it comes off obnoxious and to be completely honest historically inaccurate Such was the case here My first Amanda uick book and I can see she ikes to go for uirky hammy characters and campy plots that are not that complicated or mysterious and a ittle too thin I personally prefer meat to the story and characters that I don t picture ashow can I put this delicatelywell not ike this The heroine Harriet was very hotcold for me I found her inconsistent at times I was cheering her on at places and at others I wanted someone to duck tape her mouth shut She s this hardcore fossil enthusiast to the point that the girl is racing down a bluff ike a kid whose hair is on fire to confront fossil hunters from taking over her precious cave The villains Rogues Her precious fossil tooth is unprotected State of emergency Police Help Where is the Jurassic Park dude when you need him She gets in blistering huffy arguments with everyone and anyone who says stupid things and defends the hero staunchly Which I Got A Real Kick Out I got a real kick out Nobody diss the Beast in front of her Proceed with caution But then there were moments where I uestioned this girl s much touted intelligenceoh YES there s besides the fossil stupidity view spoiler The whole kidnapping scheme was ridiculous and hurl to the wall worthy This girl suddenly ost her tongue and indignation all because the people who spirited her off are her fossil enthusiast friends They ure her into a carriage and spirit her off to Gretna Green to marry her to someone else She indulges them and stays silent and twists Gideon s arm to drop his demand for satisfaction all because they meant Era a giovane donna più eccentrica che Gideon avesse mai incontrato Scarmigliata e un po' in disordine appariva perfettamente a suo agio tra gli innumerevoli Touch of Enchantment libri e ossa che ricoprivano ogni angolo della stanza il suoavoro When Dads Don't Grow Up lo chiamavaei Certo nell'accorrere alla richiesta d'aiuto che gli era stata inviata il signore di Blackthome si figurava di dover soccorrere una damigella in difficoltà e non certo uesta specie di virago in gonnella Invece miss Harriet Pomeroy non aveva battuto ciglio alla vista del viso sfregiato che aveva sconvolt. ,

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