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The Garden of Happy Endings eIs novel is a very different type of space opera like you ve never met before Far from big space wars this journey in the galacticmptiness is deeply personal Every character discovers their true self true personality and wishes in a very soft way This softness is what characterizes the whole story you are not thrown away in this completely uniue sci fi universe you Are Gently Led Into It As You Uncover And Understand gently led into it as you uncover and understand mechanisms page by page But the best thing is how deeply relevant it is today despite being written almost 30 years ago Overpopulation climate change technology determinism all resonate with today s world our world as the story opens a big debate about human nature This novel is an unexpected sci fi gem that should reconcile Campfire even the most down toarth reader with sci fi Let s just hope Robin Hobb decides to write of it Generations ago an altruistic alien race the Arthroplana rescuedhumanity from the My Little Blue Dress ecological disaster ofarth and resettled them ina new system with dire warnings on the necessity of fitting in to thelocal Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars ecology Since then this desire to leave no mark has becomean obsession possibly to thextreme detriment of the human raceThe result of generation of selective breeding has been a race of tinypeople who do not reach puberty until late middle age who are of selective breeding has been a race of tinypeople who do not reach puberty until late middle age who are of soon not being able to naturally reproduce at allBut there is a radical Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life element of humans that believe it has all beena big lie that Earth is really fine and that the powers that bedon t want people to know about it They blackmail a man John tosign on to one of the alien Beastships to surveyarth and arrange to bring back data that hasn t been filteredBut on the way an ancient stowaway makes contact with the Beastship which shockingly is no dumb beast but yet another sentient species fallen under the dominion of the Arthroplana Her awakening could change Crazy Love everythingAnntertaining sci fi book but I did feel that in pointing out someof the ridiculousness of Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society ecological concerns gone overboard some of the message of the seriousness of those concerns and the importance of balance goes astray Those who have not lived here will return for what was left Itsssence will cry out in a voice that cannot be ignored Riding in the balance between war and omnipotence rests all that they would know But they must put aside the ways of adults and be again as children if the door is to open to them They must speak not in the tongues of Men nor of Angels for it will not avail them Rebirth is within for all Usually fantasy authors are lousy at writing sci fi but that s not the case here Robin Hobb seems to xcel in both This novel was as beautiful and masterfully visualized if not ven as her other books I read so far Your language is too small sometimes She caught him up and swept him away with her out into the stars and beyond spreading too small sometimes She caught him up and swept him away with her out into the stars and beyond spreading again unbearably thin throughout a hundred solar systems Stars beyond stars glittered and this time she saw their beauty with him She spun him up and on and he sensed how very far they moved and feared for his sanity But suddenly there was a dull red star that beckoned him with a warmth that was than solar And then there was a planet gold and red and brown rich with thick winds Home Yes Evangeline is right human s language is sometimes too small for me at least Beca. Onmentally friendly that he no longer breeds or leaves any trace of his xistence Ho. People talk a lot about world building and Megan Lindholm did an almost perfect job Maybe ven a perfect one It seems seamless original and thorough In addition to that the characters are all very distinct and well developed The science and the systems of her fictional world are crafted just as Black Heart, Red Ruby expertly as the characters Her alien character is the best alien character I havever read Even though the book has a serious tone there s some xcellent dry humor to be found in the text specially in the conversations between Tug and the humansI m really surprised this book hasn t gotten attention It really is a science fiction masterpiece The total Package Good Hard Sci Fi good hard sci fi realistic characters in it The only criticism I can make is that it lags for just a moment about half way through driving a critical plot New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood element home Plod through that part it doesn t take too long and ride this bad boy to the finish line I ve had this book stuffed in my bookshelves with all the other delightful Megan Lindholm novels for decades And finally got around to reading it This is a beautifully written semi introspective science fiction novel featuring original aliens andxploring various aspects of humanity and its place in the universe sort of This book is hard to Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey explain there is so much in it The characters all have personalities there is character development the plot is simple butffective the world building consistent and original the writing sublime poignant and xhilarating It also happens to be a standalone novel This was a very njoyable reading ЯED experience This is a really interesting story set centuries after Earth is abandoned as a dying world The surviving humans now live under the authority of an alien race and have to make sure they don t make an impact on thecology of the planets they re grudgingly allowed to inhabit John and Connie are mariners travelling and trading on board a living ship when they re given a controversial mission go back to Earth and see if it s all as dead as they authorities claimTheir mission is further complicated by a stowaway hidden away since the days of Earth s vacuation and the fact that their ship is intelligent than anyone will give her credit forThis is a really interesting story that xplores a

lot of areas 
of areas conservation loneliness and what it means to find a place to fit in Highly recommended I m familiar with her work written under the pseudonym Robin Hobb but not the books she wrote as Megan Lindholm before she adopted the new name Since I didn t want really know where to start and she had written a few stand alone novels the choice was The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs easily madespecially since I didn t know Mrs Lindholm had ventured into the realms of Science Fiction at some point Reading a few reviews of which mainly Rob s convinced me I went for Alien Earth Also purchased that day and still to be read The Reindeer People and the follow up Wolf s BrotherWhat s it about Humans have destro This book is truly mind blowing Being very familiar with Hobb s fantasy I never Moreno expected her to master such a drastic change of genre and writing style I m happy I was wrong Before getting into the core of the novel let me tell you how big of a pleasure it was to me to read a whole story that fits into a single book from beginning tond something so rare it oughts to be noticedTh. Over successive generations the Conservancy has re adjusted man to make him so nvir. .

Use RH always finds the perfect words My favorite starships so far were Hamilton s haws from Night s Dawn Evangeline surpassed them I won t say another word about her you ll have to discover yourselfThe storyline was weaved just flawless the characters all of them the world building society plot all are perfectly blended inAs for the style it is introspective and psychological sci fi than based on action The development is slow but leading to an xplosive climax and throughout all the journey gripping nonetheless because Mrs HobbLindholm as I said and I will repeat myself always knows how to choose the right words to keep you Hooked To The Point That You Forget To Breathe It to the point that you forget to breathe It a story about what it means to discover your truly self about love and friendship It is also about a new beginning coming of age adaptation and struggle to regain identity In fact the only real pain is when you can t be who you really are I think I said nough although I m at a loss for words xpressing how much I relished it Wow Just wow Having snarfed my way greedily through What If everythinglse I finally turned in desperation to what I d considered what may be a throwaway I mean Ki and Vandien all of the Six Duchies Rain Wilds and the Liveships They all share a rich historical feel stories from a time long past How could a space story mesh with all that I don t think I was far into the first chapter before all of that fell away Once again this was a fantastically detailed world yet the story is told in such a way that it all springs to life in the telling no awkward laying of foundation to bring us up to speed Every page had me oohing and aahhing over how brilliantly this unfoldsThe premise is amazingly constructed down to The Exhaustion Breakthrough every politically chilling detail I suspect this was far prescient when written than it seems now given climate change shadow government one world rule Agenda 21 and countless conspiracy theories Humans bred and led to believe we must subjugate our wishes for the benefit if the whole directed by someone who keeps us ignorant of the big picture And the biggest sacrifice Suffice to say it s not something uniue to humans Here s hoping we always rediscover it in thend What I had thought a one off I now wish had been a series Indescribably wonderful book I m sure I ll have to reread this one as I wait impatiently for the next installment of Fool s Assassin Interesting plot and a fully formed cast of characters Several sayings come to mind If it looks too good to be true it s probably is Do on to others as you would have done on to you When looking for a motive alway follow the money You may have to twist or xpand on the sayings a little to make Them Fit But They Do If You fit but they do if you As part of my program to go back to the SF of the 80s and 90s I read this novel for the first time ven though it graced my bookshelves for longer than I care to remember It s actually uite good as a literary work well written strong characters well balanced plot As a work of SFnot so much It s aliens are simply not alien Supplemental Book enough An intelligent parasite is an interesting ideaven though it has been done before But an intelligent parasite that reads Nero Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes stories and reacts to them as you and I dono matter how many body segments he has he is a human being in disguise And I read SF to scape humanit. Wever a depleted gene pool now means that a dying Earth has to be repopulated uickly.

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