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Nachmittag eines SchriftstellersI finished this book in my bookstore The AC is broken it s the 4th of July and it feels as if everyone is at some alatial summer estate leaving the city abandoned to the heat the rats and the roaches This book is a short travelogue hell the title of the book is the Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887 plot of the book We follow a writer taking a break wandering through the city from the mountain which he works He watches snow muses on the futility of writing contemplates the self imposed loneliness of his existence watches strangeeople drink in "A Bar Meets A "bar meets a who tells him he s happy now that he s no longer writing and generally meanders and mulls I remember my old mentor once told me all of Proust can t hold up uantitatively to one moment in one uotidian day eating some schlock meal at Denny s The ure uantities of information are simply too overwhelming to ever get down impossible to transcribe in their infinite complexity This book looks to get around that by spending such a small sliver of time with our author our storyteller but in effect our author and storyteller exists rimarily in his own head as he himself observes over and over so in the end it s a futile gesture but a beautiful one about the solipsism of a writer and how the written word can never truly capture that uotidian moment Why was it only when alone that he was able to Le rendez-vous participate fullyMy sleep has been eroded for months now first a deprivation of carbohydrates and now the new work responsibilities have left merecarious I am thus aggressively self aware during the wee hours Peter Handke has successfully distilled such levels of examination and rendered it as literature The rotagonist is an author who finishes up his day s work around "his flat and then for a constitutional stops at a ub goes "flat and then goes for a constitutional stops at a ub goes meet a translator and finally returns home Full stop I recommend this for all who find the day starting at 3 am I m not a big fan of Peter Handke Normally I find his scientificobjective outlook too cold his careful rose too dour his virtually All Our Trials: Prisons, Policing, and the Feminist Fight to End Violence plotless narratives too cryptic Nor do I find the comparisons to Beckett convincing sure he s good with language or appears to be courtesy of his translators but where s the humour And in fact humour is thin on the ground in this book too but something rescues it from the brittleness of his other works As always he s intense A shaft of light seems to flood whatever he describ Does being a writer connect you to or disconnect you from the world So again another book like the one I read a weekish ago Here s how I imagine the conversation wentHandke s editor Pete you done with the new bookHandke Not yet been busy with interviews the Nobel you knowE Damn Peter We need to sellH I knowE Do you have anything else we canublish nowH Not really wellE Well whatH I ve these few ages of self indulgent stuff I wrote about a writer surely not me who goes out for a walk and instrospects aboutE Love it go onH introspec. Von einem Dezember Nachmittag handelt die 1987 von Peter Handke veröffentlichte Erzählung Die Arbeit am Schreibtisch ist für diesen Tag beendet sie wird erst am nächsten Vormittag fo. Ts about his life how sensitive and different he is to everyone how he likes to be alone to observe E Awesome It s been written since the renaissance but every romantic seems to love that what elseH Well nothing else really he wanders around all hurt and lonely excited to go back to his writer s desk to write showing how special writers are how sensitive lonely excited to go back to his writer s desk to write showing how special writers are how sensitive much in ain they have to be to write for those oor souls that don t know how to "much in The Houdini Solution: Put Creativity and Innovation to work by thinking inside the box pain they have to be to write for thoseoor souls that don t know how to know the usual bullshitE OMG Pete That s awesome Send it to me What do you want to call itH I dunno it s about a writer walking in the afternoon The Afternoon of a WriterE BrilliantUgh It could be convincingly argued that much of what Peter Handke has written is actually about the Cybercrime and Digital Forensics: An Introduction process of writing of finding words to describe what is in many cases indescribable Most of his characters are searching for something that they are unable or can t be bothered to define The search takes them from onelace to another on a random or circular journey that mirrors or mimics a rocess of discovery The Afternoon of a Writer is another of these works with the significant difference that the rotagonist is a writer and what s a character we are invited to take to be Handke himself His journey begins with the recollection of a time when he thought he had lost contact with language when he had been unable to work and thus had lost his The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability purpose in being alive From his suburban house where he is living contentedly with his cat he roams into the unnamed European city spends time at a cafe where he encounters a drunk who lectures him in an incomprehensible vernacular and finally to a meeting with his translator whose cheery disposition derives from no longer being a writer This is Handke at his challenging and enigmatic best The Afternoon of a Writer is theroduct of a restless and fertile mind that refuses to let anything go unuestionedu Handke s narrator suffers from a writer s block and takes a walk around town This would be an entirely sufficient summary of the short novel and it contains major One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries plot spoilers But as I am suffering from a reader s block and need to get rid of it by taking a walk around in Handke s mind I will add some reflections in the same way the writer in the story lets his thoughts flow randomly while he spends his afternoon doing nothing While writer s block is a uite well knownhenomenon which doesn t revent writers from spitting out new books almost on a yearly basis reader s block is a complicated condition and hugely neglected in research In my case it was triggered by a string of emotionally difficult but highly rewarding reading experiences such as Christa Wolf s Kindheitsmuster or Heinrich B ll s The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Finishing those books I felt drained and couldn t find my way back into my regular reading habits Everything seemed meaningless flat boring But just like Handke s writer forced himself to write a couple of sentences to Rtgesetzt eine Zwischenzeit also In ihr ereignet sich nichts Besonderes nichts Außergewöhnliches immerhin der erste Schnee des Jahres fällt Aber gerade dieses noch nicht durch Bedeutu. Et going again I forced myself to read some urposely lot free books like The Diary of a Nobody Constituting an exercise uite similar to doing swim motions in the air while books like The Diary of a Nobody Constituting an exercise uite similar to doing swim motions in the air while being reluctant to jump into the cold water I regained My Euanimity By Reading Unimportant Lightweight Literature euanimity by reading unimportant lightweight literature s writer describes the road or the river or an acuaintance to get back into the habit of writing descriptionsTo finish my reader s block therapy I read Handke himself and found my way back into literary language and subtle reflections When the narrator reaches the oint of recognising the huge gap between his existence as a writer observing life from the outside and as a regular erson trying "To Live It I Feel Ready To Be A Real "live it I feel ready to be a real again For that is the root of my reader s block as well When books get too close impose their resence on my dreams and actions I can t let go and I feel that I suffer from not being able to separate the diametrically opposed ideas of living life versus reading life Small details of everyday business written down or read help a writer or reader to find a way back to balance That is what this story is about and what it did to meI guess I am ready for Kafka and Dostoyevsky again A mere wisp of a novel exactly as advertised narrating the hours in the life of a writer between finishing his work for the day and laying down to sleep and rise to return to work the next day In between the act of writing that makes a writer who they are this novel Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark: More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told presents as meditative meanderings spent reflecting on the act of writing as well asreserving the Isocrates I (The Oratory of Classical Greece, vol. 4) possibility and necessity of continuing to write on the next day Sparse often brilliant and so diaphanous as to feel banal occasionally as well a good thing I think for life is mostly just that The Afternoon of a Writer entranced me enough to read it twice this time because I m working on a novel myself in much the same tone if a tad overtlyostmodern Blanchotian I really admire the delicate vulnerable yet stark tones of Handke s writing always have This one is so short I must read another right away Even better than Absence Very short and similarly cinematic I think now I will Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics probably read everything Handke has ever written winner of 2019 Nobel Prize nowA sort of candy of an existional novella It is about just what the title says However here we are talking about real literature writersrobably ones who concern themselves with Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications prose and describing human emotions than entertaining readers andlot twists Pessoa once said something to effect that to feel your feeling fully and consciously a reuirement IMO for great writing you need to starve yourself of too many emotions thus you will always be conscious of the few that you do feel thus you need to cut away from all social contact and that is what the Versailles protagonist seems to be doing He is definitely have strong feelings about nothing that happens in the afternoon and is conscious about it. Ngen Verstellte ist es dem der Schriftsteller auf dem Gang von seinem Schreibtisch in die Stadt von deren Zentrum zu deren Peripherie und auf dem Nachhauseweg seine Aufmerksamkeit widmet.

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