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The Norths Meet Murder

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Lled things apart albeit somewhat slowly and sometimes backed by luck and enjoyed the way he was sed as a bit of a commentary on the genre itself The book does do this and occasionally well with some lampshade hanging about the way crime novels work versus real life It was often pleasant to read these asides I am down to continue this series even if the shift to the Norths will Asylum and Other Stories undoubtedly change some of the focus The author had great insight into the human mind particularly as she s describing all the trials and tribulations a hostess goes through to get her informal party just right but the mystery was a little contrived and none of the characters had much depth I might pickp another in the ser I have been randomly reading Lockridge s series for the past year and finally stumbled on Book 1 in the series For any reader interested in this series of gentle and slightly comic classic murder mysteries I recommend reading them in order I didn t do that but highly recommend that you do what I didn t doThe character development is far interesting if the books are experienced in seuence In this novel Mr Mrs North literally stumble pon a body the fun begins when they start sharing cocktails with the investigating officer Cocktails are a critical component of the Mr Mrs North stories and even the accomplished police officer in charge of the case doesn t have a problem tipping a few martinis during lunch I have to keep reminding myself that martini glasses were much much smaller in the 30 s and 40 s But a keep reminding myself that martini glasses were much much smaller in the 30 s and 40 s But a martini lunch while on duty This series is filled with period details which I love each story takes you on a restaurant and bar tour of Greenwich Village or mid town Manhattan and Lockridge has a knack for creating an air of stylish living without over doing it The police procedural parts of his books bore me a bit but the fun of spending a few hours in the North s world is what lures me to return to another one of his booksPS DVD s are available of the televised Mr his booksPS DVD s are available of the televised Mr North mysteries from the 1950 s they are not nearly as much fun as the books but they may be of interest to fans of classic tv programs Maybe objectively a 3 12 star book but I had fun so I m rounding pFull disclosure I only read this book because Multnomah county library accidentally put it well actually a later one in the series on their list of Lambda award finalists While I did realize it was written in 1940 and therefore not a legitimate finalist I thought I d have a go anyway Overall it proved a light fun golden age mystery Not particularly revolutionary but a great comfort read if murder mysteries are what you turn to in anxious times like these And the main trio had a delightful Singin in the Rain vibe if you know what I mean Yeah that s the euphemism we re going with from now onHeads p for some period typical racism with regards to the Japanese suspect although the worst of it doesn t really go anywhere Current review 62916 Nobody is going to that much trouble to get murdered But if you re going to murder somebody you expect to go to a lot of trouble I would Pam NorthThe Norths Meet Murder 1940 is a lovely beginning to Frances Richard Lockridge s series which features to varying degrees Pam and Jerry North as the slightly screwy yet class This book was a real slog I had a hard time finishing it The probable only way I will continue this series is if I have already bought them and I feel I have to Whose Body meets The Thin Man in this cocktail soaked mystery of the body in the bath of an ninhabited apartment Sadly the Norths do no real sleuthing all of which is left to the police which is normal I realise but I ha Nearly 80 years after The Norths Meet Murder was first published in 1940 this debut novel to a series introducing Jerry and Pamela North a fun version of Nick and Nora Charles still delights When the couple discover a murdered man in the apartment
*above theirs they *
theirs they become drawn into the investigation headed by the sympathetic Lieutenant William Weigand I loved the mystery which I never cracked and I loved the glimpse into 1930s Greenwich Village and a sophisticated life I ll never have It s also interesting to see that the third degree was pretty standard even in the mid century Highly recommended A million years ago when I was a girl I thought that the Mr and Mrs North mysteries were the height of sophistication I read every one I could find and I am delighted to see these marvelous stories available to a new audience for KindleAlthough this. Ound a murdered man in the bathtubWith no clue not even the identity of the corpse nothing to start from but the Norths and their black cat Pete Detective Weigand began spinn. .
As seems true of some novels that introduce amateur sleuths or in this case convert existing comical characters into amateur sleuths the sleuths to be are essentially comical characters into amateur sleuths the sleuths to be are essentially characters to a traditional detective plot In this case we have a Lt Weigand and his aggrieved Mullins as a pair of police inspectors who dig down and do a lot of footwork trying to solve a crime of a decidedly nlocked room variety A body is found in an empty apartment that is always left nlocked for potential buyers The couple who found it is found in an empty apartment that is always left The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, unlocked for potential buyers The couple who found it eponymous Norths and members of their extended social circle are suspect for a variety of reasons mostly involving money and lust and various social not so slights The man killed was generallynpleasant prone to affairs and to rubbing people the wrong way though not an awfully terrible sort while the people who are suspected have a number of flimsy alibis and secret meetings and financial blips The Norths are known by the readers to be not the killers which is fine enough because the police seem barely to suspect them part of me did wonder what sort of plot twist would allow for them to been behind it all along and how this would impact the rest of the series but everyone else on the list seems both likely and Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español unlikely murderers as well This makesp the bulk of the novel where nothing seems set in stone and the npeeling of the layers just leads to possible links and less definite conclusion Until it does conclude not with a stirring confession by the killer but a combination of flimsy and definite evidence And true to form most of the clues were there the whole time though never so much as to completely spoil it No doubt some readers knew the killer but they just as well could have been wrong or right for the wrong reasons the real motive is only explained in the final few pages All in all an ok mystery a bit light on the depth and full of the kind of characters the other suspects that only slightly intrigue passionate in their own world but mostly for the things that I would just as well leave alone A second murder seems a bit extraneous but helps to drive the plot though it just as well could have been left aloneWhere the book shines is in its snapshot view of a time This is pre war World War II New York with all its racism and albeit mildly stated here classicism and genteel sexism and anti Hitler propaganda being viewed not so much as a pro American goodness as a business impediment for perhaps a good cause A Japanese butler is described as being of an alien mind and given a pidgin accent and there s a tiny scene passed off a bit comically of an inspector eyeing a young African American with suspicion and being eyed with suspicion in turn just because the young man is a person of color on the street of New York While one is forced to accept the attitudes of the time the telling here occasionally feels almost judgmental like the Lockridges are chiding New York for its many stripes and the way its many stripes view the other ones but not completely It feels honest at any rate for the good and the bad The distrust of the police by the non white folks seems prescient nder the radar commentary that might not have been meant as such Likewise we get a glance in the living conditions of the Twisted (LOST, upper middle crust or maybe the lowerpper crust and the set p of shops and apartments and streets and subways It is almost anthropologically set p of shops and apartments and streets and subways It is almost anthropologically its joy of making the time period vibrant When the police discuss various Pirate Barbarian unsavory methods of getting evidence out of suspects we too get a glance of the methods of the time to investigate crime and not all of them heroic The methods of investigation seem thorough and well described As far as I know it is an accurate and again feels honest portrayal of the techniues and their occasional failings Weigand is primarily the star of this one and does honorably as a main character soon to be shunted slightly aside for the Norths I presume in the followp titles He is generally effective both as an inspector and as a character as he mulls over the crime and its effects He is perhaps a bit too prone to latch to the female suspects though as in most things in this book it feels a bit honest As he contemplates not only the solving of the crime and its impact he A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing uestions the outcome of his solving it one of these people will go to jail or the electric chair This feeling of the weight not only of putting a killer behind bars but the aftermath of doing so adds some gravity to the situation I enjoyed the way he pu. The top floor studio of the old house in which the Norths lived was vacant Just the place for a party though Mrs North and took Mr Northp to see it They opened a door and Book was published in 1940 it hardly shows its age The gang s all here Pam and Jerry North of course Lt Bill Weigand Detective Mullins and even Inspector O Malley makes his appearance The only ones missing are the Siamese cats whom I seem to remember as Gin Martini and Sherry I could ones missing are the Siamese cats whom I seem to remember as Gin Martini and Sherry I could be wrong as long term memory is fickle Everyone smokes of course and there is Soap Making Bible uite a lot of drinking but mostly this mystery could be set in twenty first century New York with only a few changesThis first book in the series has somewhat less of the Norths and rather of Bill Weigand thansual but the plot doesn t suffer from it rather it sets Tewasnya Dewa Iblis Awan Api (Long Hu Men The Next Level 01) up the series for the following booksite nicely We are able to see the procedures of following books Red Now and Laters uite nicely We are able to see the procedures of police and the Norths do play a pivotal roleIt was a distinct pleasure to read or actually reread this book and I am looking forward to reading the others Bravo to whomever it was who decided to bring back the Norths The characters Pam Jerry North were originally invented by Richard Lockridge for some vignettes he wrote for the New York Sun during the early thirties and which he later resurrected in the short domestic comedies he contributed to The New Yorker by which time the Norths had acuired their full names but not yet their abilities as amateur detectives A collection of the stories was published in 1936 as Mr and Mrs North The crime novels originated when Frances Lockwood started writing a mystery during one summer vacation Stuck on a plot complication she called on her husband for help and the writing team was launched Because the Norths already had some name recognition the Lockridges decided tose Pam and Jerry as their central characters and retain the humorous tone and the playful interaction between the couple from the earlier stories The first Mr and Mrs North mystery The Norths Meet Murder was published in 1940 by Charles L P SiletThe Norths Meet Murder opens as Jerry comes home from his office at a publishing house and finds Pam planning a party in the vacant apartment on the top floor of their appartement building The empty flat can provide the space to dance and to set Chance Encounter up a bar that their second floor flat lacks Since their landlady Mrs Bruno is having trouble renting out the place she has left the doornlocked in order to allow prospective renters to look in without her So when Pam and Jerry arrive at the topflat to have a look at Mrs Norths plan they discover the corpse of a man with his head bashed in lying naked in the bath tub in the bathroomThis discovery changes the plans for a party rather immediatelyThe police officers who are called in to investigate are Bill Weigand and his assistant Detective Sergeant Aloysius Clarence Mullins The inspector Wiegand does do the most sleuthing in this 1st novel of the series while Mullins does most of the legwork We get to know the cast of possible suspects through the interviews by Wiegand and through those talks and reports by Mullins we get enough insight in the various character interactions to establish some idea of the guilty partyThe narrative of the plot is carefully detailed in chapters with specific time limits 800 AM to noon over the five days of the investigationThis mysterybook is a period mystery set in the late 1930s and written in 1940 the culture of this time with the smoking and drinking shows it origin from older times The very cavalier attitude by the police with their acceptance of beating a admission of guilt out of a suspect along with the casual drinking on the job by the police sets a mood of innocent times Where the CSI is still in his infant shoes what makes the mystery probably a nicer read And the murderer still a smart figure that could get away with stuff that is currently impossibleI am a big fan of Nora Nick Charles mostly due to their outragious movies characters and how they casually solve mystery and crime without having them stop their drinkingPam Jerry North are not as suave and drunk but they do like their cocktails And so does inspector Wiegand In this 1st outing it is Wiegand who does the most sleuthing and enjoying the company of the Norths Mrs North being the smarter and evolved character than her husband comes to the solution with the same knowledge as Wiegand by accidentA nice period mystery for people who enjoy the mysteries from before the big crimelabs and in a innocent and romantisized settingWell worth my time and I will probably seek out a later novel to see where the Norths evolved to This one would be a 3 12 star for Ing his web and gathered into it the most amazing heterogeny before he with the aid of Mrs North's hunches carried through to a brilliant entertaining and fascinating solutio.