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Las Hermanas: Chicana/Latina Religious-Political Activism in the U. S. Catholic Church kY very good at his job something that definitely puts him at the top of the hotness scale for meSo what is the book about It s told from first person POV Carrie is the heroine and she s basically a black ops operative who finally gets the chance toill the rebel scum who murdered her fiance Of course that rebel scum turns out to be Dragonfly and he s not what she expected But she has to put aside his gorgeous looks and his personality that seems to be in conflict with what she s read in his file and she has to get close to him so that she can figure out What His Big Evil Plan his big evil plan book has lots of cool "GUNS AND GADGETS AND A VERY "and gadgets "and a very anti theft concept Erica Hayes didn t skimp on the world building but it "a very anti theft concept Erica Hayes didn t skimp on the world building but it very easy to follow and understand even for people like me who did everything possible to avoid science classes in high school and college There is something that makes me sad about this book It s the fact that I ve heard virtually nothing about this book I came across it because I follow Sharon Fisher author of GHOST PLANET another SFR that I enjoyed this year and saw that she added it to her to read list on Goodreads On a whim I clicked over and read the sample pages The sample pages made me set aside the other book I was reading and purchase DRAGONFLY immediately I had so much trouble putting it down NOT a good thing when you re behind on a deadline But as I was saying this book doesn t seem to be getting hardly any attention which is a shame because it s fantastic The perfect blend of science fiction action and romance and I really want the book to do well SFR is a tiny subgenre that I think can explode It has everything that I love about urban fantasy but instead of magic and curses and potions it has guns and spaceships and awesome technology I really hope you guys will give it a try If you do let me Double Action Deputy (Cardwell Ranch: Montana Legacy Book 4) know how you like it Amazing worldbuilding and great characters Good action scenes and pacing I just wish this book had a seuel there were many plot threads left untied at the end What I likedThe world building was in depth complex and intriguing The plot was high tension and action packed There was uite a bit of science maths and technology something I love but that might put off those not soeen on heavy SF elements The characters are captivating and the hero particularly takes some figuring outWhat I didn t likeThis was uite slow at the start due to a heavy amount of set up and world building but had a lot of tension throughout right to the final confl Other than one totally out of place scene where a bunch of fearsome terrorists have nothing to do but taunt a 14 year old rich girl like mean girls in the middle of a mission and the heroine blames her for luring the The Alien Corn (The Canadians killers with her sexy sexy clothes Dragonfly was exciting Erica Hayes can write Loved Dragonfly the character too LOL So sweet I really liked the theme which I won t give away but involves empire the novel was ok Carrie was totalick ass just not crazy about dragonfly he was too soft and not enough leadership Review Courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyDRAGONFLY was a difficult book for me to read and review as I tend to like to watch science fiction television and movies than read them Much of this has to do with getting lost in all of the technology descriptions with no good way to visualize what I am reading From a purely plot standpoint ignoring all of the sci fi elements DRAGONFLY was a pretty good story filled with tons of action and intrigue The world building is vast with lots of interesting sci fi gadgets and a very cool twisty storyline I especially liked how the characters became complex and the lines between good and bad blurred as the story progressedCarrie is an engaging strong and complex character I liked her backstory and the fact that she came off as an incredibly clever resourceful woman which I always admire in a heroheroine One thing that frustrated me however was the numerous code names Carrie had which was especially confusing when one character refers to her by two different names in one conversationCarrie s love interest code name Dragonfly was just as complicated as Carrie and a strange enigma as his real motivations and identity are essentially a mystery waiting to be unraveled by Carrie Given the juicy history between these two characters I was hoping to learn a little about himOverall DRAGONFLY it is an exciting action adventure that lovers of science fiction novels will surely appreciate and enjoy While the science fiction genre in this medium is still a little overwhelming for me I thought the idea was well executed and the characters intriguing Check out the reviews linked below for a few SF lovers thoughts on DRAGONFLYSexual content multiple sex scenes Excellent sci fi romance The ending leaves the door open for a seuel and to that all I can say is YES PLEASE Be easy But is he the ruthless iller she was led to believe Or has her precious Empire deceived her With Malachite watching her every move the slightest flinch in loyalty means deathCarrie is soon racing to uncover an audacious treachery that will shock the Empire to its core if she can stay alive for long enough to expose .

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DragonflyReview originally posted at The Book PushersCarrie who is also nown under her codename as Aragon is an Axis imperial PushersCarrie who is also African Literature known under her codename as Aragon is an Axis imperial She s been given the mission to hunt down a cyber thief rebel who goes under the name Dragonfly She has been given crappy run of the mill missions after her team and fiance wereilled in action when their mission went wrong But Carrie jumps at the chance to track down Dragonfly who is to blame for their deaths However complications occurs when the black ops arm of the Axis demand that she murders Dragonfly opposite to her orders which was to capture him alive She is torn between revenge and to get "back in the good graces of her superiors but she did the good graces of her but she did encounter the fact that when she does track down her uarry she would develop feelings for him and that her loyalties would be challenged to their limitsI am so glad that I decided to pick up DRAGONFLY by Erica Hayes as part of our Sci Fi Romance theme month because this is a book which definitely describes the perfect book for this sub genre I expected that it would be a fun adventure with good world building but I didn t expect how much I really enjoyed the book because it was full of depth and great characterization as well a fully realized universe which was brimming full of details that literally leapt off the pageCarrie is given another identity to entrap Dragonfly Her new name and identity is to be Lazuli a sexy and brash thief which will help to attract his attention The Axis finds out that Dragonfly is planning a heist to help fund the rebellion against the Imperial forces who have an oppressive presence in the galaxy subduing planets and its population But things get really complicated for Carrie when she becomes attracted to Dragonfly and things are further murkier when she has to team up with a former lover of hers Nikita The last time she saw him he left her for deadI loved how how messy and intricate the emotional elements developed in the story It really fleshed out Carrie s character who faces realistic thoughts and feelings when dealing with Nikita who betrayed her so deeply in the past and Dragonfly who is not as the cold blooded iller she thought he was She is determined to succeed in her mission but the she becomes ensconced into the labyrinthine plots the twists and turns emerge that have her uestioning her orders and the organisation that she believes in Especially in the context of her past which is highlighted beautifully in the story about her deprived beginnings which led her to do things she wanted to forget in order to surviveThe world that Erica Hayes sets out is stark dark and very gritty which was contrasted sharply with the technological setting and epic expanse of space travelling I loved the Sci Fi overtones which was well thought out and realistic but at the same time it didn t overpower the plot or the characters But it was definitely one of the highlights of the book because so much detail and depth went into the world building that it came alive for meThe romance had a cat and mouse overtone was just plain fun There was no mooning or insta lust and the tension that builds up between Carrie and Dragonfly is just fantastic It was sexy and flirty but realistic as they both have their own agendas and seeing them play around that along with their attraction was seductive and steamy Even Nikita s involvement in the plot added a good old dose of complicated tension to the mix even though Carrie doesn t full fall for his old tricks But he was such a charismatic character I couldn t not help fall for him a little bit and could understand why he held such a huge attractionThe book was filled with great characters who were lively and vivid and it was a rich cast of personalities from Dragonfly s cohorts and ex allies who adds complications to his goals to the murky black ops and Axis agents that surround Carrie This was a wonderful world and the action which was fast pace had me glued to the pages However I did feel the ending with the climax was a bit rushed and I wished it was expanded because it lost steam at the end with the huge build up and revelations that came out I liked how it ended thoughI really hope there is to come in this universe and characters because it seems that Erica Hayes has left a huge hint for to come I think fans of Ann Aguirre and Linnea Sinclair will lap this up and I highly recommend this book because it had intrigue spies and action And if you re in the mood for high octane action with multi faceted characters and a very sexy romance in a real Sci Fi setting this is the book for you because all these factors worked and created a fantastic and vibrant universeI give DRAGONFLY a B soooooooooo good crossing my fingers for a seuel Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty An engaging tale of good bad guys and bad good guys where the line betwe. Carrie Thatcher is a tough Imperial counter terrorism agent Her mission pose as a sexy cyber thief to entrap the notorious rebel Dragonfly who’s planning a heist on the space station Casa de Esperanza – an orbital casino on the fringe of Imperial spaceAnd this assignment’s personal Dragonfly murdered her closest friend. En what is right and wrong are blurred by one s moralsOpening Sentence What s the emergency The Review In the cold and empty expanse of space things are beginning to heat up in the Imperial s war on terrorism Axis agent Carrie Thatcher AKA Aragon has been assigned to take down one of the notorious rebels of them all the infamous Dragonfly She s all in when it comes to stopping this man from robbing Casa de Esperanza s casino What seemed to be a simple case of good guy versus bad guy turns complicated when Carrie gets the opportunity to see things from the rebel s point of view It "S Doesn T Help "doesn t help Dragonfly is a temptation she should avoid at all costs What will Carrie do when she must decide to either follow orders or follow her heartCarrie may be tough on the outside but she is deeply scarred on the inside The only man she has ever loved was illed in the outside but she is deeply scarred on the inside The only man she has ever loved was Afghani and 'AbduhAn Essay on Religious Unbelief and Political Activism in Modern Islam killed in terrorist attack orchestrated by Dragonfly This assignment is a way for her to do what is good for the Empire as well as avenge her lover But Carrie is not one to ignorantly follow orders It becomes obvious to her that there is going on than she was told Her morals and ethics demand that she take a step back and see the entire situation without prejudice Her growing attraction to Dragonfly is just one of the reasons she can t seem to take down the rebel beforenowing the entire story When push comes to shove Carrie must rely on her own intuition to find who are the true good guys and bad guysThe fact that Carrie is nown by so many different code names and aliases reiterates that she may no longer understand even herself Her submersion in each name each identity allows her to be free from her own past When these layers of armor are stripped away what will the real Carrie be likeDragonfly is an amazing character that has just as many names as Carrie He is sexy confident and a genius Hold on everyone I must fan myself for a moment Okay I m better now Anyway his image is one of a villainous rogue intent on destroying all the good in the Empire But that is not WHO he is He uses his intelligence in order to help those people that look to him for protection those that cannot protect themselves When Carrie gets involved she starts to carve a space for herself in his heart Is he willing to put all his plans in jeopardy for the sake of one womanThe really great part of Dragonfly besides the awesome world building is the cast of characters Each individual has both good and bad ualities that blur the lines between the two You can never tell if this one is an actual bad guy or if he is just a self centered jerk This adds a remarkable depth to both the character s personalities as well as the story itself I love character driven books and I must say that this one gravitates toward the upper echelon of my list Hayes inserts modern day issues into a fantastical science fiction story Though I may not see the day we are living among the stars I still hope that we retain our humanity in their twinkling depthsOverall Dragonfly is a wonderful start to what appears to be the next big story to hit the sci fi genre There is love There is fighting There is gambling There is betrayal and redemption What can a reader ask forNotable Scene His fingers clamped my elbow like steel I tried to fire but my forearm went numb and the pistol dropped from my nerveless fingers He dragged me inside and threw me on the floor and before I recovered from my sprawl I was on my nees with a hot atomflash jammed against my templeDragonfly swore and scrambled from his bench but the white haired girl shoved him back downMy hair sizzled stinking I jerked away But Spider twined his hand in my braid and forced the atomflash to my headHe chuckled rich with satisfaction Let s try this again Sasha Yes or deadOne little mistake Just one and now I was helpless My guts watered and I closed my eyes and cursed my own stupidity Leverage in some bickering rebel crossfireWhat a shitty way to dieFTC Advisory The author provided me with a copy of Dragonfly No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were exchanged for my review I only get paid in hugs and ITS NOT YOUR FAULT kisses from my little boys I m so freaking excited about DRAGONFLY by Erica Hayes It is exactly what I want in my science fiction romance reads I m extremely picky when it comes to this genre I ve read so many SFR s that start well but then they just totally lose me and even the ones that I like are sometimes missing that X factor the unidentifiable thing that makes me want to run around shoving copies of the book into everyone s armsDRAGONFLY had that thing I m always looking for It was everything I wanted it to be Military sci fi with a capableickass heroine and a smart gorgeous rebel hero If you guys like Aren from my books you ll love Dragonfly that s the hero s code name He has all the sexy smiles and he s ver. And she’s in no mood to show him mercy Even getting stuck with the partner from hell Malachite her sociopathic ex lover and the Empire’s most dangerous agent can’t dampen her relish for the Unfinished Puzzle killWith Carrie’s expert weapons skills and penchant for cracking codes insinuating herself into Dragonfly’s confidence should.