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Mid 1990s and read it yearly with my students A boy receives a yak as a pet As he grows the boy changes as does his relationship with the yakWhile predictable it is still a moving story Jeff Moss was a master The ending is ne as a father that I just become emotional reading I cry when I read this book It s the PERFECT gift for a child Brief Lives or new parent This is a book that I read freuently It wasne f my favorite books as a child and I still find joy in reading it as an adult It is THE STORY OF A BOY NAMED JACK WHO WANTS story f a boy named Jack who wants pet yak His parents finally give in to this Condor odd desire and give Jack a yak which he. Et andne Christmas his wish comes true he discovers a yak Deception of hiswn under the tree Jeff Mos. This heart wrenching book follows the unlikely life long friendship between a boy and a yak Best friends until the very end I like this book because Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of the many emotions you feel as you read it This was my first almost adult like book that I have loved ever since It s beautifully written and I expect my children to read it I loved this book when I was a little kid and I still love it today I was always checking it and re reading itver and ver again The story is cute and heartwarming a book for all ages Unusual but heart warming story with cartoons by Demarest I love this book I picked this up in the. in this whimsical up in the. In this whimsical WRITTEN IN THE TRADITION OF written in the tradition f Seuss Jack always wished for a special Names Bob Bob and "Jack become the best f friends But As Jack Gets Older "become the best f friends But As Jack Gets Older Relationship Between The Boy as Jack gets The Lone Sheriff older the relationship between the boy his pet changes Jack grows up and goesff to college

Bob Stays Home With 
stays home with s parents Bob is very ld and gets sick Bob ends up passing away Although Jack is sad he goes n with his life He meets a girl gets married and has a child In the end Jack gives his daughter a yak The Troublesome Angel of herwn This is a book about life about change but also about how somethings can stay the same There is a lot f text in this story so I would suggest it for proficient readers Such a touching book for both parents and kids. S brings his trademark insight and imaginative wit to his first book length story told in vers.

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Bob and Jack A Boy and His Yak
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