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GreenwodeDon t follow those believes you must be

At first the dialect Rob his family used was a bit difficult to follow not being an English native speaker but then I got used to it and the reading got smoother I also iked how the characters and the world they are into is shown got smoother I also The Protestant Temperament liked how the characters and the world they are into is shown usittle by ittle unraveling all those ayers and the web that tie them together And how we are shown their struggles between want and duty The story builds up to a major explosion at the end which I was dreading since eary in the book when we met certain character and The Radiant Child learn about them So after finishing book 1 I had to go right away to book 2 for REASONS Thank you everyone for the awesome BR Cristina Ele Linda Moony Shile Teal and Xia Note view spoilerI cannot emphasize enough that this series is not Romance and is not MM However these first two books are a complete duology and can be read as an MM story If you read beyond that be aware that the remainder of the series goes in a different direction hide spoiler 45 stars Unbelievably good I had high expectations and it surpassed themI m going to put an RTC pin in thisink to my book 2 review which doesn t have any spoilers even for this first volume But in case you need than my vague ringing endorsement go here It even has pretty pictures D And then READ THIS BOOK yo 29082020 update after finishing the seriesI can t in good conscience et this review stand as it is I oved the first two books as it shows in my enthusiastic reviews but after finishing the entire series I need to add a warning to anybody reading thisRead this series absolutely do it it is worth it BUT stop at the end of the second book There will be some The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data loose ends and things you dike to see resolved but it s a good stopping point and my advice is to walk away from the series there because there are few answers given in the following books especially the ast two and those that are given are insufficient andor in no way coherent with the characterization of the first two books Don t stay around to see an amazing story get ruined walk away with the good memories still intact 45 stars I m giving up on writing a proper review for this book for a ot of reasons but especially because I can t spare the brainpower to do it at the moment I m already thinking about the next book Which I need to start As soon as possible A few things you need to know about Greenwode Don t get discouraged if you re completely confused at first I m pretty sure you re supposed to be You Tempting Eden ll probably need to get used to the way some characters speak but itl be worth it SO worth itDon t get discouraged if you re still confused after a while I m pretty sure you re still supposed to be At some point you may fantasize about a painful slow death for some secondary characters Don t be ashamed you re not the only one When you l stop being confused you may experience some mild understatement of the century anxiety AKA you won t be able to put the book down Actually that Might Happen Even Before You happen even before you being confused Still it l be worth it Be sure you Talking to Dragons ll be able to buy the next book by the time you finish this one youl need it What elseOh yes this book is great and I have a feeling this series will be great I m rounding down for now because I m wary of throwing 5 stars at the first book in a series but I m tempted to round up and I may still change my mind ETA I ve decided to round up in the end Any book that can keep me on the edge of my seat for hours and be still stuck in my head the day after I finish it deserves 5 starsIf you are Three Times the Love looking for a real review check this one out Sending a big thank you to my amazing buddy readers I don t know how I would survive some books without yo. His god to reinterpret the ancient rites allow Rob to take Gamelyn asover instead of rival But in the eyes of Gamelyn’s Church sodomy is an abomination and the old pagan magics are an evil that must be vanuished.
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SUMMARY Greenwode

Nhood and Gamelyn were two complete opposites It s true what they say about opposites They really do attract From the moment Rob is introduced i fell in ove it was instant He is one stubborn character resilient knows what he wants and is not afraid of going after it One who will do anything for those he The Bride of Willow Creek loves Gaaaahhhh Mioves Rob So he concentrated on eating And most abjectly did not notice Gamelyn s hands deft and economical with the knife as he trimmed the rind from the cheese and cut pieces of apple to dole out between them Or the way his GREAT INVESTMENT, THE lashes brushed his cheeks tipped with bronze not unlike the freckles scattered beneath them as heooked down at what he was doing Gamelyn Gamelyn milord Gamelyn Mmmhhhh This guy is complex I wanted to smack him so hard sometimes and hug him at the same time He is battling some inner demons that i wanted him to stop and shake off the demon on his shoulder He brought out the Dr Jekyll and Dr Hyde in me I ove him too ike i The Lively Art of Writing love Jeffrey Dean Morgan Gamelyn had fully intended to head straight to theibrary after the meal Instead he had come as far as the door out into the courtyard seen the commotion there soldiers gathering gear and getting ready for their escort duty on the morrow and parked his buttocks in the window next to that door to watch Ok You see that girl in the back The one on the cover with ong hair Yeah that one her name is MARION She is Rob s sister and she is FREAKING AWESOME WE all LOVE MARION I will not go into details about the other characters because if i did we might be here waiting for Dinosaurs to not become extinct Because i have rants and praises that rivals the book pages Just know they are not one dimension This is not your typical Romance driven story That said the relationship between Gamelyn and Rob develops at a pace that i ove so effortlessly they just fit Two opposite humans that just FIT GAAAAAAAAHHH I believe i said something about the writing if not i will repeat it again The writing is incredible and this book shines in the humor department I was oling so hard you want my to won my reading heart give me humor the good kind only and you will have my reading heart you can do with it whatever you want as ong as you keep making me augh until i feel ike peeing The humor is incredible if you blink you miss it But maybe Gamelyn did ike Marion better Which was also irritating and for no good reason Aye well then Will murmured with a wink Simon thinks you re prettier But he s a tunic ifter just ike you Sod you Scathelock Long story Long AYE READ THIS BOOK Thank you to Cristina Ele Linda Moony Rosa Teal And Xia For Teal and Xia for epic buddy read Let the adventure continue in book 2 and hopefully 3 4 and 5 72120 Currently FREE via Do Not Bloody Touch Me Until I ve Finished The NEXT BOOKMy god this was GAAAAAAAAAH MY GOD Best book of the year so farThank you to my patient buddy reading friends Real ife was a bitch and it took me a The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness long time to finish Loved it I m not sure I can do justice to The Wode This Greenwode was a perfect introduction of characters and world and what introduction this has beenI m not into Robin Hood myths the only thing I knew about it was what I remembered about Errol Flynn s 1938 movie which was one of my favourites when I wasittle I ve watched that film countless of times because I just couldn t get enough of all those duels and castles and evil The Leadership Gap lords In this retelling there isn t many duels but there reots of magic and nature and old rites There re old Gods walking the Earth feeling that their time is getting short because a new one is trying to take their placeThere re also marvellous characters some of them who think their believes are supperior and if you. Ill be the greenwode’s Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) last bastion of the Old Religion but a young and devout nobleman could well be their destruction Gamelyn Boundys whom Rob and Marion have both befriendedIn a risky bid for happiness Rob dares. Passionate and intense Fantastic and fantastical Aush and seductive sensory onslaught Gorgeous glorious and one of the best things I ve ever read Taken in combination with Shirewode as it must be to complete the story arc this was the best reading experience I ve had in the Serenity Role Playing Game last 25 yearsI can t imagine writing a review that could do it justice This review by Jesse is whatured me in to reading it so I Save the Cupcake! ll refer you there Yet I can t seem to move on from my immersion in this fictional reality without ateast attempting to write about it SoThe story is peopled with vivid multi dimensional characters who seem organic to their era yet if they could walk off the page into the 21st century they would be instantly recognizable and relatable They vie with each other in a clash of cultures as the ChristianNorman ruling class exerts its dominance over the paganSaxon commoners of Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, late 12th century EnglandAnd should i start the next one right nowi kinda want to but HOLY FECK are they all thisongi might could use a fluff break before tackling the next eleventy seven bajillion page follow up I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this book The mythology was well developed and felt true to the times and the cultures I Tressed to Kill liked that it wasn t a case of one group being the good guys and the other being the bad guys but rather a meeting of different people and cultures and values Iiked how this book set the stage for what is to come It et me understand the people involved and the factors that shaped them into the figures that they become I iked that it wasn t Just About Them As Mythology about them as mythology them as People People Who Make Mistakes People who make mistakes get things wrong I appreciated the handling of the religious aspects and how everyone s faith was treated with respect and neither religion was treated as all good or all bad I The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev liked the progression of events and I ended buying the next two books before I had finished this one Always a good sign for me 475 Aye Mi fell inove starsWARNING GUSHING AND UOTESNo spoilers i hope Maybe unintentional ones Silence Darkness Only a charred ump of ash remains and the horns blackened Then the ump moves Rises Covered in ash dark as the Horned Lord had been the figure is tall and hooded and it reaches for him First of all GAAAAAAHHHSecond of all GAAAAAAAHHHNow that that is out of the wayThis book is incredible Fantasy is not my go to genre because most of the time i don t understand half the shit that is going on That said i have found myself enjoying the ones i have read and this was no different I was confused at the beginning didn t understand half of the shit going on when i reached in the middle of chapter 4 i realized i was reading it wrong ie i *was concentrating on not getting shit instead of going with the flow so i went back * concentrating on not getting shit instead of going with the flow so i went back the beginning and starting it all over again and et me tell you it was This story is the re imagining of the egends of Robin Hood I know nothing deep about Robinhood except the ittle the movie i watched showed me While reading this i felt the passion the author has when it comes to this egend The writing is stellar very engaging and detailed She gave me that expected She mixed this with old religion i am not a fan of anything to do with religion I find it so hypocritical and sometimes that takes me out of the story Ms Hennig did an amazing job with balancing The religion aspects was not shoved in my face and i found myself feeling sorry for the some of characters instead of wanting to strangle them Some i wanted dead Like torture ry dead GAAAAAHH The characters are soo well developed The author took her time developing each character Our Main MCsRob Robi. A Novel of Robyn Hood The Hooded One The one to breathe the dark and The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School light and dusk between When an old druid foresees this harbinger of chaos he also glimpses its outcome A young peasant from Loxley and his sister