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Ke scientists inventors and thinkers into real everyday people Making Contact Marconi Goes Wireless tells the fascinating story of Guglielmo Goo le EL mo Marconi a great Italian inventor whose hero WAS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WE LEARN THAT Benjamin Franklin We learn that a young boy Marconi loved science and invention and his favourite story was of Benjamin Franklin s famous ite and Conjure In African American Society key experiment We also learn that Marconi wasn t a good student in school but he had an active mind and was curious about everything His parents hired tutors for him and he soon became fascinated with Morse Code which he learned from a retired telegraph operator This turned into a Eureka moment in the Italian Alps when he was twenty could he find a way to use radio waves to send wireless messages The rest is history culminating in the ocean spanning three Morse code taps sent from Cornwall England and received on Signal Hill St John s Newfoundland on December 12 1901I really enjoyed learning about Marconi s Italian childhood I also liked the littlenown facts in this book particularly the story of ueen Victoria who hired Marconi to set up a wireless receiver so she could get daily health updates on her Sick Son Albert Who Was son Albert who was at sea Children will enjoy the lively art by Richard Rudnicki and the fascinating story of Marconi but than that they ll likely be wondering what they can invent themselves The Great Ideas series is

a fabulous introduction 
fabulous introduction all ages to a variety of inventors Making Contact covers a better Womens Political Activism in Palestine known inventor than most of them but it is still a solid introduction forids in need of basic information Although I ve enjoyed Richard Rudnicki s work elsewhere I didn t love it here and have preferred some of the other artists from the series but it still did the job in a cute way that was easy to absorb Definitely recommended. Nd his calling And thanks to his persistence on December 12 1901 for the first time ever a wireless signal traveled between two continents The rest is history     Monica Kulling's playful informative text combined with the compelling illustrations of artist Richard Rudnicki bring an amazing inventor and his times to lif.
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Making ContactMaking Contact Marconi Goes Wireless Tells The Interesting Story Of the interesting story of Marconi who became nown as the father of wireless communication I love picture book biographies and this series from Canadian author Monica *KULLING IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES THIS TIME SHE *is one of my favourites This time she someone well nown than in the previous books but the invention will be unusual to children of today and yet it will show them the simple beginnings of today s wireless technology Marconi s story is not particularly exciting but it shows the determination of someone who studied for the joy of it as a child at home with tutors and who had perseverance as a young man to realize the dreams he believed in even when they are slow to be fulfilled This book brings with it a new illustrator to the series and I just loved Rudnicki s attention to style and detail especially the patterns and designs on clothing and fabric Another satisfying entry in the Great Ideas series This is the story of Guglielmo Marconi and his exciting and important invention of the first wireless messaging the telegraph in the 1890 s Nicely illustrated This is one book in the Great Idea Series They are written in narrative form but are full of great information about these little nown inventors Monica Kulling s newest book Making Contact Marconi Goes Wireless is the fifth book in Tundra s Great Ideas series Guglielmo Marconi born in 1874 was also fascinated with Morse code the language of the telegraph as well as electric storms and Benjamin Franklin By age twenty he was determined to be the first to find a way to use radio waves to send wireless messages No one believed it was possibleMonica s poetic narrative a hallmark of all her books breathes life to this character as she explores the thematic values of determination and persistence So of course   The fifth book in Tundra's Great Idea Series Making Contact tells the story of Guglielmo Marconi who became the father of wireless communication      As a boy Marconi loved science and invention Born in 1874 in Bologna Italy to a wealthy family Marconi grew up surrounded by books in his father's library He was fasci. ,

E invests the wireless telegraph and at age 21 But his story was just beginning Demonstrating his invention around England he gained the support of ueen Victoria He built transmitters that allowed him to send messages ship to shore Encouraged by this success he set his sights on a much larger goal to send a signal across the Atlantic OceanUsing acrylics on watercolor paper Richard Rudnicki s characters are full of the same energy His sweeping landscapes are particularly striking The middle double page spread of the Newfoundland coastline with its cold grey colors whirling storm clouds and the bright dot of a ite flying in the wind make me shiver with the same aweMonica s endnote brings the full measure of the power of the wireless telegraph As the unsinkable Titanic struck an iceberg The story of Marconi and how he invented radio Like the other books in this series this is other books in this series this is picture book biography with just the right balance of information It covers enough about Marconi s family and "childhood that I was interested in seeing how he turned out as " that I was interested in seeing how he turned out as adult but didn t linger on it The basics of the wireless telegraph are explained enough so that I could understand the innovation and I especially liked the bit at the end about how wireless telegraph was the way that help was summoned to the Titanic I loved biographies as a child but never read any picture book ones This would have been an enormous hit for me as a child I will see if our science teachers can use this as a Common Core nonfiction piece for their sound waves unit The only weakness if the pictures I preferred the David Parkins illustrations Monica Kulling has now created her fifth wonderful book in the award winning Great Idea Series for children ages 5 12 I wish these books were available when my children were young since they ma. Nated with radio waves and learned Morse code the language of the telegraph A retired telegraph operator taught him how to tap messages on the telegraph machine At the age of twenty Marconi realized that no one had invented a wireless telegraph Determined to find a way to use radio waves to send wireless messages Marconi fou.

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