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(Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens?) [PDF READ] ↠ Ilana Garon

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Notes sur la mlodie des choses yourself a favor and don t wait so long to read this memoir of fourears spent in two tough high schools in one of the toughest areas of the country It will open Le druidisme au quotidien : Guide pratique et philosophique your eyes to some of the painful realities of our broken educational systemet it s also a joyful testament to the bond between teacher and student that is one of our most universal human experiencesIlana I can t think of her as Miss Garon writes in a voice that is honest and searching and real She focuses each chapter on one or two of her students portraying them with all their endearing and infuriating ualities intact Her love for them is powerful but unsentimental and she doesn t paint herself as their savior As she makes clear the lessons of teaching go both ways There are big problems in her school and its neighborhood drugs gangs teen pregnancy and her achievements may seem tiny in comparison But even small victories for both teacher a Interesting book A different side of education This is a funny often infuriating touching account of one teacher s experience at a high school in the Bronx Garon is a gifted writer Many of her stories will stay with me for a long time such as the boy who was flunking PE because he didn t have white soled shoes or Tyler whose struggled with the unfortunately all too common dilemma of maintaining a certain social status that all teens crave or reaching his full academic capability One student Callum compared his time in an inner city high school as running a marathon in which most of the runners actively try to hold God de vader en God de moeder you back ifou are going too fast and congratulate Sami et Julie CE1 Sami et Julie font des crpes you whenou are running as slowly as they are not winning is the thing to doMy son a college bound high school senior spotted this book on my night stand a Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens by Ilana GaronPublisher Skyhorse PublishingPublication date 2013Category MemoirSource I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review I don t know where to start Af The title honest review I don t know where to start Af The title made me want to read this book Shows another side of the classroom that not many teachers have experienced I dove right in but after several chapters of the same premise these kids have tough lives and it s difficult to teach them my enthusiasm waned My favorite part was the Conclusion where Ilana finally tries to identify WHY these kids are so difficult to control and why they struggle in school I wish there was of this type of reflection on the state of education Instead the book is anecdotal filled with stories about kids some sad some cynical and some inspiring I have enjoyed Ms Garon s blogs so I decided to read her book accounting her first ears of teaching I also teach English in what is considered an inner city scho Ilana Garon and I have similar educational backgrounds We were both Barnard undergraduates and both received teaching degrees and a Masters in Creative Writing But here s one difference between us If I had been placed in a Bronx inner. According to Ilana Garon popular books and movies are inundated with the myth of the “hero teacher” the one who charges headfirst into dysfunctional inner city schools like a firefighter into an inferno bringing the student victims to safety through a combination of charisma and innate righteousness The students are then “saved” by the teacher’s idealism empathy and willingness to put faith in kids who have been given up on by society as a whole “Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens” is not that type of bookIn this book Garon reveals the sometime. .

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Xtemporizes upon the state of NYC public school education the things that can be changed and those that have no choice but to stay the same She comes off lofty and didactic in this pages in fact the tone here is markedly different from the rest of the book and I wondered if the chapter was belatedly tacked on Though perhaps it could only appear at the end for only after serenading us with tales of her ten ear teaching career does she have the credibility to write it Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens is an uncensored look at inner city education It is about a La vie sexuelle de Tintin young teacher coming of age with her students as she tries incrementally to make a differencethis review originally appeared on ReadLatelycom This was a really intriguing read about the challenges faced by a newoung inner city public school teacherbut don t expect Dangerous Minds The pages are filled with the author s experiences at an underfunded dysfunctional NYC school where students are faced with real life problems that ultimately affect their educational journeys This is NOT another memoir about the myth of the hero teacher and I would argue that it is also not an agenda piece about the current state of the educational system Rather it is a candid self aware peek into what is really happening with teenagers Each chapter focuses on either a student or a specific assignment the author encountered Mixed throughout are the author s emails to family and friends chronicling her experience I finished this book in one day It was that interestingRead this ifYou work in the educational systemYou like memoirsYou are interested in taking a candid look into inner city schools I ve been teaching high school in the Bronx for six ears now Ilana Garon s account of her experiences as an educator in the Bronx is the most honest accurate portrayal of inner city education that I have ever read in book form There were so many moments in this book that brought me back to my own experiences and made me want TO YELL OUT YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT yell out es that is exactly what it like For that I truly appreciate this workWith that being said there were moments in this book where I uestioned Ms Garon s decision making in the classroom In some cases she developed VERY personal relationships with students to the point where I began to feel like it bordered on inappropriate I m all for developing strong empathetic connections with students but when Not You Its Me (Boston Love, you start to become friends withour kids it can our effectiveness in the classroom With that being said Garon undoubtedly touches lives on a daily in her school and I greatly respect her for that We need teachers like her in the BronxFinally being in her situation and seeing the things she describes in this book on a daily basis I think her diagnosis of the problems in inner city education are spot on This is also why I enjoy reading her regular blog on Education Week I wish politicians and Education officials listened to the perspectives of teachers like her Great compelling read Garon brings her students to life and never condescends Just like a good lesson the book is fun and moving and only when I put it down did I realize just how much I ve learned about a world very different from my own Recommended for when ou re looking for a richly draw. T with them big dreams and uncommon insight and challenged everything Garon thought she knew about educationIn response Garon a naive suburban girl with a curly ponytail freckles and Harry Potter glasses opened her eyes rolled up her sleeves and learned to distinguish between mitigated failure and ualified success In this book Garon explains how she learned that being a new teacher was about trial by fire making mistakes learning from the very students she was teaching and occasionally admitting that she may not have answers to their thought provoking and amusing uestion. City public school I would ve fled without uestion Garon she stayedI say this not to bring my personal capabilities to bear on this review but to state something larger that though Garon had every reason to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by her environment she white naive and inexperienced they prone to violence race riots and epithets she stayed putFrom the outset Garon dispels the Hollywood notion of the teaching memoir wherein an idealistic instructor plunges into an inner city school to save failing children This is not that kind of book she deadpans Except I would argue that it is Because just by being there she saves them just by laughing with them scolding them imploring them and attempting to affect themGaron cites her age she is 22 at the start as a hindrance but it may have been her greatest asset Implicitly she knows she must level with her students it is the only way her words will process She must play their games take their bait and see them as whole children Inevitably she spies potential in many of them but she never has any illusions about their chances for success After all theirs is a school with depleted resources uninvolved parents and disruptive truant children Many of their home lives come with a new slew of issues jail time teen pregnancy gang violence broken familiesit is all routineBut what of it As Garon says There will be class in the morning She has To Kill a Mockingbird Animal Farm and Shakespeare to teach Essays uizzes and group work to oversee To spend a disproportionate amount of time bemoaning the circumstances would be a disservice to her students So Garon does the only thing she can do for them She shows up She tries to teach them She cares And for her efforts there are several crystallized moments of sweetnessAliens is broken up into four sections to correspond with Garon s first four My Bitchy Soulmate years of teaching Within them are chapters headed by the names of former students call them case studies character sketches or human interest pieces There are also e mails which she sends to friends and family members emotional outlets for her bizarre experiences The emails dotted throughout were perhaps my favorite part Who can resist Garon unguarded and ever the storyteller as she regales us with these outlandish tales Think the Weird but True section in the New York Post Doou her students are always telling her And she does hereGaron s writing like her teaching style is direct and matter of fact She writes in service of the story rather than the sentence She does not pass judgment but simply tells over events as they happened #The stories speak for themselves and if there are any conclusions to be drawn they are the reader s #stories speak for themselves and if there are any conclusions to be drawn they are the reader s makeOn the one hand I thought this an admirable approach too easily Garon could ve fallen into the trap of denouncing students letting her frustration and exhaustion take over her exposition Though there are moments where she does break down mostly she shows tremendous reserve Still I wish she would ve gone there dug deep reached down as a reader i deep reached down As a reader I always second guessing myself wondering if I d gotten what she d wanted me to out of an escapade Yes we don t like to me to out of an escapade Yes we don t like to spoon fed but we do want to feel in syncGaron saves her reflection for the very end where in a single chapter she S humorous oftentimes frustrating and occasionally horrifying truths that accompany the experience of teaching at a public high school in the Bronx today The overcrowded classrooms lack of textbooks and abundance of mice cockroaches and drugs weren’t the only challenges Garon faced during her first four ears as a teacher Every day she’d interact with students such as Kayron Carlos Felicia Jonah Elizabeth and Tonya students dealing with real life addictions miscarriages stints in “juvie” abusive relationships turf wars and gang violence These students also brough. .

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Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens?