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Another Great WesternAs always Johnstone s westerns are great stories we readers just can t Put Down We Ll Miss down We ll miss wonderful story telling ability Another xciting western featuring mountain man Preacher He mixes it up with a band of cutthroat outlaws led by Jebediah Druke not to mention a maniacal Crow renegade known as Blood Eye for the injured ye from years past All while looking for a young man gone west to live away from the civilized worldThe author behind this J A Johnstone name never fails to deliver a great read A magnificent mountainman action thriller with a little touch of romance Occasi. The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyIt's fur trapping season and Preacher is about to discover the Rocky Mountain trail holds than wild game it's also infested with murderers and trail trash uick to deceive steal and hunt Preac. .

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Missouri River to locate the runaway son of a wealthy man As usual all is not as it might seem Ruffians and savages abound providing fodder for Preacher s special talents The action is constant if not overdone at times As with other western novels by Johnstone the scenes settings and activity seem appropriate to the timesIn general I would rate most Preacher novels that I settings and activity seem appropriate to the timesIn general I would rate most Preacher novels that I read as a 40 The action in this installment seemed repetitive so I njoyed it slightly less I did Smokin' Hot enjoy it I noted a fewditing Placing Memory errors but it neither affected mynjoyment or rating On a detailed scale I d provide this novel with a 35. A brutal and bloody battle Preacher gears up for his own brand of raw justice when he learns Blood Eye's been tracking him with nothing but bad intentions There's a showdown coming and only one man will ultimately rise up out of the carna. Preacher's Blood HuntOnally I feel the need to revisit my youth Rifleman Bonanza tc with a western The Preacher series written by William W Johnstone 1938 2004 details one man s adventures in the mid west during the mid 1800 s The protagonist Preacher lives off the land His primary occupation is trapping Content with both solitude and good company preacher s toughness and loyalty are legendary He often finds himself bound by honor and friendship to address the injustices common to his wilderness setting where the mindset is ach manwoman for himherselfIn this particular installment Preacher is dispatched from St Louis up the. Her down Among them are Jebediah Druke his ruthless band of killers and most terrifying of all the barbaric renegade Crow WARRIOR KNOWN AS BLOOD EYE WHEN known as Blood Eye When shows up and gets on their bad side he stirs up a clash that could lead to.

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