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Whipping Boy The Forty Year Search for My Twelve Year Old Bully [E–pub Download]

UBS HSBC and LIBOR and frauds by members of the Big Five accounting firms Libraries sually sort such book s The Sublime under Social Sciences 300 in the Dewey Decimal System This book contains a lot of detail about a similar type of financial fraud including author interviews with some of the case s principals and investigatorsThe subject matter is interesting if readers enjoy reading trauma autobiographies and business histories and books about white collar crime whichsually are in separate books but not always as in this bookThe material of the book includes an autobiographical first person narration of Allen Kurzweil s life as I previously mentioned a history of the decades long search by the author sing Google and personal contacts to find the whereabouts of the bully Cesar who haunts Kurzweil s mind and his entire life and research by the author leading to a in depth description of a white collar bank fraud committed by a company called Badische Trust The story is excellently organized as far as the timeline of events although some general readers may hate the stitching together of genre types The tone of the book veers wildly between journalistic even sometimes academic competence and trembling juvenile ncertainty Adding to the mixing p of emotional tone in the book the people who were behind the fraudulent Badisch Trust presented themselves in the manner of vaudevillian actors They inhabited the roles of aristocrat gentlemen as if they were intentionally performing as obvious stereotypes from central casting so a feeling of amazement that they succeeded in tricking smart people is definitely appropriateEvery true story begins with a person remembering what happened and then talking about it The longer a person speaks the indirect information a listener hears and sees verbal ticks facial expressions tone of voice habitual tells all that stuff between the lines which communicates so much visually to observers Harder to figure out and put in context are the general or opaue expressions and body movements many of which are open to a number of interpretations which is why knowing a person helps Between the lines communication clues also occur with memoirs and autobiographies except that indirect information is transmitted by word choices and what incidents and emotions are emphasized or diminished what pictures and documents are included and if there was a ghost writer or a translator The reproducible research memories which are verified by other witnesses and documented events a book includes the length of time covered in a book the credentials of involved interview subjects what the book describes that Google searches find elsewhere that back p described scenes facts and incidents all can be very important to many autobiographies of course some autobiographies are completely nverifiable and must be taken on trust A good grasp of potential human behavior developed through experience helpsDespite the marketing of the book advertising IT AS BEING ABOUT A SEARCH FOR A CHILDHOOD as being about a search for a childhood which it is it seemed to me the bully incident while maybe affecting the author s mentality for the rest of his "life is sort of a mcguffin in final analysis of the book s material Kurzweil is a writer of children "is sort of a mcguffin in final analysis of the book s material Kurzweil is a writer of children books and science articles He has received much academic recognition and rewards in grants Frankly he speaks in conversations sing a dialogue approach as if he were still a young boy of ten given the impression I have reached from this book but nonetheless he is a fantastic detective and a productive journalist when he is on the job Somehow Plus he is married with a son E and his family all are highly educated I really think the book is a three star and a half rating in considering his personal style of composing speech if the way he self reveals in the book is accurate but the book is five star as far as rating his research and perseverance sporadic as it is He paints his tenacity as occurring because of his anxiety and panic issues Omg does his anxiety really show and man it really grates and annoys in the reading of his memoir sections I can see why he might prefer to stick to children s booksAlthough it is non fiction lengthy dialogue is included most of which reminded me of the speaking manner of the childish and ignorant criminals in El Leonard novels Although the book s conversations are between the author and family contacts and professionals the impression I got of the author is one of an insecure juvenility For me this was very annoying It may not be true but that is how it seemed. Largest law firm to a federal prison camp in Southern California While tracking down his tormentor the author encounters an improbable cast of characters that includes an elocution teacher with ill fitting dentures a gang of faux royal swindlers a crime investigator with paper in his blood and a monocled grand master of the Knights of Malta Yet for all its global exoticism and comic exuberance Kurzweil's riveting account is at its core a heartfelt.

Allen Kurzweil ¾ 6 Summary

A compelling story that wears thin awhile particularly where sympathy the author is concerned The tale of the scam while outrageous seems less horrific in light sympathy with the author is concerned The tale of the scam while outrageous seems less horrific in light recent Wall Street news It s not always the case that a bully is motivated by anything other than nastiness but it s a Nascars Wildest Wrecks uestion that reuires at least some explorationAnd while I don t doubt Cesar was a bully and a criminal who employed the pity play in full force in his court testimony Kurzweill s failure to examine racial discrimination as a potential motivator Cesar was a nonwhite kid at a Swiss boarding school in the early 70s is madeestionable with lines like "This When I Ask Cesar "When I ask Cesar mother about her son s nationality I m told that he s half Venezuelan half Asian half Latino and half Filipino American Which in a way kind of makes sense because nothing about Cesar adds A Land More Kind Than Home up We all have a bully or two who hauntss through childhood but Kurzweill s stalking of Cesar his This was okay not one of my favorite or even middle of the road likes It s not great as an audiobook Good book Author ends Outlaw Bride up learning almost as much about himself as he does his bully Very enjoyable read Two stars means it was ok This book is divided into two parts or less The beginning setsp the bully aspect The second part talks about the mystery of what happened to the bully as time went by First off the author is not likable He is extremely spiteful and the catalyst of the entire book a stolen watch just made me feel like he is a touch greedy The author is an extremely angry man At times he seems to relish the fact that he feels like he has been bullied and victimized This guy also at one point likens himself to Darwin Dickens Orwell and GoldingALL IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH All these things and the sneaking suspicion that I can t believe anything he says ruined the beginning of the book I can t explain why I think he fabricates certain aspects I just do That s the first part of the book Then we get to the second part of the book The true crime side is actually pretty decent Beside some cowardly should I or should I not internal self inflicted angst and decisions it gets pretty interesting Most is just interviews and fact transcription from the trial By far the best part of the book The guy stops thinking about himself for a while The end gets pretty preachy I don t know I thought journalism was supposed to be a little less biased I guess that s the nature of this book and the way the author writes I m not really into that I wouldn t recommend it to anyone but I think I m glad I read it If you enjoyed the podcast Serial with its long slow search for journalistic truth that gets stranger and stranger as is revealed you might enjoy this book I think the writer s repeated insistence that these facts were true was necessary it was honestly difficult to believe the details of the crazy scam More reflection on the author s part about why go on the search what was he seeking personally a little deeper thought could have made the book stronger He kind of just kept saying well it s this crazy obsession that I had But there had to be something meaningful in itBut well reported personal narrative with wild scams and con men thrown in I can get into that Enjoyed this one Part memoir part true crime Readable often affecting even moving Holy Golden Wheel of Karma What goes around does come around An engaging read I liked Whipping Boy but it is a difficult book to categorize in several ways There is no way I can predict how the book will be for you gentle reader at all since personal predilections will come into play in a truly big way I think Because of several content oddities readers may be irritated or bored after reading a hundred pages and end p skimming or returning the book to the library as a dnf The publishing company s marketing department has done a bit of descriptive bait n switch Whipping Boy is marketed as a non fiction story combining the library classifications of memoir and true crime which are partially true The author Allen Kurzweil relates his life story and his research into a fraud case which went to trial and resulted in convictions My library classified the book as a biography which it partially is as it tells the life story briefly and incomplete of the bully Cesar Augustus who was involved in the fraud case Other libraries classify the book simply as an autobiography In my opinion half of the book could be classified and placed where libraries file books about financial scandals such as those about Enron Lehman Brothers. The true account of one man's lifelong search for his boarding school bullyEual parts childhood memoir and literary thriller Whipping Boy chronicles Allen Kurzweil's search for his twelve year old nemesis a bully named Cesar Augustus The obsessive inuiry which spans some forty years takes Kurzweil all over the world from a Swiss boarding school where he endures horrifying cruelty to the slums of Manila from the Park Avenue boardroom of the world's. ,
Whipping Boy The Forty Year Search for My Twelve Year Old BullyTo me and I was very irritatedI actually checked out both the audiobook and the hardcover of Whipping Boy by accident For fun I listened AND read along As it happened the audiobook and the hardcover of Whipping Boy by accident For fun I listened AND read along As it happened the is narrated by the author He has a speech cadence of talking in three words syllables phrases with a pause between each set of three regardless of the sentence This added to the impression of juvenility because it was done in such a nervous anxious manner Kurzweil admits to having an anxiety disorder as well as probably being obsessive This book would not have been written I think if those two things about the were "not but yikes What made me feel the author himself was an annoying human being was the author "true but yikes What made me feel the author himself was an annoying human being was the author tone of dancing around in a hot skillet when discussing his reaction to his personal history before during and after the whipping incident He appears to be someone ncomfortable with owning his feelings and emotions as they say in publicity speak I know we GR reviewers are supposed to be circumspect in discussing living authors So Allen Kurzwell comes off as an odd duck He may be an overly anxious person He may be obsessive too He might try too hard socially as well He might have hobbies that he obsesses over the obsession of which deeply embarrasses him similar to a collector of silver spoons who is embarrassed he is obsessive and collects silver spoons He might be none of these things in real life but it is how he appears when writing of himself It is annoying on the page whenever the subject is his reaction to events It seems SO painfully awkward and wrong footed it is like dealing with a teenage nerd in middle school to read these parts of his bookIn the end I am not surprised he was Another Turn of the Crank ultimately picked on by his roommates in a boarding school if my impression from his memoir portion is correct That said I do NOT accept bullying in any shape or form especially that involving torture However I kept wanting to reach into the pages and swat the authorpside his headahemThere is a graphic scene of boy wolfpack violence early in the book and pictures of the people the author profiles not of the violence which happened behind closed doors when the author was a ten year old student A lengthy section of Acknowledgements make clear the author went to many experts and principals involved in the fraud and at the Swiss boarding school he attended With out a doubt one of the best books I ve read in a long while Certainly the only one I ve read cover to cover in one sitting in I don t know how long Exhaustively researched and thanks to Kurzweil s experience as a novelist impeccably paced and written I kept thinking of the movie The Usual Suspects Kurzweil s bully becomes this kind of Keyser S ze type character and we all know what that means The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn t exist I almost Native Son uit reading the book If the bully wouldn t have turned out to be interesting neither would the book The main reason I started to get interested was the bully turned out to be a defendant in the courthouse where I work I didn t feel as bad for the author as maybe I should have which made me feel like a bad person But it s also hard not to yell out loud Get over it at times I guess it s good insight into how things can traumatize you as a child though I felt like this guy was just looking to capitalize off it which didn t seem to fully pay off Lucky for him his bully had a good story to tell I was exhausted just reading this book It s the true account of one boy s lifelong search for his boarding school bully The actual part of the bullying isite short The rest of the book is some extraordinary detailed account of at first the possible bully and his entourage of scam artists I mean DETAILED The whole book is then derailed by the actual scam who was in on it the people in the Justice system that were involved and eventually the author s meeting face to face with his tormentor I have no doubt that Allen s victimization at the hands of his bully was traumatic I did expect however some kind of account of Allen s inner thoughts about the bullying and how they impacted him throughout his life That he got all involved and felt the need to write about the scam and all the different characters of the scam was not only boring but really hard to comprehend that this was a book about searching for Cesear Reading the publishing accolades about this book about it being a literary thriller a memoir that reads like a thriller now that I ve finished it makes he nothing but annoyed. And suspenseful narrative about the parallel lives of a victim and his abuserA scrupulously researched and richly illustrated work of nonfiction that renders a childhood menace into an nlikely muse Whipping Boy is much than a tale of karmic retribution; it is a poignant meditation on loss memory and mourning a surreal odyssey born out of suffering nourished by rancor tempered by wit and resolved nexpectedly in a breathtaking act of personal coura.

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