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(PDF READ) [Seized Seduced (Captured By Space Pirates, #3)] ì Victoria Vallo

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Seized Seduced (Captured By Space Pirates, #3)Still enjoying this mini series There was a bit of a story in this book as well as the porn bonus This was confusing and didn t make *ANY SENSE AT ALL THE FIRST *sense at all The first was perfect the second book was downhill but this one just could have been skipped to my opinion I enjoyed this story and the last one than the first two because there was some actual relationship building and character development in them The sadistic bastard takes it to a new low with kidnapping his brother s lover Though the

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will stay Bas and Salax for him to go as far as throating him A little hand action to basic This review will be for the whole of this four part series of novellas The focus of the story is about twin human brothers who are captured by a pair of alien pirates who happen to be twins as well after their ship flies into Calonian airspace and loses power to its engines As the rules of Calonia piracy go Calonians may salvage and keep what they find in their airspace and this includes everything onboard a vessel living. Salex has a plan to teach his twin brother Malar a lesson If all goes well this plan will also get him one step closer to gaining the reluctant et responsive Jeremiah’s full submission However nothing goes as plan. Or not Although the human twins Sebastian *And Jeremiah Would Fetch A Nice Price *Jeremiah would fetch a nice price slaves on Calonia their alien captors Malar and Salex have much darker plans and base needs for the two human brothers that includes hot and raw sex that neither human male has ever experienced or explored Of course as the aliens will find out sex slaves are one thing How to Restore Your Bmw Motorcycle Twins 1950-1969 yet these two human brothers are something far dangerous to their emotions if not their physical selves If these two sets of twins aren t careful they all may just find themselves Bound and Boarded Tortured and Tamed Seized and Seduced and Mastered and MatedOverall hot MM sex with undertones of violence but not completely going over the edge of pain Still sexyet bordering on force at some points all four of these stories definitely needed to be read together and not separate I like that Sebastian was innocent while Jeremiah was a bit wicked and Malar was kind et Salex was hard and somehow both sets of twins really worked for one another and their tastes in the end I wasn. Ned from the moment he “kidnaps” Sebastian who has transitioned from Unwilling Captive To Devoted captive to devoted very uickly and gives Every Indication Of Genuinely indication of genuinely MalarSalex finds himself stuck his plans spoiled. ,
T sure I would like these books but after reading a sample of book one on All Romance Ebooks I had to find out book one on All Romance Ebooks I had to find out just ran right through them In the end Bound Boarded was an interesting intro into the world and totally got me curious about where things were headed for Malar and Sebastian even with the forceful liasons between the two Tortured Tamed was a bit darker and rough as Salex attempted to get Jeremiah s full submission but it still kept my attention and propelled me to know about the two Seized Seduced was still hot in the sex department *But A Bit Disjointed As Salex Tries To Make His *a bit disjointed as Salex tries to make his and captive jealous by stealing and seducing Sebastian In the end it worked out but it was still a bit strange on both fronts Mastered Mated finally tied it all together and made the whole of the series for sure All in all a good book to read if hot and a little raunchy MM sex is what ou crave but it is highly recommended that The Same and Not the Same you read them all together as the first three installments end abruptly and leaveou hanging. And his mind in chaos thanks to Sebastian’s blunt observations about his actions and his relationship with Jeremiah A lot of damage control is in order but where will Salex and Jeremiah be when all is said and control is in order but where will Salex and Jeremiah be when all is said and .