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Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 2 (KINDLE)

Luminosity kEvery bit as fascinating and entertaining as Volume 1 Hip Hop is one of the many musical genres Inow very little about Nonetheless I found this to be an engrossing read I could only wish for an accompanying soundtrack I do recognize names from my youth and it s nice to have faces and a context for them at last I ll definitely eep up with future volumes in this series as well as Piskor s work in general This was even better than the first volume Ed managed to include dates in this one to help the reader track the even better than the first volume Ed managed to include dates in this one to help the reader track the of the Art Form Lots Of Cross form Lots of cross with the growing punk movement and alllllll sorts of new wild people introduced into this crazy chaotic truly fascinating scene There is a certain old school uality to both the art and the presentation here I m reading it digitally so I don t get to hold the giant oversized book these come in BUT the color and printing All Look Like Comics I Grew Up On This Is look like comics I grew up on this is once again admitting I m largely the target demographic for this series SIX WORD REVIEW Lest we foolishly forget the pioneers Still excellent but not as poignant as the first Piskor spends a lot of time talking about the making of the film Wild Style and while I recognize its importance I think he spent too much time on it I m also not entirely sure that the degree to which he incorporates the graffiti movement isn t a distra. Covering the early years of 1981 1983 Hip Hop has made a big transition from the parks and rec rooms to downtown clubs and vinyl records The performers make moves to separate themselves from the paying customers. Ction from his ultimate purpose I understand the two are perhaps inextricably linked but every time he goes off on the topic I find my mind wandering until he gets back to hip hop I love how he includes little Easter eggs here and there like a one panel reference to a major rap artist as a CHILD LISTENING TO THE ARTIST PISKOR IS DISCUSSING AT listening to the artist Piskor is discussing at moment in the narrative It does cause things to jump around a bit the artist Piskor is discussing at moment in the narrative It does cause things to jump around a bit I d like but the material is so interesting I don t really mind I love the pinups at the end of each volume too I enjoyed the series so much I had to buy my own copy of the box set with the first two Even if Ed Piskor s continuing history of hip hop wasn t highly entertaining and informative who could resist a Treasury Edition sized cover of Afrika Bambaataa in a Wally Woodesue spaceshipWith all the irreverent enthusiasm of his Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 1 Pisker brings his history up to around 1983 That means the rise of Run DMC is covered the origins of The Beastie Boys the beginning of beat boxing the beginning of Def Jam Records Plus pinups by Katie Skelly Matt Bors and Piskor crams a lot into 96 pages Highly recommended if you re interested in the complex and all too human fits and starts of a revolutionary art form An entertaining look at the evolution of hip hop from 1981 1983 What ended in 81 has picked up yet again in the. By dressing and flamboyant until a young group called RUN DMC comes on the scene to take things back to the streets This volume covers hits like Afrika Bambaataa s Planet Rock Grandmaster Flash and the Furious. Next two years in Hip Hop LORE IN PISKOR S FAMILY TREE in Piskor s Family "Tree 2 All the cool cats are back with a whole new trove of rappers "2 All the cool cats are back with a whole new trove of rappers their DJ s most notably my favorite Run DMC Rhymes are rapped and verses are spat DJ s scratch from vinyl that is phat The story goes on and stays on course but as happened before we become lost in the forceThe sonic and thematic fury of the of the first offering is surely amp Important musical history of genre that was thought to only be a fad This will have you searching YouTube for old school videos for all the songs that are highlighted More fun and confident than its predecessor in every way A joy to behold You can t really go wrong with combining the two loves of my life hip hop and comic books Whereas volume 1 was an educational trip for me this volume 2 starts to be closer to the days of my personal affiliation with rap music and hence added nostalgia bonus The art continues to be exceptional The only issue I have with this series is the fragmented feel that comes from short snippets of history lessons A little bit of longer narrative would have been appreciated Then again there is so much to cram into 100 pages or so and many things will undoubtedly get omitted even as it isHot probably self evident tip create or find a playlist containing the songs mentioned in these pages to pull you properly into the 80 Five s the Message the movie Wild Style and introduces superstars like NWA The Beastie Boys Doug E Fresh KRS One ICE T and early Public Enemy Cameos by Dolemite LL Cool J Notorious BIG and New Kids on the Block. Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 2

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