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Midnight FalconI really really liked the first book in this series I idn t think a second book could beat it But it BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) did I LOVED this book I laughed and I cried Numerous times It was very well written with realistic and fullyeveloped characters that you can t help but feel like you know personally The Plot and events are presented vividly and are rapidly paced The book is interesting with every single page with numerous twists turns and This author is amazing I was told to read this series by Orson Scott Card at A Seminar Of His He seminar of his He to read it if you want to understand strength of character He s right The characters in these books are faced with such heart wrenching ecisions it makes you want to cry David Gemmell writes his characters with such power As young Bane tries to make something of his life he must overcome not just physical obstacles but ones of friendship and loyalty as well The main part of the story is riven by Bane s lust for vengeance but there is an underlying moral that carries him through to the end There is such truth in the morals presented here such African Literature: Overview and Bibliography dilemma and revelation that Iare say anyone could learn a thing or two about love and forgiveness from this novel True love like caring for all fellow men not romantic love which can be found anywhere and is rarely spiritually uplifting This book is a gem rare indeed The writing is amazing and the action is superb Everyone must read this series This book was so good one of those books you search for and seldom find Strangely it was not all that original in the setting Think of an Arthurian EnglandScotlandIreland culture the Rigante against the expanding Roman Empire sliding from a republic to a Aliens Rogue Aliens dictatorship as the growing Stone empire But the characters are so vivid and the eternal themes confronted are so wellone love and hate revenge and forgiveness trust and betrayal sacrifice and selfishness greed and charity envy and contentment choices made and avoided I thought Sword in the Storm which must be read first was good but Midnight Falcon was such a better book a seuel that surpasses the start 5 Stars This was a little better than the first one if that could be possible having in mind that the story here starts some 20 years from where it has been left in the previous volumeWith strong characters a lot of rama killings adventures and Surprises A Small Amount Of Magic And Gladiators Fights Also a small amount of magic and gladiators fights also s not forget the big scale battles in short with a lot of things going on in here this was a elight to readFive stars without a Fall for You doubt There are some wonderful books you review byiscussing their characters plot and writing Yet there are some books that are beyond that In reviewing them I Money Blues to Blue Money don t talk about this twist and that character but about what I experienced while reading them This is a review of the second kind There was one point while I was reading this that my hands started to tremble and my heart was beating so fast it actually hurt I had to put the book aside calm my breathingrink some water and watch a sitcom episode before I felt calm enough to continue reading I literally had to remind myself of my life that I wasn t going to war that I could survive the eath of the cha Midnight Falcon was a great seuel to the Sword in the StormAs usual Gemmell gave us great characters great plot and fantastic battle scenes This the StormAs usual Gemmell gave us great characters great plot and fantastic battle scenes This was filled with action that ranged from uels in gladiator pits to large scale confrontationsBane is the main character of this book He is the illegitimate son of Connavar the greatest warrior and general the Rigante has ever had Midnight Falcon continues the tale of the Rigante which began in Sword in the Storm Love honour blood and betrayal all play out in this heroic fantasy by the Sunday Times bestselling author David Gemmell perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie Duncan M Hamilton and Conn Iggulden For anyone who appreciates good heroic fantasy David Gemmell's offerings are mandatory Time OutGemme. He possibility of war with Stone looms over the Rigante tribes once again but as they set out to crush civil uprisings and keep their lands protected Bane heads towards the land of Stone with his friend Banouin His journey is filled with politics action and uniue characters as he loses loved ones and realises what is truly important in lifeAnother immersive book created by David GemmellI highly recommend Okay review timeMidnight Falcon Bane s soul name Alchemy for Women doesn t follow onirectly from Sword In The Storm There is about a fourteen year gap giving time for Bane to grow into his teens The main focus of this book is Bane s life and character as the outcast bastard son of Connavar now the tribal king and famed DemonbladeBane has just lost his mother and after years of trying to gain his father s love or even after years of trying to gain his father s love or even kind word seems lost of hope He s grown to be a strong warrior even at fifteen but he s been outcast by his Rigante tribe as his mother was outcast when she bore Connavar s illegitimate child Though the resemblance between father and son is without uestion right own to the odd coloured eyesBane s only friends are the witch Vorna and her son Banouin whom Bane protected as they grew amongst the Rigante Bane sets out On A Journey At a journey at s reuest to protect Banoiun on his journey to Stone Stone shows great similarity to our ancient Rome though here the renowned general Jasaray and his armies are the enemy As are the eadly knights known as the Crimson PriestsIn the journey to Stone alone we see much of what Gemmell Nicholas Flamels First Codex did so well theepth of character s and the Alien distinctlyifferent complex personalities and hearts of people The conversations between Bane and Banouin are a prime example of this Bane is an outcast a warrior and a killer but he relishes every ay he lives and will give his life for those he loves Banouin well he wants to be away from savages like his friend life for those he loves Banouin well he wants to be away from savages like his friend The Rigante Banouin thinks but oes not act he moans and lives in regret and bitterness he thinks Bane s life is savage and foolish and that the people of Stone are civilized Partly because Banouin s father his namesake was from Stone and a revered general until he left to join the peaceful Rigante There are way too many twists and turns in this book to mention and I wouldn t spoil that for you But Bane finds love he also finds what it is to be loved He finds an enemy he hones his warrior skills and he finds himself Banouin is also on a journey and the Seidh Goddess The Morrigu keeps making timely appearances There are surprises in store for Connavar too and many other charactersThis book is a journey and not just for one man It s a read of characters and people not unlike many we might know This book in my opinion is one of Gemmell s best It s also the second best in the Rigante series It can be read as a stand alone book though if you ve read Sword In The Storm prior to this book it will fill in much of the background to this oneOh as a side note I ve read this book at least fifteen times over the years as I used to rotate all my really good reads I still African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 do with some 5 Stars Midnight Falcon book two of the Rigante series by David Gemmell is a fantastic second book in the series and an unusual one in that it ties up pretty much all of the plot lines David Gemmell has been in my to read ueue for than 30 years I know that the Drenai series is his most popular one starting with Legend however theescription of this one had me from the start This is a classic sword and sorcery series that is every bit epic in sense and scope Magic plays a role here but is no. Ll is a master at what he À quoi rêvent les algorithmes does SFXI have never read a bad David Gemmell book but these are uite exceptional Reader reviewThis is a cracking read great heroes and villains magic lots of action Reader reviewSo much happens I this book couldn't put itown brilliantly written Reader reviewThey called him Bane the Bastard though none said it to his faceBorn of treachery his nam.