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My very first novel This the story of four women who live in wealthy suburbia When I wrote it was immersed in this culture with 3 young children and many friends in town who were struggling with all kinds of issues that emerge from uitting work and staying home to raise children I was hoping to et at the heart of many of these issues in the way I structured the characters and plot More women s fiction than thriller this book does still have a Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age good amount of suspense and surprise as the four story lines twist and turn as one After I read the inside cover of this book I thought it sounded interesting and mysterious I was so excited to start it The first few chapters were a little slow I actually caught myself thiking about other things while reading which is a never aood sign Enter the lives of the four wives Janie Love Marie and Gayle Each one has their own mysterious life in the manicured lawns of Huntington Ridge although I found each life becoming depressing than the lastOne thing I just have to mention that I thought was strange view spoiler was Love s illness There was this whole big stink about this sharp pain in her back that kept her from walking holding her children and even Les Innocents getting out of her bed Apparently with such severe pain it can be easily diagosed as depression And then at the end after meeting with her fatherwho caused this crippling depression her back pain miraculouslyoes away I may be wrong here but I have never hear Just read Big Little Lies it s a much better version of this book I had high expectations for Four Wives but it fell short for me It s about 4 well off women who live in the suburbs They have very different lives but have a bond because they re kids I Was A Stranger go to school together I found it hard to keep track of the characters in the beginning I had too back and look to see who was married to who etc I didn t find myself liking any of the characters They didn t really have a lot of depth There were characters thrown in that I thought would be part of the. In Wendy Walker's brilliant debut the lives of four wives and mothers intertwine and collide in a tale of suburban angst among outrageous wealth  On the outside it appears as though Love Welsh Marie Passetti Gayle Beck and Janie Kirk lead enviable lives with marriages to handsome successful men; bright happy children; and hom. ,

Four WivesAge and pill addictionEach has to face her demons and decide what s important what they can live with and what they s important what they can live with and what they t live without So I was way confused with oing between the four women in this book I had to keep oing back to the cover to remember the back story of each woman LOVE a child prodigy who has a nervous breakdown at a young age and this is how she meets her Dr Husband She has children and then looses her mind when her father and this is how she meets her Dr Husband She has children and then looses her mind when her father back into her lifeMARIE ives up her professional career to stay home and make baby s then becomes resentful of all the shit work a woman has to do She to her credit is working a few days a #Week And Of Course Thinks The Grass May Be Greener #and of course thinks the rass may be reener the other side after meeting a intern GAYLE The richest wife in the hood comes from old money but she has secrets She comes from a family of abuse Then marries a man who is covertly abusive to her and her child What shall she do Save herself and her child or stay JANIE in a loveless marriage has an affair with a man that doesn t love her and is married himself to hide the feelings of a loveless marriage It is funny how all these women who hve all the money they could handle and recourses to do and be whatever they want are no worse off than women who have no money or recourses None of them are very happy and I see no ratitude in any of their lives for what they have I didn t connect much with any of them This is a story of 4 women living in suburbia It is almost a Stepford Wives community outwardly perfect but looking closely there are deep troubles Marriages have Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth grown stale there is an affair there are secrets causing a chasm in families I didn t feel invested with any of the women and I just wanted the book to end as everyone was so unhappy FourWives WendyWalker It s about 4 wives in suburbia NYC and all of them have their own personal problems that they don t discuss with each other all while juggling the drama of the suburbs In the end it s about friendship life love and fixing things when theyo wrong. Th opened and closed and the women come face to face with the most difficult and heartbreaking challenge of their lives to reconcile their innermost desires with the lives that each of them has chosen    Four Wives shares a peek beyond the perfectly manicured lawns of Hunting Ridge exposing a world as troubled as it is bless.

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Story line and then they were 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts gone I did finish it but only because I thought there would be a twist This is my favorite kind of book There are several storiesoing on that are all woven together with some suspense throughout Each of the four main characters are uniue and work through their own situations uniue and work through their own situations intelligence I really enjoyed reading it and will read by this author Four Wives the debut novel by Wendy Walker hits bookstores next month I was fortunate enough to be offered an advanced reading copy for review I don t normally say this in A Review But PRE ORDER review but PRE ORDER NOW The book is that oodFour Wives pokes fun at Ira Levin s Stepford Wives but without the robots Chapter Thirty is even called Stepford Wives But it s than just a well written parody about the bedroom communities of the upper middle class These Stepford wives manage to escape their artificial world an make something of themselvesThe four wives in Walker s novel are Love Marie Gayle and Janie Each woman has her own story but Walker brings these four interesting threads together at the end to provide a satisfying and thought provoking ending I really don t #want to o into these four stories together to risk spoiling anythingMost importantly Walker s novel is #to o into these four stories together to risk spoiling anythingMost importantly Walker s novel is women coming together to bitch about how clueless men are They may start off believing that nonsense but as the novel progresses the four wives start to see beyond this stereotype Walker also ives the men in the book the chance to ive their points of view to round out her novel Four very different suburban wives living very different lives but all drawn together by their children and close proximity in the burbs Love a former child prodigy hiding a secret that is causing physical unexplained pain Janie mother of four who seems to have the perfect life but is dissatisfied with everything Marie a divorce attorney who just can t seem to find the spark for her own life but is captivated by her clients and intern Gayle the richest of them all hiding an abusive marri. Es right out of Architectural Digest But in the wealthy suburb of Hunting Ridge appearances mask a deeper truth These four wives are anything but perfect As they try to maintain a façade of bliss behind closed doors they each face their own crises infidelity dissatisfaction self doubt As springtime draws to an end doors are bo. ,

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