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E effects of global warming and it *Almost Ends In Tragedy In His Sixties *ends in tragedy In his sixties is in the process of looking back at his life and lamenting all he has lost With the end of his marriage he has taken a lover on the cruise ship but he doesn t see her as an eual in passion and intelligence His career has become irrelevant and his behavior is increasingly erratic The melting of the ice caps pushes him over the edge bringing back memories of a colder idealized past The novel becomes complex as Zeno s inner world begins to unravelZeno s personal issues are a small scale view of what can be lost in a lifetime The larger issue of global warming then becomes a haunting view of our entire existence as a species and the potential or an end to the world we know Zeno recognizes the ragility of the glaciers and how we don t appreciate them until they are almost gone much like other aspects of his personal life This novel brings humanity to the struggle to preserve the natural world It is a small book but it is packed with ideas that must a small book but it is Packed With Ideas That Must with ideas that must slowly and deeply I received this novel rom Verso Books in exchange White Water for an honest review Zeno Hintermeier is namedor the The Slave Dancer founder of Stoicism a central tenet of which is that we should live in accord with nature and that we should promote moral progress The demise of the Alpine glacier to which Hintermeier has devoted his scholarly life palpably demonstrates that today s consumerist humans certainly do not live in such accord What to do His work at the institute thus essentially over Zeno gamelyollows a colleague s suggestion to give lectures to tourists traveling to the Antarctic Now in his Special Agent fourth year on the MS Hansen he has just been elevated to expedition leader and this is where he begins the notebook we read Ulf ZimmermanThis book was reviewed in the SeptemberOctober 2016 issue of World Literature Today magazine Read theull review by visiting our website Poetic book about a grumpy glaciologist who joins an Antarctic cruise ship as a guest lecturer after the glacier he has spent a lifetime studying melts and disappears Each chapter ends with a garbled section of radiospeak in which it becomes clear that Zeno the glaciologist will hijack the ship in a last desperate bid to draw attention to the planet s plight Some of the writing is uite beautiful and the translation skilfully done An example every glacier has its own voice A dying glacier sounds different than a healthy one it gives off a powerful rattle when it bursts along a crevasse and if you listen closely you can hear the melt Sleep with the Fishes flowing into the underground lakes. La ue sienta la tragedia del planeta deorma tan intensa como él; guías periodistas y pasajeros consiguen dormir sin pesadillas y volverán a su rutina tras la travesía Tal vez sea necesaria una acción más radic. ,
Vella less than 150 pages The author is a Bulgarian born writer b 1965 who now lives in Vienna and writes in German He has also lived *in Nairobi Paris Munich Cape Town and Mumbai With than a couple of dozen works he *Nairobi Paris Munich Cape Town and Mumbai With than a couple of dozen works he a prolific author but only a The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History few of his works have been translated into English He had his 15 minutes ofame in 2013 after a lap in which he was denied entry to the US to attend a literary conference He blamed it on a magazine article he was denied entry to the US to attend a literary conference He blamed it on a magazine article he critical of NSA surveillance techniues although his visa processing would have also occurred during a ederal government shutdown There s a story here photo A World on Fire from wanderlustcoukMiddle photorom sciencemagazineorgThe author Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life from itb berlincom Zeno is a jaded disillusioned and angry glaciologist who knows that the ice cap is melting and is distraught at the destruction of the environment he so much loves He works as a tour guide on an Atlantic cruise ship where he has to contend with the ignorance and superficiality of the guests The reader enters into Zeno s thought processes and this doesn t always makeor easy reading This is a novel that demands the reader s concentration but then the destruction of our environment is indeed a serious subject and so deserves our concentration In some ways the book is a polemic about global warming and climate change but it s also an insightful and thoughtful exploration of one man s reaction to impending disaster The descriptions are vivid and evocative and we get to know Zeno in all his world weariness Well crafted and well paced this is a novel that makes the reader think and brings an important issue to life in a lively and intelligent way Please check out all of my reviews at Hintermeier s lamentations are endless as he takes us on a journey in this novel Not only is his marriage ailing and his career altering he is also undergoing an Existential Crisis Due To The Melting Of crisis due to the melting of polar ice caps Zeno is a geologist and he has been watching the progress of global warming throughout his lifetime Now as a scientist working as a tour guide on a cruise ship he has a 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate front row seat to the potential end of the worldOverualifiedor his job as tour guide Zeno The Oxford New Greek Dictionary feels superior to his coworkers and especially to the guests on the ship As they traverse the Antarctic heinds new and powerful ways to convey the rapid loss of the glaciers desperate to make the tourists take this tragedy seriously The tourists meanwhile are interested in taking selfies with penguins and gorging themselves on cruise ship buffet dinners In his desperation Zeno creates an extreme wake up call or th. Ros turísticos ue viajan a la Antártida ansiando encontrar en el último rincón natural del planeta el silencio cargado de verdad ue tanto anhela Ni siuiera entre los amantes de la naturaleza encuentra un alma geme. .
Zeno has an environmental problem He cares too much about it His ex wife told him this his intensity of eeling and enthusiasm came across as anger and shoutingZeno is a German scientist who did his doctoral work across as anger and shoutingZeno is a German scientist who did his doctoral work a glacier in the Alps He ell in love with his glacier and with ice Now 40 years later he never visits it All that is left of the majestic glacier are scattered chunks of ice the size of desks Now Zeno gives lectures on an Antarctic cruise ship and leads walking tours to see the penguins He knows his scientific stuff but he s such a downer about the calamity that is occurring that he has to be told to lighten up We actually get very little science just his observations He holds the tourists in a kind of contempt They re overweight and interested in their checkoff lists than in the wildlife and natural beauty They sit in the warmth of the ship and watch the scenery go by the windows as if it s a documentary on a TV screen Zeno is torn about his own role in all this is *he contributing to their education and ultimate preservation of nature or is he contributing to its *contributing to their education and ultimate preservation of nature or is he contributing to its His Paranoia Makes Him paranoia makes him that the half dozen scientific research stations maintained by various nations are there just waiting to be allowed to exploit the oil that s probably under the ice He gave up his glacier scientist role because he elt that it was like being a hospice doctor comforting dying patients If education is working why is nothing happening to improve the global warming situationWhile on the cruise he plots and carries out a dramatic action that brings world wide news attention to his causeHe has a woman The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) friend like many of the crew a Filipina whom he sees just three months a year on the cruises which are held only during the short Antarctic summer So the cruise story is interspersed with lovemaking with his woman with reflections back on his student days studying the glacier and with episodesrom the days when his marriage was dying Each chapter ends with a The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis few paragraphs of stream of consciousness passages like a brain dump of his dayThere s good writing my beard is straggling toward retirement no one can teach the art of complaining as well as rich people the words kept limping at the end of every sentence like a bad leg Of his bank advisor the title says it all the man advises his bank at the cost of his client He tries toob off on him securities and what a phony word that is right up there with insurance I have the impression time and again that glaciers are putting on the last act of a bad play A good book that kept moving short almost a no. En un mundo en paulatina destrucción por la acción del hombre el profesor Zeno Hintermeier vive la desaparición de “su” glaciar como una pérdida propia Decide dejar su cátedra y embarcarse como guía en cruce. EisTau By Ilija Trojanow