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[E–pub/Kindle] 5 Nights by Michelle Hughes

Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung iR words Shes given the change at a lifetime dream at the cost of her reputation Can she found peace love and happiness from her Savior The passion that Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel is unleasheds just as traumatic as Her Past Book 5Undercover SubmissiveA Short Steamy past Book 5Undercover SubmissiveA short steamy about an Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon innocent losing her virginity to the nations most eligible bachelor The onlyssue El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! is he thinksnitially she Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana is someone else When he find out he has a woman he doesn t want to let go For himt s a struggle he s never kept anyone Yet she has touched his heart deeply Their lives are mixed n the hopes of rescuing her sister But n the end their hearts will need rescuing Too many mix upsWhile I found the stories entertaining at times A Mistaken Match it was confusing to follow because of the many name mix ups I read four of the five tales but could not stomach reading the last one The stories are passable allnvolving a virgin and a very rich andor powerful man usually about 10 years older than the heroine There Lodz is usually some sadssue afflicting the heroine and ndeed the hero but the redemptive power of love prevails just n time before the book ends Heaven bless repetitious stories as I did not have to pay close attention all the time but still managed to follow the narrative no matter which title I was reading These stories are not meant to be funny but the endless parade of misused words depreciatively for deprecatingly an The Diminished institution of hiring learning annability to use tenses correctly had went for had gone many many typos and calling her characters by the wrong name led to much hilarity n my household My partner at one point suggested she learned to write n another language As She Clearly Could she clearly could write n English It s lazy writing to nflict such careless work on a reader especially a paying #Reader As Bad As #as bad as poorly finished garment A spellchecker s a basic reuirement but Discipline is only usefulf the writer wants to get Claim the Night (The Claiming it rightIn Michelle Hughes case she needs a copy editor to turn these pigs earsnto something approximating good writing As Claimed by Desire its others have commented previously on her poor writing but she clearly does not care enough to take any pride Say Youll Remember Me in her work and have some consideration towards her readers. W much they'll enjoy givingn5 Full length novels are waiting for your reading pleasure Find your next book boyfriend he's only a page awaySinRomance Book ClubScarlett's TemptationAngela's SalvationUndercover Submissi. .

5 Nights

Michelle Hughes ´ 5 characters

Not my kind of bookOut of the five stories I only liked book 1 Sin The rest for me are just crap Or maybe I m just not really nto pure BDSM with only like one page worth of love story angle to t This s like reading BDSM 101 with no story I most specially hate the 3rd book I forgot counting how many times I called names for both the lead characters I just hated Mehr als das it I think thiss my first written one star review Based on my personal rating system I really can t give The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, it a full star The story concepts had promise When the reader gets to the steamy sex scenes the author knows how to turn up the heat That wasn t the problem Not the story type or genre Here were the three problems I couldn t get pastn order to recommend1 Needs an editor There would be sentences where the sentence starts with a uote for person speaking and then no end uote I am by no means the grammar police But this was a consistent error that drove me nuts There are other paragraphs where two characters are speaking but then the one character calls them by another character who sn t present Example When speaking to Cayce Dylan calls her Cait her twin not present 2 Every single speaking to Cayce Dylan calls her Cait her twin not present 2 Every single lead character had some sort of sexual history that was bad and had fear overcoming t I don t mind this storyline But all five books I felt like the female lead was just renamed There was nothing uniue that set each one of them really apart for me 3 Alternating POV every other paragraph Again I am okay with alternating POVs At chapter breaks or break within the chapter This was the problem that I had that made me struggle with completing the read Example First paragraph Eye to Eye it s Angela POV nextt s Nolan s then Rachel the BFF then next #one we are n the Lead Singers head I felt like I was at a tennis match #we are n the Lead Singers head I felt like I was at a tennis match had no dea where to follow the ball The reading became exhausting Thus why t took me so long to finish I idea where to follow the ball The reading became exhausting Thus why Herzrivalen it took me so long to finish I don t like to write negative reviews and this one I almost just didn t because I couldn t be positive Butf someone follows my s Both good and badThere s both good and bad n this bookThe good At99 Alaskan Nights it was worth the read Ms Hughes does a great job developing the characters and the story lines whil. Enjoy five full length stories from bestselling author Michelle Hughesn this great offer from Tears of Crimson Publishing Keep a part of Crimson History with this sensual memento from her libraryVirginAlpha Male Roma. ,
E predictable were goodThe bad Someone Needs To Find Ms needs to find Ms an editor and a very good thesaurus It was almost rritating reading Jessie girl and make haste over and over and over again The phrasing misuse of words and punctuation errors made me cringe I found myself flipping back and forth making sure I didn t miss something to make the plot make sense For 99 t s a decent read f you can hang n and gnore the goof ups These stories could have been good but all I can say s thisAN EDITOR IS YOUR FRIENDand Always Look Twice if you actually had an editor for these books you need to fire their ass like yesterday Some were great some not so much but theres something for everyoneEven though this collection has a central theme All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night its all over the place Sometimes I felt the writing was great sometimes I had to force myself to continue reading Some of the characters were great and some were atrocious At 099 though Any Man Of Mine it was a good buy You may not love all five of them but might have made 3 starsf not for the editing I am really enjoying the stories but I am FRUSTRATED at the editing It s one thing to have grammatical errors or misspellings here and there but they are everywhere and there are multiple places Annalee And The Lawman in multiple stories that have name mix ups There were than a few times I re read a paragraph to make sure I was following correctly I am giving 35 stars because of the editing Book 1SinNevern a million years would I have guessed this to happen This book The Apollonides Mistress Scandal is simply amazing Theres drama sex lust romance and love all wrapped nto one neat little package What a great romance novel TitillatingBook 2Romance Book ClubWhat a romantic story The passion alone s to die for #The world of BDSM lightly explained for the curious beginner Provides a provocative tale of passion lust desire trust and loveBook #world of BDSM lightly explained for the curious beginner Provides a provocative tale of passion lust desire trust and loveBook s TemptationTruly mesmerizing Fun fun fun Dungeon play with a full test of one s will Heart pumping racing palpitating scenes to make one dream to scram their safe word Talking about pushing and testing one s limits Excellent play time funBook 4Angela s SalvationAngela Anything For His Son is a beautiful soul trappedn a traumatized mind and body When confronted with her savior she Anticipation is at a loss fo. Nce This sets sure to delight readers who like their female leads nnocent and the men strong and dominant There's nothing taboo n Five Nights these men know what they want and have no problem showing their woman ho.
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