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[E–pub/E–book] Fear of Our Father

I was surprised I had never heard of this court case I m sure it was big news in 2010 Double murder of both parents 13 years apart Unfortunately Stacey who was on trial Double murder of both parents 13 years apart Unfortunately Stacey who was on trial one of those murders is not the best writer She did very well at writing the emotional pieces and it just have been very difficult for her It s a shame that the co writer didn t add oomph to make it flow better It was very climactic at the end where the jury ives their verdict but jacked something throughout the rest Definitely an interesting true crime novel though This book is extremely well written With its twists and turns throughout horrific life and death events it smoothly transitions from one time line to the next painting the clear picture from the perspective of the writers experience A tragic tale of a severely dysfunctional family with a hopeful ending this book exposes the snares and dysfunctional coping mechanisms within psychological and physical abuse A must read for anyone experiencing abuse of any form practitioners working with the abused and abusive professionals in the field of criminal justice or anyone simply interested in a hair raising tale for their summer reading this book does not disappoint Abandoned this after about

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pagesIn those she used the words honestly and truthfully about a hundred times Made me think she was being less than honest OR truthfulShe also repeated events telling about her brother s and father s actions over honest OR truthfulShe also repeated events telling about her brother s and father s actions over over and over In some instances she uoted police interviews which only retold exactly what she described a few pages earlierAll that along with the annoying back and forth in ti. Even after a childhood of abuse and fear Stacey M Kananen was shocked when her brother Rickie admitted his I Was A Stranger guilt in the cold blooded murder of their terrifying father and years later their helpless mother But thereatest shock was to come when he claimed that Stacey had helped him In 1988 when Rickie and Stacey’s father Richard Kananen Sr apparently left their home in Orlando Florida the family was so relieved that they never reported him missing Fifteen years. Fear of Our Father

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Ou find yourself thinking that this isa horror novel as opposed to a non fiction read of someone s actual life The twist andturns of Stacey M Kananen s life seem unimaginableI enjoyed how it was written Her story is a difficult one to tell but I felt like both authorsbrought it to
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in an manner for the reader to understand There is a world ofabuse out there that a lot of us know nothing about Reading this story starts theawareness I would definitely recommend it for a have to read It leaves youwondering what s next for Stacey and is there a way I can help Vickie Greenway This book is a little bit difficult to et through because of the raphic descriptions of the abuse the co author suffered as a child But it is of course important to the story because family dynamics have everything to do with why these tragedies happened The reader really ets the feeling that the right person was chosen to tell the story A disturbing and sad story told very well with honesty dignity and humorA in depth review for this book will be posted after I put the necessary thought into finding the words to praise it adeuatelybut don t wait for that to happenREAD THIS BOOK Intriguing and horrifying story of what happens to families in abusive homes I read the Kindle version entitled Fear of Our Father ISBN 0425258734At times it would have been helpful to add a restating of previous Information When It Came when it came again later in the book There is much detail and conflicting statements it would help with the readability to have a review of the detail when explaining its significance later That is why I removed one star from the ratin. Himself at all But his betrayals were not yet over On the eve of his trial in 2007 he suddenly claimed Stacey had been in on it and she found herself charged with murder with a ung ho rookie detective who was convinced she was involved This is the tragic and triumphant account of one woman’s struggle to overcome her past clear her name in what would become a dramatic public spectacle of a trial and finally escape the nightmares that had haunted her entire lif. Me narrative made this really badly written Even if I was drawn into the story which I was in the beginning 30 pages but lost interest the poor writing overwhelmed any potential A very ood and heart rending account of a family torn apart by abuse and ultimately murder The only reason I could not ive it 5 stars is because I found the editing uite bad but otherwise enjoyed the read Very ood book told from the abused This was uite an interesting unusual story written from a the read Very ood book told from the abused This was uite an interesting unusual story written from a involved in the case from what I hope is a uniue perspective So many true crime stories include court testimony that just covers 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts ground you re already familiar with from earlier in the book In this one the court testimony clears up the whole story for you just as if you were one of the jurors There are clearly someood sized omissions in the information the author chose to Moonrise (Snowfall, give and the author uses some odd constructions that forced me too back and re read to make sure was following like Not only Was Really Angry But I really angry but wasn t stupid Those flaws weren t enough to really dent the story This one is well worth your time Fear of Our FatherBy Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M KananenBook ReviewFear of Our Father is a story of horror intrigue and amazement that someone couldhave survived a life journey such as Stacey M Kananen s This book tells her story in away that keeps your heart open to compassion for what her and her family haveendured It also keeps you wondering how she can ever escape this nightmare Just asshe starts experiencing something of a happy normal life things et much worse andher world turns dark and scary again As a reader Later to the day their mother disappeared When police became suspicious Rickie admitted to Stacey that their father’s body was under the cement floor of their mother’s arage and their mother was buried in Stacey’s own backyard Overwhelmed by rief and horror Stacey’s brother convinced her that they should commit suicide After a failed attempt she woke to discover her brother arrested along with the realization that he had probably never intended to kill. .