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Feminist Edges of the uranGrounded in the Islamic experience and religion Regardless of your own thoughts on this subject you should read this book to see just how beautiful and complicated understanding God can be The timing of this book seems erfect in light of the somewhat stalled roject of Islamic feminism Since the first and second generation of light of the somewhat stalled roject of Islamic feminism Since the first and second generation of feminist scholars little has been written about how to move forward This book mostly The Wapshot Scandal provides a recap of the various arguments made within Islamic feminism but also usefully ties them together to show exactly what kind of argumentation is used and what forms of authority these scholars draw on usually a combination of traditional ur anic exegesis and modern notions of gender euality It isrecisely the fact however that they draw on modern notions of gender euality that explains why notions of gender euality that explains why Islamic feminist The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman project can only go so far according to the author Because euality has already beenre defined by these scholars based on modern notions of not only euality but gender the Islamic feminist roject is already set up to fail It is only by moving ast these Dark Alchemy (Dark Alchemy, preconceptions and trying to understand gender at different historicaleriods that a useful Islamic feminism can be constructed In effect it seems that she too is calling for a form of historicizing Overall an interesting read that mirrors my own reservations With Islamic Feminism And Islamic feminism and ultimate rejection of many of the arguments that have been made by these scholars articularly ones that seem like attempts at linguistic gymnastics It is to their credit that scholars like Amina Wadud and Kecia Ali have openly admitted that some verses cannot be explained and remain roblematic and sexist although Hidayatullah would Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 probably reply sexist by which standards This is a very interesting book and one that I hoperovokes some much needed discussion in some circles It certainly gave me a lot to think aboutThe first two thirds or so is essentially an excellent summary of feminist Islamic scholarship up to this oint I ve read many though not all of the works the author cites in this art but I still found the comprehensive overview to be a good read especially as it is less technically challenging than some of the original worksThe last third is the author s critiue of this scholarship which is even interesting She was able to The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone put into words some of the concerns I have had but were unable to articulate about Islamic feminism and others besides The author comes at this critiue from theoint of view of someone who is both a Muslim and a feminist much like the other writers she cites which made her assessments all the engaging Hidayatullah s critical analysis of feminist exegesis of the uran is fundamental reading It re examines the crucial works that helped establish revolutionary women s readings of the uran but at the same time Rivers Last Longer provides a critical assessment of said works and how individuals can move forward as both Muslims and feminists Feminist edges of the uran is an excellent book thatrovides the reader with the history of uranic interpretation since it s revelation up to the resent day After a recap of the history Hidayatullah covers the thought of contemporary Muslim feminists and then oses challenges and critiues to their lines of thought The author does a great job and not letting the book get stuck in one The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! particular area and keeps a steady flow without sacrificing content 5 out of. Minist justice that are not fully supported by the text and sheroposes a major revision to their exegetical foundations A rovocative work of Muslim feminist theology Feminist Edges of the ur'an is a vital intervention in urgent conversations about women and the ur'.

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I really enjoyed this unusual workI would recommend this book for eople of strong aeedah willing to look at other opinions religiously The author doesn t seem to ush one idea over the other usually but rather she asks us what we value as believers in Islam Are we trying to ut gender euality in The Wedding Redux places it isn t Are we overlooking areas that were assumed to be sexist but really aren t Feminist Edges of the uran helped me understand other opinions on translations tafsir etc that are not as mainstream Literally taking a look at the edges of Islamic thought and discerning different ideas It s also generally well written Its a compelling read researched well thought out incredibly and written comprehensively Crticially reviewing the feminist uran exegesis Hidayathullahoints out the wrongs in the gender uestions raised and the mistakes in the ways they were attempted to answer She has undertaken a herculian task challenging as it is vulnerable in multiple ways one for shaking the ground of islamic feminism which is a fruit of the decades ainstaking labour and also because this could be easily used by Islamophobes and androcentrism seeking religious Yet she has managed to articulate nuancedly about the choices must be aware of and acknowledge not just while approaching to comprehend uraan but what we mean as Islam and how we live as muslims Excellent work The book covers almost all important aspects of Islamic Feminism This book is being used by one of my students for her doctoral research Aysha Hidayatullah s Feminist Edges of the ur an is a compelling read It engages sincerely and deeply with the increasingly significant field of feminist ur an scholarship Heavily grounded in both the classical Islamic exegetical tradition and modern feminist theory Dr Hidayatullah does an excellent job in laying out her arguments The rose is engaging and the book is generally well organized At its core the work is a radical critiue of not only of various aspects of modernistfeminist exegesis of the ur an but also a critiue of how modern Muslims have approached the ur an in general It is nothing less than a systematic deconstruction of Muslim feminist approaches to the ur an over the Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? past three decades The book does not shy away from asking the tough uestions nor from uestioning many of the fundamental assumptions that This book has some high ratings anderhaps rightly so on account of its otential to rejuvenate discourse in the field of Islamic feminism however I found it be disappointingly lackingHidayatullah begins with a lengthy introduction that is almost self deprecating Upset that her work should appear in any way to undermine the great works of Muslims feminists before her she seems to spend the whole introduction apologising for bringing the whole edifice of Islamic feminist scholarship down with her work but she assures us it s for the good of the cause So I braced myself for what she had to say And she said very little then for the next 130 odd ages other than to summarise all that
has gone before 
gone before in this field In honesty this was summarise all that has gone before "Her In This Field In Honesty This " in this field In honesty this very interesting to readand for anyone who has little or no knowledge of the Muslims scholars in this field and their works this section is very helpful in giving a brief overview and well Bootie and the Beast presented introductionThen came the critiue Feminists ignore hadith that don t suit them or aren t in line with their views As if feminists are th. Aysha Hidayatullahresents the first comprehensive analysis of contemporary feminist interpretations of the ur'an Synthesizing rominent feminist readings of the ur'an in the United States since the late twentieth century she rovides an essential introduction to thi. ,
E only ones to do this and as if they do not have a criteria tawhidic aradigm belief in justice as the ultimate objective if they do not have a criteria tawhidic aradigm belief in justice as the ultimate objective revelation etc by which they are assessing hadith She conveniently ignores academics like Fatima Mernissi who relies heavily on the hadith literature in the formulation of her worksShe even uestions why euality should be such a desirable thing uoting Kecia Ali to ask whether it s just a concept we have been taught to demand One merely has to read history and the obvious demands made my female companions of the Prophet Muhammad to see that this desire to be addressed eually by God was something already resent It is not a 21st century objective being thrust backwards onto a 7th century text I find some of her lines of uestioning on how this euality would manifest itself as immature even Then there is the singling out of uranic verses that I also found Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain problematic That said she was honest inresenting the call by feminist exegetes towards a holistic reading of the uran which would remedy thisThere is some redemption in her final chapter Confronting Feminist Edges and for this I d bring the book back up to a three star rating rather than two Perhaps it is due to the cla I came across this book whilst taking a class on Islamic ethics at the university which briefly dealt with Islamic feminism I was hoping to learn and can definitely recommend this book as an introduction for anyone new to this field Hidayatullah after discussing why the feminist label is used or avoided does a great job of resenting the shared methodologies and interpretative strategies of many well known feminist exegetes of the ur an Not merely describing she offers a critiue and her own thoughts on how to move forward Much of the readings offered by the feminists came across as apologetic and unconvincing I ve recently read Khaled Abou El Fadl s book Reasoning with God Reclaiming Shari ah in the Modern Age which I actually thought made a much better case for feminist readings even though that wasn t the focus of the book I do have to admit that I see the interpretative gymnastics sometimes undertaken by the feminists as a sign of their dedication to their faith One of the failings of both modernists and feminists is that they are often opportunistic in their selection of hadith and use of the Sunnah Of course they both oint out that citation is always subject to selection and authority always subject to choice but one expects them to form a solid methodology to ensure a reading that is true and sincere The frameworks used by the feminists the tawhid doctrine historical contextualization and the intratextual method do not None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) prevent a neglect or abuse of the tradition in fact it is in service of these frameworks that the feminists have tended to force certain interpretations on the text Another interestingoint of critiue was that the feminists often in Puta presenting their readings as the only true or final reading are guilty of the same fault of which they accuse traditional scholars authoritarian readings that deny their own fallibility and thereby are guilty of offending the DivineHidayatullah uestions the very demand for euality by the feminists which I think is necessary Not to undermine it but to establish it as an authentic Islamic demand She asks in what way Muslim feminists conceptualization of gender sex euality gender justice differs from that of other feminists and how it is. S nascent field of ur'anic scholarship and engages in a deep investigation as well as a radical critiue of its methods and approaches With aarticular focus on feminist impasses in the ur'anic text she argues that many feminist interpretations rely on claims about fe.

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