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455 starsThe Wise Man s Fear had all the potential to be better than The Name of the Wind and although this is still an amazing book putting it in comparison with its preuel show how this one fell a bit short in ualityPicture The Wise Man s Fear main uoteThe plot of WMF still as simplistic as the previous book started on Day 2 straight after the end of NotW with Kvothe sharing his life journey to Chronicler with Bast listening to it If you think the pacing of NotW was slow believe me that Rothfuss managed to slow it down even Don t be fooled by my six days reading pace of this tome This is actually one of the slowest paced books I ever read in my entire lifeAre the plot and pacing bad for the story No it s actually really great it had the sense of danger that the previous book lacked and it still followed the root of the series I ve always love slow paced or fast paced book eually but for a book that s filled with 994 pages Rothfuss could ve done so much with the story especially with its pacing Looking at it from bird s eye view the overall story is fantastic There are some important events that provide information to why the present world is in its state especially the meeting with a new entity called Ctaeh This meeting itself added a lot of depth to Kvothe s chronicle and the trilogy s overarching story It s only after this encounter that I realized why KKC fans are so eager for what events may occur in The Doors of Stone However as great as the plot is WMF suffers from the infamous 2nd book syndrome in which there are a lot of unnecessary emphases on the filler contents The important story aren t given enough focus and the filler parts are given way too many I now the fillers parts are necessary for Kvothe s character development but they could ve been cut down or replaced with something much important to the present story For example compiling from the available two book that s around 1600 pages out of those pages Kvothe spent around 600 pages in the University that s the entire length of NotW already I admit I love the time Kvothe spent in the University but I m starting to think Rothfuss had a horrible grudge with student tuition and student loan as those 600 pages and most of Kvothe s chronicle up to now had to do with settling that tuition rather than giving information on the Chandrian Also The Name of the Wind had Kvothe s chronicle told right from he s 8 years old up to when he s 15 years old The Wise Man s Fear only focused on Kvothe s life until 17 years old that s only 2 years despite having almost 400 pages than NotWMy previous point doesn t mean that I dislike the book or saying that it s a negative point no it s not I stated that only to emphasize that the plot HAD a lot of potential to be engrossing than the current state The worst part of the book for me however should not be a surprise to anyone who has read this already Denna This is what made my reading enjoyment of this book decreased Not only Denna s personality encapsulates everything I don t ever want to see in a girl Kvothe s hundreds of pages infatuation with her is really tedious and infuriating to read Kvothe s and Denna s stupid romance really put a sour taste to my enjoyment of the book it was okay in NotW but it only got worse here that I literally face palmed myself at one point For me every time Denna is not in the picture the story became compelling despite how slow paced and fillery it is it s not an exaggeration to say that Denna is one of the worst heroine of all time out of all medium for me Luckily this part is the only problem I had with the book the characters the scarce actions music world building and prose still work together in bringing the charm of the seriesKvothe s has a lot of greatly written character development whether you like it or not it really depends on your preferences and patience I personally like it I do think again his sex spree ever since his meeting with Felurian could be cut down a bit Kvothe himself as a character is uite complex yes he s a genius ind hearted charming and talented but at the same time he s also temperament stupid in love and made a lot of rash decision which inda eualized his character It s the uestions we can t answer that teach us the most They teach us how to think If you give a man an answer all he gains is a little fact But give him a uestion and he ll look for his own answers The other side characters Bast Simmon Wilem Elodin Auri and a new addition Tempi continue to captivate me I love their interactions developments and can t wait to see how the story concludes for Kvothe and them in the last bookThe magic system Sympathy which in my opinion is a combination of Voodoo Dolls curse mixed with science received a lot of focus here and I was really enthralled by it To see how it finally utilized in combat is amazing Don t get me wrong as before the action scenes are really scarce in fact out of two books in total you ll only see around 50 pages of actions give or take but when it s there it s written really wellPicture Kvothe The ArcaneThe book s focus on music continued to be my favorite part of the series despite lacking in content compared with the other factors this time it s a rhapsody that I can t ever get enough of I love how the music were implemented with the world building which I must say is fantastic to say the least Amazing exploration on the lore different cultures from each part of the world and intricate metafictional stories within stories combined with Rothfuss s highest rank prose the book never fails to capture my attention when it doesn t have Denna in the plot Anyone can love a thing because That s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket But to love something despite To now the flaws and love them too That is rare and pure and perfect At the end of Day 2 this particular uote summed up exactly how I feel about The Wise Man s Fear Yes the book has it flaws and missed potential but despite that I still love this book and the trilogy I really

enjoyed reading it 
reading it I will definitely recommend this trilogy to anyone who s looking for an intricately great adult high fantasy book This is going to be included into one of my favorite trilogy of all time and Doors of Stone have a huge potential to turn it into the number one best trilogy of all time for me But as we all now Rothfuss pretty much pushed himself into a corner with his storytelling decision on this bookThere are way too many things to resolved in Kvothe s legend and stories from the past and he also has to conclude the present story as well Unless the last book is around 2000 pages which it won t be since Rothfuss confirmed that already I really don t now how it can have a satisfying conclusion but if it can then this will truly be a trilogy to remember it already is When you wait a few span or month to hear a finished song the anticipation adds savor But after a year excitement begins to sour Kvothe The Name of the Wind How about 6 years for a book Oh well that particular Kvothe The Name of the Wind How about 6 years for a book Oh well that particular won t be opened for a book Oh well that particular won t be opened for years to come I predict 2021 or probably never anyway Overall the unfinished Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantastic high adult fantasy it had it flaws but the method of storytelling is uniue and engrossing that you should read it do take into mind though that you re going to wait for a LONG time for the conclusion of the trilogy before starting itPicture The Wise Man s Fear by Marc Simonetti You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at Booknest So there s an es. «Todo hombre sabio teme tres cosas la tormenta en el mar la noche sin luna y la ira de un hombre amable»El hombre había desaparecido El mito no Músico mendigo ladrón estudiante mago trotamundos hér. ,
The Wise Man's Fear

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Direction that I wonder if Rothfuss might not wholly evade that issue Certainly if he s to conclude the story in three books it seems that a drastic up ing of focus and pace or a 10000 page book would be reuired to deal with Heliax and friendsSo let s put to one side the fact that if you think the story is about revenge on the Chandrian then basically nothing happened and note instead that all the side adventuring was fun to read and very well writtenKvothe continues to be brilliant at everything The fact that on one page late on we discover he s not genius level at mathematics hardly balances that he picks up a difficult new language makes startling progress at marshal arts and impresses a sex fairy with his sexing even though it s his first timeIf you let go of your destination desires this is an enjoyable book with great prose The story meanders seemingly without direction In fact a big chunk of it is about Kvothe and friends meandering without direction hunting bandits in a vast wood The aim doesn t feel particularly important protecting tax collectors in a distant land the meat of it doesn t feel very exciting they wander for a LONG time and much of it feels pretty random the sex fairy encounter comes out of nowhere but even so I plain enjoyed reading it we get our little band group dynamics we get story telling around the camp fire and each told story is a fun bit of fiction in itself It all sounds a bit dull when I lay it out but the deliciousness like the devil is in the detail and I ept coming back for In the end we re back at the university and bugger all has been accomplished On a basic level we re pretty much where we started and left wondering how this story is going to move forward But on an entirely different level I ve consumed a 1000 page book in an unheard of for me two weeks and enjoyed pretty much every minute of it So five starsI now at long last join the end of a lengthy ueue of people agitating for book 3 Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes A farewell letter to my Kvothe WOW Oh wow It just dawned on me that Kvothe and I won t be meeting again for another what 10 to 15 years Sounds about right The inevitable long await is so disheartening and the fury s already starting to creep inThus Kvothe this s my farewell letter to youDearest favourite douche in fant I m going to have to be a voice of dissent I found Kvothe profoundly annoying Here s an excerpt of his typical storytelling word for wordI managed very little sleep that night and Losi came closer to illing me than Felurian ever hadPost coital thoughts on the second girl in 20 pages He s 16She was a delightful partner every bit as wonderful as Felurian had been But how could that be I hear you ask How could any mortal woman compare with FelurianFelurian is a ghostfairy from the Fey where we wasted a hundred pages of Kvothe having sex with her over and over to no discernible end He escapes finally by singing with his beautiful singsong voice that he brags about constantlyIt is easier to understand if you think of it in terms of music Sometimes a man enjoys a symphony Talking about sex Elsetimes he finds a jig suited to his taste The same holds true of lovemakingHaha right so by now it s getting hilarious because this little twirp who at age 16 manages to find two women willing to sleep with him one of whom is imaginary decides that he s become The God of Sex and must now spend the rest of the book acting like an effeminate man whoreKvothe speaking againOne type of sex is suited to the deep cushions of a twilight forest glade Another comes uite naturally tangled in the sheets of narrow beds upstairs in innsin inns distinctive Rothfuss dictionKvothe s insights on womenEach woman is like an instrument waiting to be learned and finely played fucked to have at least her own true music made That s right guys women are like played fucked to have at least her own true music made That s right guys women are like and they exist for your use and pleasureRealizing that what he just said is sophomoric sexist and a little insane Kvothe clarifiesSome might take offense at this way of seeing things They might think I degrade womenWell in defense of anyone thinking that you do degrade women Before the book ends your skinny little ass has sex with half the village by the university I don t feel like transcribing any of itKvothe prances around with the approximate wisdom and subtlety of a slightly below average modern day teenager A musician with a delicate disposition at home at a pedicurist than a fantasy novel he s best described as a weakling a coward and a foolAt one point he actually loses a fight to a 10 year old girl Someone responded to this earlier by saying But she was a really badass little girl Haha Ok Criticisms His primary personalty traits are wit charm and intelligenceMark Twain is witty Locke Lamora is charming Kvothe is a self absorbed brat with the emotional depth of a teaspoon The narrator insists on his intelligence and success at the university but every time Kvothe speaks it s an eyeroll fest Kvothe is the furthest thing from a cowardA girl he s been pining over since almost the beginning of the last book admits that she is being abused What does Kvothe do He says some dumb things and abandons her to go on a pointless expedition into the woods stumbles over the Fey where he loses his virginity screws 5 women that we re told about this in the space of a couple of months and finally returns to the university by the end of the book only to reveal that he is not in love with the original girl any Stay classy Kvothe buddyHere s what he has to say about love Kvothe Love is a subtle concept But it can be defined Vashet Do so then Tell me of love Kvothe Love is the willingness to do anything for someone Vashet Then how is love different from duty or loyalty Kvothe It is also combined with physical attractionWell you re an expert "On That You Little Man "that you little man you Vashet Even a mother s love Kvothe Combined with extreme fondness then Vashet And what exactly do you mean by fondness Kvothe It is He trailed off racking his brainAt least that shouldn t take longListen Kvothe love is the condition wherein the happiness of another person is essential to your own It s not rocket science And it does not reuire physical attraction Combined with extreme fondness Wtf are you 16 Oh yeah that s right you are Seriously half the time Kvothe opens his mouth I want to punch him in the face 1000 pages of him speaking come on Don t do this to me And look I completely understand that the author deliberately made his main character into a crappy teenager I get it But the result sucks HULK SMASH KVOTHEKVOTHE CAN DO ANYTHING AND THAT MAKE HULK ANGRY NOT BECAUSE HULK IS JEALOUS BUT BECAUSE HULK THINKS THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND MAKES HULK ROLL EYES AND SNORT AT THOUGHT OF 100% PERFECT KVOTHE KVOTHE IS BEST LUTE PLAYER IS BEST SONG WRITER IS BEST WEAPON MAKER IS BEST FIGHTER IS BEST ACTOR IS BEST INVESTIGATOR IS BEST KILLER IS BEST GIRL RESCUER IS BEST MAGICIAN IS BEST IS BEST IS BEST IS BEST EVEN FAERIE ENCHANTRESS LOVE KVOTHE BECAUSE KVOTHE IS BEST FIRST TIME LOVER IN ENTIRE HISTORY OF MADE UP WORLD HULK FROTH AT MOUTH WHEN THINKING ABOUT PERFECTION OF ALWAYS CLEVER KVOTHE EVERYONE KNOW HULK IS INCREDIBLE HULK IS STRONGEST MAN THING IN ENTIRE WORLD HULK IS HANDSOMEST GREEN MAN EVER BUT HULK IS NOT BEST DANCER OR BEST KARATE EXPERT OR BEST EMBROIDERER TOO UGH ARGH HULK WANT TO MAKE KVOTHE BEST BLOODSTAINHULK ANGRY AT PATRICK ROTHFUSS TOO HULK THINK SOMETIMES AUTHORS DREAM UP THEIR 100% PERFECT FANTASY VERSION OF HERO OR EVEN FANTASY ? dispuesto a regresar Pero su historia prosigue la aventura continúa y Kvothe seguirá contándola para revelar la verdad tras la leyenda«Me llamo Kvothe uizá hayas oído hablar de mí» megustaleerc. Tablished phenomenon that I don t think anyone has coined a snappy title for yet in my head I call it Fabulous but Unpredicted Success Leads to a Complete lack of Editorial Constraint or Outside Input Whatsoever which in turn Leads to Creative Stagnation and Catastrophe FUSLCECOIWLCSC Foo Sil Kec Oiw Lecuscu Not going to be printed in a newspaper any time soon but it s true in all inds of mediaGenerally1 Someone outside the established system will bring in something new that no one has a great deal of faith in2 They fight tooth and nail to have their vision produced as they want it3 They make money than God when it s released terrifying those inside the system that they may no longer Eagle's Gate know what the audience wants4 Those inside the system shocked and numb relinuish any sort of control5 The outsider is left to run roughshod over their own projects and ruin whatever originally great thing it was they had madeIn film George LucasThe Wachowski sIn Games Peter MolyneauxIn Books Patrick RothfussI think it s an important preamble because very nearly every page of this 1000 page epic screams edit me It needs the book world euivalent of Roger Corman to enter the room with something pointy and stand over the shoulder of this bearded smug chubby goon and jab him with it until he gets on with telling the damn story he set out to tell before he becomes Robert Jordan Jr in earnestOn the positive side of things if you pick this book up you will have to fight with yourself to put it down The truly sad thing about Rothfuss is that he can uite literally write about Kvothe buttering toast and trying on clothes and make it bubble gum paper unputdownable His skill with pacing narrative and prose is such that until you start to think really hard about what it is you re reading your brain is lulled into a uiet appreciative silence for the 390000 words contained herein I mention the word count because allegedly the only guidance he received from his editor was not to make it so long that it can t be bound in a paperback format ie over 420000 wordsInow this is very meta so far but it s absolutely crucial to understand that it s not Pat s fault Well obviously it is but it really isn t entirely his fault His success with a book that let s face it is Earthsea viewed through JK Rowling has benumbed anyone around him that could offer criticism constructive or otherwiseOn the negatives for those that are interested here s a uick laundry list of the lowlights The end of chapter 107 is the most hilariously offensive thing I ve ever read on the subject of women I mean wow The Adem were the ultimate noble savage society That they happened to be or less based on ChineseJapanese culture may have been coincidence but I don t think so While he s a good writer he can t put an exciting action scene together for chips Almost all the sub plots of the first third are completely cyclical Auri and Devi are abysmal characters that feel stapled on Apparently in an interview he has now admitted they weren t in the original story as he wrote it It really really showsI can t go any further into the faults without completely ruining it for you but suffice to say it s flabby where we don t care lean where we do Denna dominates fully 100 pages of screen time and is even annoying this time around and there are 60 full pages of egregious faery boning wherein Kvothe is schooled in the arts of love by an ancient mythical Fuck GoddessLastly and maybe I was spoiled by an Abercrombie special before I read this in the shape of The Heroes There was no character development in this book Everyone in here feels flat one dimensional two dimensions tops for central characters and dull Until you really force yourself to think about this you won t even notice it because his writing is that goodI have no doubt I ll read the third one because at least half the book was an absolute blast but please please Edit himEDIT Score updated as I recently stumbled upon this blog post and now think that rather than being a bit of a hopeless goon Patrick Rothfuss has probably got Real Actual brain problems he should seek therapy to help him address Well it s done And it s been a long time coming Back in late 2009 I finally got the book to the point where I was satisfied with it It was an okay book It was a BOOK THAT IF I HAD TO PUBLISH IT I that if I had to publish it I it wouldn t embarrass me By May 2010 I d re written the book to the point where I was happy with it It was a good book It was a book I was pleased with By my final deadline in November 2010 I d revised things to the point where I was excited about it It was a great book It was finally a book I was proud ofI m glad my editor gave me enough time for this I m glad I have a book I m excited to have on the shelves I hope when it comes out on March first you enjoy it It was a long time coming An Opinionated look atPatrick Rothfuss The Wise Man s FearBy Eric AllenOne thing I can say for Patrick Rothfuss is that he has great ideas Unfortunately great ideas do not by themselves a great story make is that he has great ideas Unfortunately great ideas do not by themselves a great story make have heard rumors that the first book The Name of the Wind took eleven years of revisions and rewrites to finally get published Whether that is true or not his hard work paid off Since its release the internet hype over the future of the trilogy has been building to monumental proportions Rothfuss has developed an almost rabid cultlike following of fans yearning to World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi know what happens next The Name of the Wind gave us many mysteries and few answersThe first book was a fun read that while flawed in terms of story and character was uite entertaining and extraordinarily well written It was like the ramblings of an old man talking simply to be listened to Like cake a review of three parts revisited dawn was coming theeys of a laptop lay in stillness to continue a review and it was a review of three partsthe most obvious part was a vast echoing uestion made by answers that were lacking if there had been pages words would have wrapped and scattered across the sheets of paper beneath anxious hands ideas would have formed and floated and chased the uestion across the mind like a wisp of summer breeze if there had been to vothes story he would have played and traversed across the four corners This review is from 2011In case you haven t heard today is the release day of the long awaited seuel to The Name of the Wind a delightful debut fantasy novel by Patrick Rothfuss I ve had the privilege of reading There s a tendency when reading a series to rate the books against each other rather than against the world I ve seen it done to my own books I loved XXXX of Thorns but it wasn t as good as YYYY of Thorns so 4I didn t enjoy The Wise Man s Fear as much as I enjoyed The Name of the Wind I didn t enjoy A Dance With Dragons as much as I enjoyed A Game of Thrones But I m giving them ALL 5 because compared to most books I read they re noticeably better I won t 4 this book to make my point that it s for me not as good as its predecessor I ll make that point here With wordsReaders often get confused between the journey the destination and the story When the reader thinks the story lies at the end of the journey and the writer thinks the story IS the journey it can cause tensions between themReading TWMF part of me was always wanting to get back to the thing where the thing was where my nee jerk tells me the story lies ie making solid progress at the university in order to tackle the Chandrian And that really doesn t happen in this very long book In fact so little happens in that. Oe y asesino Kvothe había borrado su rastro Y ni siuiera ahora ue le han encontrado ni siuiera ni siuiera ahora ue le han encontrado ni siuiera ahora ue las tinieblas invaden los rincones del mundo est?. .

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